How To Stop Flipping Through Impact

By | on July 18, 2011 | 20 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

20 Responses to “How To Stop Flipping Through Impact”

  1. Paul,

    Enjoyed watching your slow motion swing from the top. In addition to your shoulders being open at impact and your arms extended after impact, I noticed the incredible lag you have in your right wrist. I also noticed that your right elbow moves in front of your body prior to impact while holding the lag. Do you achieve this lag purely from turning your hips (driven by your legs)?

    It would be great to have your slow motion swings in a loop from different angles (side, back, front and top). I would also be great to be able to step through the slow motion loop (forward and backward) on my computer as an application or screen saver. It would enable one to study your swing in detail.

    • Cameron,

      I worked on lag for many, many years while hitting pitch shots. I think I talk about it in one of the lag tips (not sure which one). I have never worked on tucking the back arm. For me, most of this stuff happens because I am using the legs and not hitting.

      I will think of the looping swing idea.

  2. Paul,

    A couple of questions regarding flipping and powerless arms. I have been pulling and pull hooking the ball and trying to work on the powerless arms and better leg drive. After watching this tip, I definitely think I am flipping the club, I can see my shoulders are square to the target line and my club head gets ahead of my hands at impact. I can see myself whacking at the ball in videos at normal playback speed. Is there really a difference between flipping and simply using the arms too much? Is flipping more about using the wrists too much?

    I recently started your Knock It Off drill in the backyard and took it to the range. I have worked on hitting ten balls 50 yards, then 10 balls 100 yards and finally 10 balls 150 yards with the driver at the range. The last two days I have not gone beyond that. My hands are now ahead of or even with the ball at impact. I still do not get my shoulders turned past square and my hips are only slightly open at impact, even with the slower arms. The second part of my question is about the downswing trigger. When should the trigger occur, is it before the backswing reaches the top? I think I am waiting too long to start the trigger and thus not turning early enough. Is that a factor? Do you feel that you trigger the downswing prior to finishing the backswing? Would that help me to get a better turn at impact?

    • August 7, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      Flipping is more of a better player problem. Better players know how to release the club. The sometimes combine this with swinging too much from the inside which creates the square shoulder position at impact. This produces big hooks.

      I think you are not in this category and not flipping. You are just hitting it with your arms.

      I like that you are doing that drill and seeing improvement. Your shoulder and hips aren’t open because you are only hitting it a short distance. To get power you need to be driving the lower body way faster. In doing so, you will be more open at impact.

      Are you even doing body drills at home on a nightly basis? This isn’t going to come on its own. You need to get good a firing the lower body. Do these drills:

      -DRILL: Swing Off Ground:
      -DRILL: Listen to Club Swinging:
      -DRILL: Swing Off Ground Variation:
      -DRILL: My Favorite Drill – Variation 2:

      The trigger occurs as soon as you feel you are tightly coiled at the top. Once coiled you are triggering the uncoil with the lower body. You need a trigger to do this.

      You are not triggering the swing before you hit the top. You hit the top then you apply the trigger.


      Downswing Mindset:
      What To Feel In The Transition:

      • Paul,

        I can’t tell you how valuable your Q&A sessions are in these tips. This is the real value of Ignition Golf. It takes us back into your extensive library to tips that we did not even know existed. The Downswing Mindset and Transition Feel videos really ring a bell with me as I have a tendency to rush from the top.


        • Avatar photo

          August 17, 2018

          Paul Wilson


          Thanks. I think this a great value. It would have saved me years of frustration when I was trying to figure it out. Thanks for your support.

  3. Paul, does this also apply to the medium and long pitch shots? I have had a serious shanking problem with only my sand wedge. It’s gotten so bad that I’m just extremely uncomfortable and feel like I will do it everytime. I’ve watched your videos on shanking pitches and have done the drills. I feel like I’m nearly going to fall backwards now because I’m putting so much weight on my heels. I don’t shank then but my contact feels so horrible. I video taped them today and I can see I have a definitely flip in addition to my shanking problem which is causing me to hit the top of the ball with the bottom of my wedge and when I don’t I have lofted the club so badly that the ball goes about 50 yards when it should go 65 due to the flip. I’m extremely frustrated and so uncomfortable over this shot anymore and don’t know what to do. Any comments are much appreciated. Thanks

    • April 14, 2016

      Paul Wilson


      If you are shanking short irons you are too tilted at set up. I have fixed tons of shankers in minutes by getting them in the proper setup and coiling and uncoiling the shoulders more level to the ground. You do my stuff and you will never shank it.


      Stand Tall with Short Clubs:
      Short Game – How To Stop Shanking Pitch Shots:

      Don’t have the weight on your heels. You just need to the right setup position then coil/uncoil more level.

      Flipping is the shoulders too square at impact so you need more rotation. HINGE/TURN. This is how to pitch. If you are turning your shoulders would be open at impact thus moving the release point ahead of the ball.

      Also, think about doing a swing analysis with Pete. The cost all of $20 to clarify what you need to work on. How can you go wrong?

  4. Avatar photo

    October 3, 2017


    Thank you Paul,
    Another key to get from good to really good ! I had decided on my downswing trigger being my front hip, but that was still allowing me to slide laterally, my old comfortable move to compensate for my closed-at-the-top clubface. With this “arrow” move straight back, now I can keep the loose wrists with the neutral grip with no fear of the big push right, it goes dead straight.

    • Avatar photo

      October 4, 2017

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you found something that works for you. I had a huge slide so I know all about fixing it. It took me 2 straight months every day but no one said lock the lead leg and touch the other leg to it. If so, I would have fixed it in 2 days because I would have been doing the touch the legs positions a few thousand times. After this, I would know the feeling and fix it. Stay focused on this fix. The goal is fixing it. Shots will come in the future.

  5. Avatar photo

    October 4, 2017


    Thank you Paul!

  6. June 26, 2018


    Hi Paul. Is it the momentum and power generated from the downswing trigger that “continues” the rotation A to B? I had a caddie tell me that my body was stopping at impact, but I was touching the legs/Head and checking it along the way. Thanks! -CS

    • Craig,

      Yeah, but you could have been hesitating just as you were coming through impact then going to the follow through so you thought you were doing it when really you were hesitating. I would have to see it.

  7. June 28, 2018


    thanks paul. and yes that makes sense. need to commit to the left leg (arrow) rather than hesitate at/about the ball and continue being more circular. bits and pieces! working on it. loving it. thanks as always, cs

    • Craig,

      Good stuff. I knew there had to be something if it was visible to others. Point A to Point B.

  8. September 4, 2019


    Is your head still looking at the ball even though your shoulders and hips have rotated?

  9. October 17, 2019



    What a great tip! This perfectly describes the problem I have been fighting. I tend to stop rotating during the swing. I believe I subconsciously sense this and try to “save it” by flipping the hands. The result is an off-the-planet hook. Obviously, my shoulders are not rotated at impact. I need to concentrate on fully swinging through to the finish position.

    BTW, I only discovered this tip through a chain of linked responses you provided on other tips. The comment/Q&A portion of Ignition Golf is awesome, as it opens up a whole treasure trove of tips we might not have otherwise known about.

    Keep up the great work!! My Ignition Golf subscription is the greatest value in golf!!


  10. Paul,

    I tend to hit my wedges very high and very short distance. Am i likely flipping the club, thereby increasing the loft on the club and killing any shaft lean. I’d like to hit them lower and a normal distance.


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