Q. Does Ignition Golf have anything to do with Revolution Golf?

A. No.  Ignition Golf was started by Paul Wilson.  Although he continues to post on the Revolution Golf website the 2 sites are in no way related.

Q. Who owns Ignition Golf?

A. Ignition Golf is solely owned by Paul Wilson Enterprises.

Q. I’m missing one of the free videos.  How do I get it?

A. You can receive any missing tips by contacting us here

Q. I am having a problem viewing the videos.  They do not play or are stalling?

A. Due to internet connection speeds around the world and where the servers are located you may experience stalling or videos that won’t load.  If this is occurring with digital products please download them so you can watch them on your computer.  This way they will play perfectly.

If you are having problems viewing the daily golf tips please start the video then pause the video.  Allow it to load.  Then come back and view it a few minutes later.  If it still does not play try again later in the day or another day.  If you are still having problems this is due to your connection speed in your country please let us know so we can figure out the best solution for you.  Contact Us Here

Q. How do I access the products I have purchased?

A. You use the log in information sent you to when you first joined.  If you are missing your login information please check your spam folder first.  If it is not there please use the “lost password” feature on the login page here:      If that still does not work  Contact Us Here

Q. How do I download the videos to my computer?

A. You cannot download the daily golf tips.  As far as digital products are concerned, you simply click on the product you are wishing to download.  Under each video screen there is a download link.  Click on it and it will start to download to your system.  This are very large files so you may want to do this overnight.

Q. How do I download the videos to my iPhone or Ipad or Android phone?

A. Simply navigate to the video in the player then scroll down the page.  There you will see the different download links for the various devices.

Q. Can I order physical copies of the products of Paul’s Products?

A. Yes.  You can order them here:  STORE

Q. How do I get the videos to play “Full Screen”?

A. Simply click the button in the lower right corner of the video player in which the video is playing.