Get Over the Hump

By | on May 31, 2018 | 16 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

16 Responses to “Get Over the Hump”

  1. Dear Paul ,I believe it takes more than 30 swings to change even a small part of your swing .A rough estimate in my opinion would be in the r

    • March 22, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      You missed the point I said 30 repetitions to get it feeling somewhat comfortable. And I totally disagree that it takes that long to make changes. I used to think that it did but I have proven that wrong many , many times. You see, most people cannot focus one one thing for more than 3 minutes. If you do 30 repetitions in a row it will take about 20 minutes. If I can hold the person’s attention and get them to do the actual position they will get the position very quickly. The problem is they start going back to their old swing.

      Also, my positions provide feedback to let the person know they are doing the position correctly. They just need to feel it again and again and it will take hold.

      I did a tip on it here: 11 In A Row:

  2. Because a a previous accident my right ankle was fused to the leg and has no flexibility making it impossible to finish on the tip of the right foot with legs touching

    Also a broken left hip and a partial teplacment of that hip makes the rotation more difficult.

    I am a right handed golfer. What do you suggest.

  3. I understand all the different positions and can do them reasonably well. Leg touch still needs some work, but getting better. Need help focusing on the actual hip turn in relation to left leg straightening. Think that’s right. Also, does rythym have any affect with this swing?

  4. June 1, 2018


    You have helped me immensely! Thank You! I, however still have these issues… I swing too fast, my swing is too short, and I still hit behind the ball(fat). What can I do to get over the hump with these three issues? Thanks
    Mark A.

  5. Vince Burns

    Paul started a few weeks ago on the swing changes due to my game having gone awry , poor results for months etc.
    Ive gone through the hooking part and could not stop it with the irons though driver was ok, at the range having hit iron after iron left i decided to give your count 123 a try and it slowed my swing down and all my iron shots were dead straight.

    I have just competed in a national amatuers match called Trilby tour in front of sky cameras and crowds, on the tee i did the swing club off the ground to relax my wrists and get my weight over 1st drive dead straight and 240 yards without effort.

    I finished 6th of 140 entrants (off all ages) played to 4 below my handicap of 13 and qualified for international final. So I would just say it works but it takes lots of practice as i have most nights.

    Anyone can get over the Hump if they are committed.

    Not bad for 72 years old
    Thanks for everything

    • Vince,

      Wow! That’s great. Under pressure too! Sounds like you got hitting. There may have been a grip issue too with those hooks. If you ever lose your swing immediately slow down. This will allow you to get it back in no time. This one might help:

      Lose Your Swing:

      Keep up the good work. We want you winning the final. Go Vince Go. Keep us posted.

  6. Paul,
    After watching many of your videos I’ve noticed a distinct bending of your left arm at the time of the hinge in the backswing. Is this something I should try to replicate? Thanks! -Neil

    • Neil,

      I have actually been working on more extension and getting the arm straighter. I will be doing another tip on it shortly. I want the arm extended but not locked. Many pros have a bent arm at the top, Nicklaus, Daly Couples etc etc. I seem to be the only one people keep talking about.

      Extended But Not Locked:

      • Paul,
        I did not mean to offend. I have encountered conflicting views and some indicate that some bend in the left arm at the top provides increased power. I remember hearing Johnny Miller saying it was a useful technique for seniors. Thanks for clearing up your position on this and for your excellent advice. I’m trying to master the powerless arms and am making progress but I’m battling nearly 6 decades of bad habits. Thanks, again! -Neil

        • Neil,

          No offence taken. I just find it funny that everyone bring it up when I do it yet there are tons of pga pros that bend it and not a word is ever said.

          I am actually trying to keep the club more way from me to get rid of the bent. It has been about a month now and I am getting used to it. Takes me a lot of effort though.

          Here is why bending your arm is good especially as a drill:

          2 Minutes To Perfect Lag:

  7. Are my hands making a semi-circle around my body following my shoulders as they coil and release past the bottom of the swing?

    • George,

      Yes, not a perfect semi-cricle though because you golf swing is not a perfect circle.

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