Cause and Effect – Trying To Bow Your Wrist

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

14 Responses to “Cause and Effect – Trying To Bow Your Wrist”

  1. October 29, 2014


    Hi Paul,

    Paul I have followed you for years at RevGolf, purchased SMG and have practiced the positions and some drills pretty religiously. Deleted to find your new website. Just subscribed.

    Thanks for the tip today. Interesting because, as you probably know, impact position (with bowed wrist, etc.) was the tip of the day on Rev Golf.

    My question does not concern your tip today. But glad you gave it.

    My question has to do with hitting the ball. After all you have done for my swing, I still often hit with the arms. Still often come over the top. I understand and have practiced a lot on powerless arms, just trying to turn them off. Disengage them.

    But part of my problem, I believe, is that my shoulders want to turn with my lower body, my whole body moving like a gate. Then my arms are outside the target line and they come across outside-in. I try, I really try, to uncoil from the bottom, but it’s hard to disengage the upper torso from the lower body. In addition to “turning my arms off,” I try to turn my upper body off as well so that the shoulders don’t turn. Is this the right concept? If so, how can I learn to turn off the torso, as well?

    I have never heard you address this. And, actually, when I watched a couple of your video clips, it almost seemed as though your shoulders did move with the your hips as well. So maybe I have the wrong concept. Please advise.

    By the way, I wanted to comment about something else. We don’t know each other, but I have always liked you and your way of explaining things, teaching in general. I get a different feeling watching your recent videos. And excuse me if I’m out of my lane with these comments. I just want you to do as well as I think you deserve and maybe the comments will help.

    At times in recent videos (today included) you seem almost argumentative. Frustrated. Almost angry. I can only imagine the pressure you’re under with a new business. Don’t know all the politics of leaving RG, etc. But I’m concerned that those argumentative, frustrated, almost angry tones will not attract new clients as well as the more natural, easy-going person I “met” several years ago.

    Best of luck with the new business. Hope to see you in Las Vegas one of these days. Look forward to your comments on my question above.


    Bill Freeman

    • October 29, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      Thank for joining. I appreciate the support.

      Understand what affected direction. It is your body rotation. When you fire your legs it is like hitting the accelerator on a car. This leg action causes the mass of your upper body to hang back thus tilting it to the right (behind the ball). This tilt creates the path from the inside. When you hit with your arms your whole body is leaning left in the downswing. Lean left and you will start it left.

      So if you can’t get it by solely turning off your arms then manually tilt your whole body right or behind the ball. Once you train this tilt to occur you no longer come over the top. Then tidy up the touching of the legs position. I shot a tip on this which I will post in the near future.

      Also, if you have hit with your arms forever you need to be constantly and consistently doing the drills below:

      Impact Tilt With Different Clubs:

      DRILL: My Favorite Drill – Variation 2:
      DRILL: Listen to Club Swinging:
      DRILL: Swing Up with Driver:

      Stop Coming Over the Top:

      Body Tilt – Left Right:

      Now, on to your comment:

      I am the way I am in some tips because I actually care about making people better. I am not going to candy coat it, offer band aids not explain it or tell you it is right when it is not. If people have to be told exactly how to do it then I am going to be the one to tell them. If I seem frustrated or argumentative it is because I am trying to stress a very important points that have been glossed over, mis-taught, contradicted, not worked on etc. Too many times both teaching and answering constant questions people want to get away with stuff, don’t listen, don’t practice or think things aren’t important. If I don’t stress this in a way that may seem like I am being hard on them they will never change or get it and in my book that is not going to happen.

  2. October 29, 2014


    I sense some occasional frustration too. That doesn’t suprise me given the over whelming amount of misinformation about the golf swing and equipment that we’ve all been indoctrinated with prior to hearing Paul’s teachings. Some of us are probably tougher converts than others.

    • October 29, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      It is frustration in trying to get people to get it instead of telling they’ve got it when they don’t. If no one says anything and/or puts the hammer down they will never change and keep wasting their time (and mine). I never candy coat it. If you are not doing it right I will tell you. Glad you’re on board.

  3. October 29, 2014


    Hi Paul
    I find after I practice your tips and then go to hit the ball I find I tighten up and use my arms to hit the ball?
    How do I brake this habit? I feel as if I am swinging the club too fast and thinking too much about hitting the ball.
    Maybe I am trying too hard and looking for instant results.
    I have no problem understanding your tips and like the way you clearly explain them. I am clearly very much a novice at this game and never have taken any lessons.
    Hope this all makes sense.

  4. October 29, 2014


    You are really driving home those fundamentals of torque, arm extension, loose wrists. I love it.
    I’m so impressed by your example of the action of the turning hips causing the tilt, causing the lean, causing descending blow What a GREAT tutorial on the swing dynamics! Please keep emphasizing the stretching arms. I have trouble with that one. Any prior tip videos to help?

    As always Paul your site is money well spent.

    P.S. By mere serendipity met a “WILLIE HEAD” on the course. Had a great time going over your theory and how it’s helped. Good stuff. Your becoming popular in Fl.


  5. October 29, 2014


    Hi Paul;
    I’m trying to figure out an issue I’m having, which is when hitting a lob wedge which is the club I start with to practice & move up through the clubs, I don’t swing the club in such a really smooth tempo when I start using longer clubs. By that I don’t mean fairway woods, but even short irons above the lob wedge which I can hit 70 yards without much effort. Does my hip turn need to be faster only because I’m using a longer club? When I get to other clubs, I start swinging harder with my arms which I know is a sin to your teachings but for some reason I just can’t stop it & have confidence that the ball will fly the proper distance for each club & it’s really frustrating. Any tip for this will be appreciated.

  6. October 29, 2014


    Get over it people Paul is doing really well on his presentations little bit of emotion is just fine.
    Another great keep it up I’m sure you are growing your base of followers

    • October 30, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      Thanks for the support. I am hard on people. I am am not hard on them who will be? I want to make people great. This takes understanding, effort and work.

  7. May 29, 2019


    Hi Paul,
    Very useful all your tips, amazing results! My coach in Argentina is telling me that I am coming over the top with open face which at the end some shots I turn them in hooks (especially drivers). Ive checked my grip and is the 2nd guy that is telling that I am coming with open face.

    He told to get my left wrist in flexion (bowed) in transition in order to ensure swing path on plane without open face, is this make sense to you?

    ps: do you have by any chance a golf coach in Argentina that teach your approach?

    Thank you
    (from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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