How To Do Practice Swings At Home

By | on January 3, 2019 | 55 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

55 Responses to “How To Do Practice Swings At Home”

  1. I believe this IS the tip above all tips,,,, thanks Paul,,,,

  2. True that Dan….words of wisdom from Paul….if only more people would actually do this!!

    • Bryan,

      I keep telling everyone to do this. This is the fastest way to develop a great swing.

  3. I love taking the HIT out of the equation but have to ask…where and when do we take the practice positions to the range to hit balls?

    • Joseph,

      You can go to the range anytime. When you do don’t just whack balls. Hit a few then back up and do 3 times as many practice swings. Or you can hit 1 ball and do 3 practice swings working on perfect 1 or more positions. If you do it like this you will have the correct right to wrong ratio. This means you will improve. Just hitting balls you are doing more wrong than right so you will just spin your wheels.

  4. June 14, 2013


    hey paul,here is a thought a pro mentioned to me quite some time ago.i have taken ur teachings to heart and can make 100 0r more practice swings with the legs touching and the clubshaft ending mid head,without losing my i assume that backswing and downswing have been done basically correct.but then,when an actual ball is placed at address,and the same practice swing initiated,the result is nowhere as perfect as the practice swings, hence,”the actual ball” scares you was the implied comment..ur thoughts on how 2 correct…

  5. June 14, 2013

    Steven D

    If you take Paul’s advice and literally swing from Point A to Point B, forgetting about the ball or the impact, you’ll end up making the ball fly at least as well if not better than you normally do. Just try it. On the course.

    • Steven,

      This is tough for most people. What they need to do when taking it to the course is forget the score and swing at about 50% only thinking positions. If they try to do this while playing with their buddies it will never work. Everyone wants to impress their friends. This is not impressive until you get it.

  6. June 14, 2013


    Excellent tip!

  7. June 14, 2013


    Hi Paul,
    This tip is great. But for me my best contact has come by letting my head release also. On video I look a bit
    like Sorenstam or Duval. This also takes the hit out of it for me at the bottom of the swing. What do you think
    about letting your head release before impact ?

    • Brien,

      This is fine so long as you are not coming up. The players you mentioned look with their head/eyes but the are not coming out of their spine angle. If they were they would not be the players they were.

  8. Avatar photo

    June 24, 2013


    As long as I’ve got my posture and setup right, the ball doesn’t factor into the equation because I already know where the ball is.All I focus on is turning from A to B,your tip is great because it takes the ball out of picture and I just focus on my swing. I’ve bookmarked this tip as a favorite Thanks Paul.

    • Colin,

      That is great. This is a very important tip that is why I was so animated explaining it. If people get this they can and will develop a great swing. People have to stop hitting. This is the way to do this.

  9. June 28, 2013


    Hi Paul I’m new to your program but I love it I passed my p.a.t in 1997 but quit playing golf in 2001 just got burnt out I’m starting back and need your help I saw one of your videos and it reminded me of how I need to swing I love the effortless swing and am trying to get back my swing from the videos I’ve seen your program is great. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the help. Tim

    • Tim,

      Glad you are back in the game. Glad you like my technique. It shouldn’t take you too long to get back into it. Definitely, keep the power out of the arms allowing the body rotation to power the swing. It is different and takes understanding, focus a little practice but when you get it you will never want to stop hitting the ball this way.

  10. Greetings. I’m a novice, brand spanking new to the game, playing wise. Your youtube videos are quite helpful and only recently I decided to join in the ignitiongolf merriment. I have 2 questions for you. A) When I do my practice swings at home (windmills I call them), is it ok to listen to a song while I’m doing them? I have a song I listen to that has a beat I’m trying to match up my swing tempo with for that slow and steady swing. On a certain count, I know to begin my back swing, on the next count I know to activate the hips/hinge “firing mechanism”… etc. And B) for a novice golfer, what clubs should I have in the bag to start with? I think in one of your tips, you made it seem like the 7 iron and me should become good friends. Again, thank you for your tips. They’ve been golden. Even my wife is learning more about golf watching me practice. Haha.

