Test Series – Do You Feel Your Arms

By | on January 2, 2020 | 24 Comments |


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

24 Responses to “Test Series – Do You Feel Your Arms”

  1. Hi Paul

    Great series – a few things to work on


    • Ian,

      Glad you liked it. Thanks,

    • January 5, 2018



      I find hands must instantiate the swing with NO arm action.

      I little more than a waggle Back and UP by index finger.

      Sure kinesthetic action by legs is vital to a good swing.

      Does that make sense to you?

      • Avatar photo

        January 7, 2018

        Paul Wilson


        No. Not sure what you mean. Yes, you need the legs to lead. You really should be coiling to get the club to the top. The wrists will set by the time you are up there by making sure they fully hinge and working on this position. Once you hit the top it is all about uncoiling. I guess you are feeling it in the hands going back and setting it. Not quite sure?

  2. Hi Paul,
    I really like your techniques and the teaching method makes a to of sense, however Im having difficulty with not using arms. I find I either block severely to right or sssshank. I just can get the hang of not using arms especially in the pitch shots which I sssshank a lot. I’m playing of 11 and my game has now gone to pieces totally.

    Warren Walsh

    • Warren,

      Everyone has difficulty hitting with arms. This is because of human nature telling you to hit the object, years of hitting the object and years f ingrained swing flaws. You need to keep working on your swing positions. Do tons of practice swings hitting the position and making them perfect. You need to do the drills to learn how to use the legs and hips. You need to also slow down, relax the arms and hit easy shots then build it up with the legs and hips. This is a whole different way to swing. You are not good at it. You need to do exactly opposite to what you have done for many years.

      Shank – hitting with arms weight going to toes in the downswing. If you are doing this with pitching you are too tilted at set up and you trying to hit. Watch my pitching technique here:

      How To Cure the Shanks: https://ignitiongolf.com/cure-shanks/
      How to Pitch: https://ignitiongolf.com/pitch-ball/

      Are you not using the dashboard? The tips would be found under CURES and SHORT GAME > PITCHING

      Also, on slide 1 of FULL SWING are the 8 lessons I teach everyone. Start there and ONLY work on them. Make the positions perfect. You cannot expect to do something totally different and be great at it. You need to work on each piece. As you put the pieces together you get it. If you are working on one or two things how can you expect to play great golf. When you do you will see some good shots. This is what is coming in the future if you put the pieces together. FORGET THE BALL. Focus on each position and mastering it.

      Work On The Movement: https://ignitiongolf.com/work-on-the-movement/
      How Long To Make Swing Changes?: https://ignitiongolf.com/make-swing-changes/

  3. May 18, 2015



    Scores have been going down since the last time I talked to you about two weeks ago. 90, 85, 86, and it’s all due to powerless arms, and a lot of practice. However, I do need to work on my “Touch the Head” (TTH) postion. But I’ve discovered that as long as I touch my knees, even if my TTH postion isn’t perfect, my ball striking is still 100% better than it used to be. I’m totally confident whenever I’m over a shot because I know what I need to do to execute a good shot. Thanks again!

    • Ted,

      Just do this position swinging towards a mirror. This way you can see yourself doing it. It has to be a fluid path to the back of the head. In other words you can’t go down your back then touch your head. Touching your head means you are on plane, you swinging with a wide arc, you’re squaring the face, wrists are loose etc. so really focus on perfecting it. This is vital in a great swing.

  4. Paul, I’m still trying and in a lot of cases, I still use my arms. In starting the swing, I noticed that in the setup, your arms a straight. So, in the downswing, if I straightened both my arms, I might get rid of that nasty chicken wing. Because of all of your tips I watched, I never understood the swing like I do now. When I hit an errant shot, I know what is going on. Now, I have to slow down.

  5. Hi Paul,

    I am really struggling with the slice with the driver I remember a drill you showed me with a tee approx. 2 feet in front of the ball and I actually was hitting quite straight and long can you recall that drill.

  6. Paul,

    You might suggest to your students the method that I learned to turn off my arms. I told you about it after one of your other tips and has been very effective for me. That is letting the wrists hinge naturally from the weight of the club when turning the shoulders in the back swing, helpings me do a fully-hinged 90 degree back swing where uncoiling with the lower body feels automatic. I mess it up when I rush and use the arms in the back swing instead of my shoulders to push the weight of the club.


    • Peter,

      Yes, this is a feeling a lot of people have to get used to. I may do a tip on it. Going to shoot a few tomorrow. Thanks,

    • Dear Pete ,a suggestion ,try the “HIDEKI MATSUYAMA” swing ,with a marked pause at the top (Count one,two ,three ),with the wrists fully loose ,your hinging the wrists will be beautiful!

  7. May 19, 2015


    Hi Paul making great progress following Tips , still feel alot of arms in my swing , arms feel tight at top of follow through, seem to have to force that last bit of touch the head. would playing several rounds at 40 % swing speed be a quick way of getting powerless arms faster.at 40% shots still should be similar trajectory to my normal shots. my game has gone from awful to good but still feel alot of arms.

    • Barry,

      Exactly. I say 50%. Just got out and try it. I guarantee you will hit shots that blow your mind. Until you do something different it’s never going to change. Along with change comes different feelings that you need to get used to. Doesn’t take long. You can do it.

  8. Hi Paul

    I have a problem with my left wrist as I fractured the schaphoid bone in my left hand two years ago. At the moment my left wrist is a little sore, can I still play golf using the effortless arms?


    • Naz,

      Powerless arms would be the only swing I would be trying to do. Be careful. If you are having pain or can’t do it then just do practice swings. I took a guy from 95 to 75 in 2 months. He never hit one practice ball. This way you can make sure your swing look great too.

  9. Paul I practice as you say .I play three times a week ,18 holes .When I don’t play on the golf course ,I practise at home without a ball,dry runs ,only swings “in the air” ,100 swings . I chip 100 chips and I put 200 puts from various distances ,2 feet to 25 feet .Driving ,chips and puts are therefore very good on the golf course .Where I am inconsistent is with the fairway woods ,main fault ,thinning the ball or sending the ball too low ,not topping it .When this happens ,I believe (I am not sure !) ,I don’t move fast enough on my front leg .To cure this defect ,I do what you recommend ,I swing at 80% with soft arms:it works,but on the golf course I am always tempted to “hit “and not swing ,therefore thinning occasionnaly .
    In the training sessions at home ,should I incorporate swings “brushing the ground” with a fairway wood or hitting a low tee ,to not deteriorate my very nice lawn (My wife would strongly object !) .Any thoughts to get me improving ?

    • Avatar photo

      January 7, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      Thin fairway woods are you just trying to get too much out of it. Just stick to swinging a little easier so you make pure contact. Once you do, you will gain more confidence to go a little faster. Right now, it doesn’t sound like you are confident with these clubs. So back off it until you get the confidence. If you know you are going to hit it pure before you hit it don’t you think you could go a little faster?

      So to get this you may need to go down to 50%. Even at this pace I bet you will still hit it 80% of your best shots.

  10. Avatar photo

    January 27, 2018


    When I am swinging properly — powerless arms — should I be conscious of breaking my wrists? Or is this something that should happen automatically without me thinking about it. Thanks.

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