Golf Grip Pressure Throughout Your Swing

By | on September 14, 2017 | 10 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

10 Responses to “Golf Grip Pressure Throughout Your Swing”

  1. August 20, 2013


    Hey Paul, always grateful for the wonderful videos. It’s helped me quite abit all the way here in South Korea.

    I’ve had a problem recently though (one of many…ofcourse)-

    what seems to be happening is that the skin on the side of my middle finger on my right…how do i put it…sort of ripping apart? the skin on that finger is constantly being rubbed against the club handle (particularly when I don’t impact correctly) and so after a couple of hours of practice, it seems as if someone had been trying to take a knife and peel of few of the layers of my finger.

    I’ve watched your videos on right hand grip, and my grip isn’t too far off from that, but something seems to be wrong because my finger is being put through a lot of pain right now haha

    (funny thing is, that it’s only that particular finger that’s getting a beating..)

    anyways, hope that you’ve got a great solution for this problem, like you always do.

    Thank you from Korea –

    • August 21, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      I think you are saying it is your right ring finger not the middle finger. I have never known anyone to have the middle finger get sore on the right hand. If it is the ring finger it is rubbing against the index of the left. You need to do the right hand grip slightly away from the left and slide it down to meet the left so it has its own room on the grip. If it is the middle finger it has to be rubbing somehow. Once you get the shock of a mishit it vibrate which has to be absorbed somewhere. It is absorbed by twisting in your hands if the wrists are too tight. If you wrists are loose and you mishit the wrists absorb the twisting.

      So this could be telling you your wrists are too tight plus you are just grabbing onto the club and your fingers are rubbing against each other. You need to make sure this finger has its own room on the club. Do this and loosen your wrists and I think you should be okay. For right now you need to get waterproof tape and wrap your fingers so they don’t keep hurting as you practice. Once you grip on in this manner they should hurt less or not at all.

  2. October 16, 2015


    Hi Paul,

    I’ve been following your teaching for a couple of years now and really feel I’m making progress (e.g. I’ve upped my driver swing speed from 87/88 mph to 103/4 through lossening everything up). However, recently I noticed on my driver, that at the point of full release on a full swing (the end of the “Whipcrack”) the club is twisting slightly leaving me with a closed face on my follow through (I’ve check the face is still square in my grip at the top of the backswing and as I come down – its the point of full release where it twists). When I realign my club up if straight is 12 oclock, I’m maybe pointing to 11.30 and would need to regrip for a full swing again.
    I’m actually hitting some of my best drives with a slight draw when I do this, but am concerned I’m maybe ignoring a fundamental issue?
    I have tried gripping tighter to resolve but this activates my arms and produces big slices and pulls. Would you suggest it’s worth going back to basics to fix this, even if it doesn’t appear to be causing me too many issues right now?

    kind regards

    • October 17, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      I think what you are saying is that you are doing a full swing into the follow through. Then you after the shot you bring the club back to address and it is closed. This used to happen to me. I tried to fix this for years with no success. The day I stopped hitting the ball with my arms my club never moved out of position.

      I think one of the tips below addresses this:

      Are Your Hands Coming Off the Club?:
      Stay Relaxed In The Follow Through:
      Tight Wrists Equals Wrong Follow Through Position:

      If this is the case I think you are still hitting the ball with the arms a little. If I am not hearing you right then you are purposely flipping it through impact. Keep in mind it is only 1/4 of second from the top to impact. If your club is moving you are moving it in less than the blink of an eye. Just do the tee drill. This is one thing I worked on many years ago to secure my hands on the club:

      Tee Drill:

      Also, if you are just flipping it you need to watch this tip:

      How To Stop Flipping Through Impact:

      • October 21, 2015


        Paul, you are, of course, correct!
        I’d made a slight adjustment to my take away a few weeks back (slighty pulling with my right hand on the driver to initiate the swing) and I was using my arms again. (amazing how unconciously I keep still want to get back to using them!)
        Pleasingly, knowing this, I’ve been able to fix the slipping grip with a minor tweak and it doesn’t feel like I’ve needed to take a step backwards at all.

        thanks for you all your help.


        • October 22, 2015

          Paul Wilson


          Very good. Not using the arms has to be constantly on your mind. I fight the will to hit all the time and I have been doing it for years.

  3. Avatar photo

    September 16, 2017


    Paul you mad genius! I did the Tee drill today on the practice range before I played for the very first time and I hit the ball further today than I ever have in all of my life. Still afflicted with the thins on approach shots, but this grill was absolutely fantastic not only in teaching how much pressure but where the pressure is applied. Absolutely critical to allowing the hinge and rehinge.

  4. April 21, 2019


    Feel like my grip is to lose at impact
    When i get to the top and hinge my bottom
    Hand pad comes off help please

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