    • Robert,

      Glad you like my videos and glad you are wanting to join in.

      1. Yes, you can certainly listen to music while swinging. If the song is the correct beat then try to match it. This should be slowing you down. Too fast a song is not good.

      2. Clubs you should have – this really depends on what you are doing and your budget. I learned with the starter set as a kind. It included a 2 wood, 3/5/7/9 and a putter. If you are just getting a feel for the game try to get a Driver or 3 wood. A mid iron like a 7 and a Sand Wedge for short shots and a putter. Just work on my technique with these clubs for a while to see if you like it. If so, I suggest getting a used set first. Again this is to see if you like it. No sense blowing a lot of money if you give it up. I like eBay for this. There you can get a top of the line set that is a few years old for the cost of a lower end mid level set. This way you are using great clubs at a fraction of the cost.

      Just keep working on your swing positions and don’t fall into the trap a whacking golf balls. Do practice swings at home working on the swing positions. It is all about the movement. Perfect movement = perfect shots. By doing the practice swings at home there is no ball to hit therefore you can think of the movement instead of hitting the ball. Because you are new to the game you have a huge advantage of not having bad habits. This is a critical moment in time. If you just whack at the ball with you arms you will end up just like everyone else. 20 year from now you will be wishing you would have learned how to swing properly. Understand the body is the power sources and the arms are powerless. If you get this and focus on the movement you will make incredible progress in no time.

      • June 30, 2013


        Thank you for your response. I’m staying away from the course until I get to a point where I’m confident I won’t embarrass myself out there. Right now, I work about 12 hours a day but I want it to be where there isn’t a day that goes by where a golf club doesn’t touch my hand, even for only awhile. I get to work a little early and do practice swings in the grass… with my used 7 iron. (ding!) On the weekends, I go out side and do swings with my 7 iron and used Callaway FTiz driver (ding!!). Sunday mornings, I drive about 2 minutes to the course right next to my apartment complex and hit the range… and yes, I use an allignment stick. I start out with a hitting a few balls with my used pitching wedge (ding?… not a sand?), then I do a lot of swings/balls with my 7 iron. I save about the last 15 balls for my driver. After that, I go to the practice greens and work on putting and pitching/chipping. Today, using your technique of practicing LONG putts (40+ feet) and 6 foot tap-ins, I drained a 49 footer !!… And I had a witness! Little moments of victory like that keep me coming back and wanting to practice more. My goal is to be… functional on a golf course in 1-2 years. But I gotta put in the wrench time now in hopes of being better later. Thank you again, money well spent.

        • Lance,

          That is great news. You can still play and if you do feel like going to the course just work on your short game. This will help in the future.

          You work 2-3 hours less than I do so you are working hard! In the very little down time I have I could still find time to do 25-50 practice swings so even though you are working hard you can find time to do a few swings(which is good). Just remember, each position gives you feedback so even without a mirror or video camera you should and would still be able to the swings perfectly. Just focus on the feedback and developing a great swing for now.

          If you think like this and stick with it you within a month or two you should see a dramatic difference in your game. I think you get it. Now go get it!

  11. July 2, 2013


    50 practice swings a day?… Consider it done.

    • Lance,

      If you can do 100 or 200 then do so. 25-50 is the minimum.

      • July 3, 2013


        Well, let’s see. How important is it for me to get better?…….. Pretty darn. I can do 100.

        • Lance,

          That’s great. Just make sure you are not rushing through them. 25 right is better than 100 wrong.

