Push Pull Exercise

By | on July 26, 2018 | 11 Comments |


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11 Responses to “Push Pull Exercise”

  1. July 10, 2014


    Greetings Jeremy Good to hear from you again would push ups do almost the same thing or do we need the tube

    • Hi John,
      Good question. No, this is not going to produce the same effects as a normal push-up. The resistance with a push-up is geared toward your chest and arm muscles. This exercise has resistance outward as shown when the tubing is pulled apart. This outward resistance is meant to target the postural muscles between the shoulder blades and around the mid-back. Targeting these muscles will build endurance, strength and awareness of the proper postural muscles needed to do perfect push-ups and rows. You’ll see the correlation in videos to come.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  2. Jeremy ,
    This is fantastic exercise to cure slouched backs .
    I ‘ve seen on ROGER FREDERICK’s site an instrument called the “POSTURIZER “.
    It’s basically a padded bar you put behind your neck to straighten your hunched back :only it doesn’t bring into play the muscles between your shoulders (The trap├Ęzes muscles)

    • Hi Raymond,
      Good observation. Stetching for better posture is great but actual change and awareness won’t happen until we strengthen the muscles that extend our mid-back and retract our shoulder blades. This exercise will certainly help.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  3. July 10, 2014


    Greetings again Where would i get the tube ?

    • Any sporting goods store will have this kind of tubing. I think I got this from Wal-Mart next door even. It’s nothing fancy… very basic.

  4. I attempted to respond to your email response of 7/5/16, regarding a possible DVD, (comment-12837) but was unsuccesful so a quick answer here.

    The exercise shown here looks to me to be very beneficial.

    I have over 17 presentations saved and like hip, shoulder rotational, strength and, stability and strength exercises, If there was a DVD available one could focus on a specific area and change as needed.

    I hope you do proceed , but regardless, your program is MOST helpful.

    Thank you,
    Robert Gibson

  5. Another great exercise. You said that we need to strengthen back and shoulder muscles to improve posture. I stand on a slant board 5-10 minutes per day. Will these exercises build great golf posture? And will this help me from “coming out of the shot’? I am having trouble maintaining the spine angle through the ball.


    • Hi John,
      This exercise is a nice supplement to the endurance needs of proper posture on and off the golf course. It also build awareness which is sometimes the biggest issue… we simply don’t think about it. When you incorporate good posture exercises in your regular fitness routine it tends to help keep it at the forefront of our minds when we do activities like golf. As for coming out of the shot, that’s more difficult. That can be caused by things like a poor swing path, an early release of the golf club or weakness in the trunk muscles. My job is certainly to deal with the latter. Hinging exercises like bridges, deadlifts and lunges should help you physically be capable of maintaining your spine angle through the shot.
      All the best,
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  6. Good reminder of very basic exercises;
    I have taken to practice with several different weight m├ędicine balls:3,4,5 kgs
    I throw them on my lawn (not a against a wall ) from different positions :sideways ,like a rugby pass,both sides , from over the head ,from between the legs ,with each arm individually ,slamming the ball from over the head just in front of me.
    When I throw the ball,I contract the belly muscles .
    This training has considerably improved my core strength.
    I see the result in longer shots with my various clubs and better arm extension in the throughswing .
    Did you elaborate previously on the matter ?

    • Great exercises! Throwing (light or heavy) is a fantastic way to help make an athletic and efficient movement pattern. The use of the core and the extension of the arms is music to my ears. In my training room I have people throw all sorts of objects to help them become athletes again instead of step by step golf robots! Battling Ropes are my favorite… my clients seem to love the relationship to the golf swing. They just don’t like it when I make them throw from the other side… they’ll thank me later though lol!.

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