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If you're looking to build a great swing, or just work on some swing positions, the Live View Pro is an amazing training aid that will allow you to do it faster.  This is because it acts as a digital mirror allowing you to see your swing (as well as putting stroke and short game areas) from any angle.  If that wasn't enough, it also instantly records your swings and it allows you to draw lines on the screen once and they stay on the screen for each swing you make thereafter.

Now you can see exactly what you are doing as you do it.  This means you can build a great golf swing faster than ever before!

​Here's How The LiveView Pro Works

​The Live View Pro is compact and simple to use.  You first figure out what view of your swing or short game you ​want t​o see.  For down the line you would set it up on a tripod or holder that attaches to your golf bag.  One set up, you turn it on an connect it to your tablet.  You place the tablet on the ground where the ball is.  Now you start your practice session.   As you make swings and hit balls you can see the down the line view instantly on the ipad that is right in front of you.

No more videoing your swing then having to watch the playback then go back to hitting balls.  By the time you do that you may have lost the feel for what you were even trying to do.  This is live.  This is instant.  This is amazing!

live view pro

​Here are some great features of the Live View Pro:

  • ​Learn Faster
  • ​Record All of Your Swings Instantly
  • ​Record Any Angle of Your Swing and All Short Game Areas
  • ​Can Be Used Indoors or Outside At The Range
  • ​Slow Motion Replay
  • Wireless - No Internet Necessary
  • Fits In Your Bag or Pocket
  • 2 Hour - Rechargable Battery

​​Back when I was younger, and working on my swing, and up until about a month ago, I was constantly doing practice swings with a mirror off my right side so I could see the down the line view or videoing my swing on my phone.  Not anymore.   Now, I can see the down the line view of my swing right in front of me.  I simply set up the Live View Pro either at the range or at home and start practicing.   Not only do I see what is happening, I can feel it and make any changes I need to to my swing instantly.

​I truly hope you see how incredible this is.  Now, you can learn faster than every before because you see exactly what you are doing and can feel the changes as you make them. 

Here Are Some of the Things You Can Work On With The LiveView Pro:

Check Your Setup

head position

Check Your Takeaway


Check Your ​Head Position

head position

​Shorten or Lengthen Your Backswing


Check ​The Top Of Your Backswing or Swing Plane

backswing top

Check Your ​Spine Tilt

spine tilt

C​ure Your Chicken Wing

chicken wing

C​ure Your Slide


​It's Great For The Short Game Too:

​Just tilt the Live View Pro downward.  Draw a center line on the screen and now you can see how your putter is coming through impact.  You can also set it on the green behind you to work on your stroke. If you are too much inside or outside you will know and can fix it in minutes.

putting top
putting side

No Joke ... This Is The Best Training Aid For Golf

Hopefully, you are seeing how amazing the LiveView Pro is and how it will allow you to not only fix any swing flaw but it will allow you to build a consistently, repeatable swing in record time.

If you have followed me for any period of time you will know that I only promote products I feel will help your game.  I personally try every product so I know for a fact how good it is.  For me, the Live View Pro fits the bill.  This truly is the best training aid in golf.  If you are serious about your practice then pick up your own LiveView Pro (with $40 off) by clicking the orange button below:

​Watch The Review From My Good Friend Todd Kolb - PGA Pro

Regular Price $349


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