  12. July 4, 2013


    I went to the putting green today and practiced my LOOOOONG putts. I measured and they were about 91 footers. I know that’s pushing the envelope but I just wanted to see what I could do. I got a few within the 5 foot zone and one of them was on the doorstep. I had to shake my head and laugh. Anyway, I was next to a Par 3 hole so I decided to watch whenever a group came up………………. I can honestly say that my 2 1/2 week work-in-progress ignition golf swing is better than almost every guy I saw hit ’em. A couple of them landed on the green, most were just short or quite short and some were……………….. FORE !! Because of these instructions, I’m watching hip movement, follow thru (or lack thereof)…etc. I smiled and told myself, “Lance, if you keep swinging everyday and learn how to just let the ball be in the way of your swing, where are you gonna be this time next year?” My smile got bigger because my friend I’m gonna play is going to soil himself when he sees me knocking ’em down the middle. Thanks again Paul. “I think I get it… now I need to go get it”.

    • Lance,

      It really is amazing how many bad swings there are. This is due to hitting with the arms. When hitting, there is no thought on how to move the body and how to move it exactly the same each time. I keep saying “if you do a different swing you will get a different result.” So if people do not know the positions to enable them to do the same swing how can they ever repeat it? They can’t so they will never improve. I think you are understanding why I want you to not hit too many balls. Just make the changes. Get a great looking movement. Then add the ball later once it is engrained.

      Glad you are working on the long putts. This will really help in the future because you will rarely 3 putt.

  13. July 7, 2013


    At the range today, I actually got a compliment. A guy and I were just chit chatting and I was telling him “that’s why I belong over here and not out there right now.” He said “I had a nice looking swing and good fundamentals”. I told him thank you and that I’ve been at this for about 3 weeks. He seemed slightly surprised at that and said that it was good to see new people out on the range practicing. He’s an out of town golf instructor. Wow. Thank you coach for using technology to teach wannabes like me “a nice looking swing and good fundamentals”. Now, I just really need to learn not to lose focus when that damn ball gets put in front of me. Haha.


    • Lance,

      That’s great news. I’m glad you are hearing it from a pro. This will happen many times into the future. My students usually get people asking where they go their swing so get used to it.

      Now, that you know you are on track just keep making it better and better. Keep doing the practice swings until it is natural. Then you will have it for life!

  14. July 10, 2013


    Hi Paul,

    Lance has a nearly perfect attitude for learning the game. I wish I had done that as a beginner. Better late than never. Your tips are so well explained and totally logical. And, Lance is right – most “good” golfers do not have good golf swings. We need to follow your lead and raise the level of what we think a “good” golfer is.

    Thanks again,

    • Len,

      I totally like his attitude too. He is already getting people saying his swing looks good. Guess what is going to happen if he keeps at it. Great golf in record time.

      A good golfer to me is a 2 handicap or less. In order to get to this level you need the right fundamentals.

  15. July 11, 2013


    No worries coach. I’m not trying to experiment with putting and what not. I saw that one eye closed thing and thought it was interesting. Sometimes, on the SUPER long putts, I think I have it lined up right and when I hit my stroke, not even kinda close. But, like you said, I make my adjustments and try a better putt on the next one. I’m not spending all my practice time out there just to be mediocre. When I play my friend next year, I want his jaw to drop when he sees my game. There hasn’t been a day in the last 3.5 weeks where I haven’t practiced, even for only a little while during the week. I’m taking this seriously, trust me.

    • Lance,

      That’s great you are out there all the time. Your friend will be amazed if you keep this up.

  16. July 29, 2013


    Today was one of those days at the range where if I was a “normal” man, I would’ve said this … I quit. But, I’ve never considered myself normal. I didn’t come this far to quit like a wussbag. I learned that I still have a lot of work to do to loosen up my wrists, ball still likes to go right a lot. And, in the words of Ernie Els, ball position at the set up is a crucial part of your golf swing. I hit some towering shots and when I looked at the footage, ball was teed up too high and a little too far forward with my Driver. O’well, 6 weeks of practice in the books, a long way to go, but as always…

    Still Swingin’,


    • Lance,

      I have had one of those days so many times I cannot count. What you have to realize (especially at your level) is that you are going to continue to have these days. It is all part of the learning process. Once you feel it is going to be one of those days slow right down, swing way easier and just work on something. Do lots of practice swings and limited the balls you are hitting. This way you can get back to thinking of the movement not where he ball is going. In other words always go back to the fundamentals. This is exactly what my swing positions teach you.

