Up In The Air Drills – Speed

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

10 Responses to “Up In The Air Drills – Speed”

  1. So true Paul. About 3 years ago I discovered your videos on YouTube. The swing quickly showed promise with irons, but the driver, not so much. So, I gave up on it. Since then my shots go straight, but my drives only 186 yds.. I took a few lessons from a PGA pro and still, no farther. I’ve gotten tired of trying to take a 3 wood into a green. I recently rediscovered your teaching and decided to go all in. I purchased your materials and again, the irons, great. I used to barely hit my sand wedge 50 yds.. Now, 75 yds.! And straight. It’s such a great feeling. I’m still not there with my driver, but I know it will come and I am committed. I believe the challenge with the driver stems from the length of the club. I enjoy greater success if at the top of my back swing I feel really loose and relaxed. It is amazing. Any further insights with the driver would be appreciated. Thanks again for you making your teaching available to all. Your style is and delivery is awesome! I hope to come down to Vegas sometime and meet you in person. Thanks again.

    • Jonathan,

      Glad you are watching the tips again. This really is the answer. For more power you need to be doing this tip. If you are not hitting it even 200 you are not moving your body fast at all. I see that all of the time. A key is snapping the lead leg. I will be doing a tip on this shortly. It is a snapping sensation of it locking fast. This is not a HURTING sensation. Your mind has to get used to this locking action. It it trying to protect you knees and doesn’t want to do it. As you keep doing it you get used to it and accept it into your swing.

      Just do this and see how violently you snap this leg without it hurting:

      It’s Like A Throwing Motion: https://ignitiongolf.com/like-throwing-motion/

      It is the same motion.


      You need to be doing this nightly:

      DRILL: How To Really Increase Power: https://ignitiongolf.com/how-to-really-increase-power/

      When you work on more power you cannot think about consistency. Get the power then dial it back in once you get it.

      Loose and relaxed is a good feeling at the top. Keep this feeling then go as hard as possible with the legs in the downswing.


      Remember this too:

      DRILL: Golf Swing Timing For More Distance: https://ignitiongolf.com/timing-more-distance/

      You can do it.

  2. Paul,This “club in the air drill” is what I do every day I don’t play on the golf course .I do it in front of a large window pane ,one in front of me ,the other one at right angles some distance away.100 swings in a row .I check grip, stance, posture before each swing .Two SSRTT are in front of me ,the first one where the ball is supposed to lie ,the second one ,one foot in front ,targetwise .BEN HOGAN would say you should swing as if the ball would be several inches in front of the actual one ,in order to accelerate through the existing ball.
    I found out that by keeping my arms close to my body in the downswing, I would swing faster ,also by enhancing the release by taking the right thumb off the shaft and the wrists very ,very loose.
    All this hard work is showing on the golf course ..
    Improving is a long and lengthy process!

    • Raymond,

      I like it. You see how it is paying off. Like I said, you need to do this thousands of times. Just got make a habit of it. However you get the wrists loose is good by me. This is critical in generating speed.

  3. Paul
    I do your favorite drill religiously & I do it well. However once I have the ball in front of me when I am playing so some reason I start hitting with my arms and not following thru properly. I am getting decent drives off the tee but the irons seem to be a problem. Any advice???
    Marco V

  4. Paul
    I constantly do you favorite drill at home & on the range. When I am playing I usually take two practice swings before my shot. For some reason I don’t execute the shot like my practice swings. It seems I get tensed up and don’t execute properly weight is on my back foot & I am swinging with my arms. Any advice would be appreciated
    Marco V

  5. It’s good to see this drill again .Another way to teach yourself to swing faster is to train with the SUPERSPEED STICKS .but getting the sense and the timing to swing faster while keeping a smooth swing takes a lot of time (Thousands of répétitions as you say) and a lot of work on your physical capabilities (Clearing the hips faster = better flexibilty )

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