      You know you can do it so keep doing it.

  17. September 1, 2013


    The drill above all drills… PRACTICE SWINGS.

    After 10 weeks of practicing and counting, I decided to face my fears of failure and get out there. There’s a short 9 Hole course about 4 minutes from where I live designed for Noob/Wannabes like me. Not too many hazards to deal with for a right handed golfer.

    A few weeks ago, I tried it. I wasn’t in a great state of mind because of teenager drama at home. I tried to block it out on the course but was horrible at it. I lost 4 balls, wasn’t in the mood to lose a fifth so I called it good after 4 holes and a lost tee shot and went home. The pro at the starting hole asked me what happened, I told him that I basically “threw up all over myself” and I had better leave now, but I’ll come back again.

    Fast forward to today. Still with the teenager drama, but I have a better mentality to deal with it. I went out to the course simply hoping to make it through all 9 holes. Well…… I made it through all 9 holes, I only lost 1 ball AND… I carded 2 PARS !! Obviously not ESPN worthy but for me, it’s a nice confidence booster.

    I hit some horrible shots that were cringe worthy. But I also hit some decent shots. My best shot was an up and down on a par 3. I shanked it right, and thought I lost it. I felt depression setting in but I told myself to shake it off, get back to zero (Joe Montana quote) and see if we can find it. I DID find it… in some deep cabbage but there it was. Pulled out the sand wedge and had my coach in my head. “Hinge and turn…Hinge and turn.” Now where I was, it needed a strong hinge and turn to get out of there………… PING !! I hit it and it landed about 10 feet from the hole and I was about 80 yards away… ish. I get up there, notice that it was a downhill put. No biggie, I’ve practiced putts longer than this. Lined it up. “Just throw it to the hole, Lance”………… PAR !!

    Practice swings put me out there today. And thanks to you and the whole I.G. crew, I’m playing a game that I thought I’d only be able to play on Playstation. I still suck and have a long way to go, but I’m out there. In a couple of weeks, I get to go on a company golf outing, 18 holes, payed for. Nice !!

    Hopefully, an 43 year old internet student in Salt Lake put a smile on a Nevada Golf Instructer’s face, even if only for a moment.

    Still Swingin’,


    • September 2, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Good job. I like the fact that you are sticking with the practice swings and now that you got out there you saw the signs of things to come. Just keep focused and keep trying to make the positions more and more perfect. When you do to the course just swing easy and try to replicate the positions you have been working hard on. At some point they will take hold and you will not know any other way to do it.

      Keep up the good work.

  18. September 28, 2013


    “I think you get it (Lance),… now go get it” & “Signs of things to come”.

    You told me those words on more than one occasion and I hang on to that when I DO hit some good shots.

    Today was the last event of the golfing season for me. And end of September is perfect for me up here because this morning was TOO cold… waiting for the sun to kick it in gear. I couldn’t even practice putt (which I really enjoy) because of the frost so that was a bummer.

    Anyways, on to the round. As usual, I hit some shots that would have made you bury your head in your hands, but I hit some good ones that might have made ya smile.

    4 man scramble format Highlights… I sank 2 birdies… decent length. I sank about a 12-15 foot downhill right to left bender to save par. I nearly holed out a birdie off the fringe rough. I putted it from there and ended up inside a foot from the cup. Hit some nice 3 woods off the fairway to get us close to the green on the par 5’s. And, I hit a 276 yard drive on a par 5… on the fairway. Had a little wind behind me which helped. 276 is not a big deal for the big hitters, I know, but for a guy passing the 3 month mark in golfing experience… not to shabby for Lance.

    I find that when I make a bad swing, I don’t get too dejected. I understand that I just need to keep at it, remember the fundamentals and that the swing will come more consistantly in time. However……… I get really miffed when I miss putts inside of 8 feet. I burned the edges of a few putts for birdie and rattled one out. Dangit !! Anyways, I have one of those indoor putting “thingys” that I practice with on the weekends and 8 feet is as far as I can get. I just turn on some music and practice 3 – 8 footers until… well, whenever.

    I enjoyed the day and am looking forward to next spring when I can get out there again. Is there any kind of “off season homework regimen” you can give me to work on? Or do I just keep doing what I’m already doing? (Practice swings 50-100 before I go into work plus the weekends, as well as the before mentioned putting practice)

    Thank you again for using technology to teach a hack like me the hard, but enjoyable game of golf.

    Still Swingin’,


    • September 29, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Don’t even worry s you miss 8 foot putts. A tour pros is only 50% from 6 feet. Once you know this it is in the cards that you will miss your fair so you can stop pressuring yourself. Another day you will make everything.


      Practice Putting:

      There is no regimen other than focusing on making my swing positions perfect. Know the feedback like the back of your hand and try to watch yourself do the moves so you know they are perfect. If you do this, you will have a great swing to start out the season.

  19. October 26, 2013


    Well Paul, I did it.

    A change in plans. I was going to play my friend next year like I’ve been telling you about, but thanks to Mother Nature keeping the weather nice up here a little longer and other little circumstances, I ended up playing with him and his 15 year old son today. The course is their home course and is quite challenging, especially for someone of my novice skill level.

    I had a lot of “MINUS” shots today. Afraid of slicing into a house, or hooking it into the freeway. I tried to remember what you said once, “where do you want me to hit it?” It’s gonna take me some time to fully grasp that.

    However, there were a few “PLUS” shots today…

    I rarely ever sliced it. I was either straight or left… and sometimes hook left. I know, I need to add more body to straighten those out. And when I did, especially on the last hole of the day… I hit a 315 yard tee shot !! “Mashed it” as he put it. I found out later that his son asked him, “How long has he been playing?… Since Father’s Day??… Wow”.

    He and his son a pretty good (in my world). They normally shoot in the mid to high 70’s. I think that played into my head because when he was writing down 3’s and 4’s on the scorecard and then 6’s and 7’s next to my name… I felt it mentally. It took me quite a few holes to snap out of my funk but I was able to late in the day.

    He said, in so many words, that you (Paul) might have to update your putting stats because we all looked it up and… perhaps the pros have been watching your vids as well. Apparently, now your tour pro on average is about 65% from 6 feet. We had a nice healthy debate about that.

    A nice way to end the golfing season for me with a lot of winter swing practice to do. Next year… we’ll get that score down a bit. But as far as trying to impress him and his son, at least a little bit anyways…


    Thank you, Paul.

    Still swingin, Lance

    • October 27, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you ave it a shot and saw some good shots. It is coming. Just keep doing he positions and the next time you play with them they will be scared of you.

      Those putting stats are from Dave Pelz. So unless he update them I will keep going with them.

  20. November 20, 2013


    Greetings Paul,

    I just wanted to say thank you and fare well on your journey to teach people around the globe how to play better golf. It’s time for me to go, but I will summarize the core fundamentals I have learned, will practice and take with me the rest of my golfing days.

    PUTTING- “If I could learn to never 3 putt, I’d beat everyone in the room”. That’s the goal anyway. Practice the 5 footers and in ’till ya puke. Build up the confidence inside that circle. And when I can get out to a practice green, practice those AND the 40 – 50 footers. Learn how to get them into that close circle from there. Stable lower body, smooth follow thru stroke up top. Die it into the hole.

    CHIPPING- Learn to dial in those ratios. They’re based on how far you are from the green 1 yard in, and how far from that spot to the hole. SW to PW to 9I…etc.

    PITCHING- If you don’t have a pitching area (I do), go on the range when no one is around and practice 10 yarders, 20 yarders, 30 yarders and 40 yarders. The key is “Hinge and Turn”.

    THE SWING – Coil up with the shoulders, uncoil with the hips and legs. Your hips and legs are the motor in your swing, not your arms. When you get to the top of the backswing, think about 1 of the lower body triggers. Mine is my left hip. If you’re slicing the ball, practice rolling your wrists drills until you’re hooking it. When you’re hooking it, add more hips and legs to straigten those shots out. Shoulders, Hinge, Hips, Head. That’s my sequence. Turn my shoulders, hinge at the top, hips and legs fire, follow thru touch your legs and club touching your head. “You can’t get anymore parallel… than parallel.”

    I will contine practicing these core fundys until my golfing end. I’m living proof that your methods work, you just have to work them. There is pretty much no way that a 43 year old guy playing the game for 5 months should have done some of the good things I’ve done on a course. Thank you Ignition Golf. I think I get it, now I gotta go get it.

    Still Swingin’,


    • November 21, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      That’s a good summary. Glad you are going o continue working on it. Once you are in the 70’s let me know.

      All the best,

  21. With all due respect, you are criticizing your students for making practice swings in the same manner that you have shown us in previous videos. An example I would cite is the video where you want us to make 3 practice swings for every shot we hit. If you look at that video you are making practice swings back and forth without stopping to set up or to pause at the top of the swing. At the time I wondered why you were swinging from the follow thru to the top of the backswing making three continuous swings. Maybe that’s why we are not doing it like you want us to do. Just a thought.

    • Dave,

      I just watched the 2 tips right below the current tip. In each one I refer to working on this positions. This one is about swinging back and forth not working on anything. These are not the same things at all.

  22. Hi Paul,
    Great website, I have been making improvements already. Just a quick question – when you are doing your practice swings are you driving your lower body at top speed? Or are you driving at lower speed and instead more focusing on the positions? If the latter, at what stage do you start increasing your lower body speed as part of your practice swings?

  23. I like all of your tips and everything you suggest. I have found that in a short period of time my swing has improved immeasurably. But perhaps, I have missed something. I find the timing between my arms swinging and my lower body movement appears to have a large impact on my contact, ball flight, distance, consistency etc. Does this timing just come with taking practice swings that satisfy all of the feedback positions you emphasize? Alternatively, are there tips that just emphasize timing issues. Thanks.

  24. Hi Paul,

    Just wanted to write a quick update before my free trial ends (hope to be back as a paid subscriber once budget permits.)

    I’ve really been working on practice swings at home and let me tell you, to do them properly, working on the grip, setup, and four swing positions perfectly, is HARD. Both physically and mentally.

    I committed to myself to try and do practice swings every night at home. When I first started I could probably manage 15-20 proper practice swings before I lost concentration or got tired. Now I’m up to about 30-40 a night so I seem to be making progress.

    Really trying to feel each position perfectly on each swing, the lag between lower and upper body, and the whipping action in the wrists as I swing down.

    I never thought that doing practice swings would be difficult but I see now you really do need to work through this and not just pay lip service to it.

    I hope I am going about this the right way and what I am experiencing is normal.

    Thanks again, Paul.


    • Peter,

      Glad you would like to remain a member. Just do the monthly for now and switch to yearly later. Just a thought.

      Yes, I did a tip on that called “Working On Your Swing Is Work.”

      Working On Your Swing Is Work:

      This takes work. It took me 10 years to get my swing back after losing it after taking lessons. If I can shave time off your learning and help you get there in 2-3 months this is lightening fast versus what I went through.

      Just keep doing the practice swings and mastering the positions. This is how to do it. Beating balls will never work.

      Sounds like you are on the right track. Just stay focused and build the movement. A great swing hits great shots.

  25. January 10, 2019


    Paul this is such a great tip! I am adding this to the end of my workout in the mornings and doing 10 to 15 minutes of practice swings. Perfect!

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