Advancing the Prayer Stretch

By | on January 25, 2017 | 2 Comments |


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Jeremy Klinkhamer

2 Responses to “Advancing the Prayer Stretch”

  1. Jeremy ,
    As I told you before I can’t do this exercise kneeling on the ground ,even with the FOAMROLLER ,because of the prothesises have in my two knees:the furthest I can get to is at right angles between the upper leg and the lower leg .So I have substituted to your exercise the same one standing up with the Stability ball on a table . I also do a similar exercise without the ball ,just extending one or two arms on the table ,legs hanging at right angles from the the waist from the edge of the table .
    A question :when I play a round of golf ,the day after I am sore in the legs ,quadriceps ,hamstrings ,calves principally ,while I am not sore in the upper body and core .
    Probably my legs are too weak ,all the more that I have adopted PAUL’s technique which involves much “pushing “from the right leg in the throughswing and a fast pivot around the straight left leg .Which exercises should I practise to strengthen my legs ?

    • Raymond,
      Your substitute exercises for Advancing the Prayer Stretch are great. Sorry to exclude you on this one. As for your question, I highly recommend bridges, squats, lunges and deadlifts for your leg strength. Remember to modify as needed for your knee replacements. Don’t bend more than 90 degrees at the knees. Coming soon will be a very simple way to learn a proper lunge. As you know I’ve done many videos on this site concerning Bridges. The single leg deadlift I did recently would be great and go back to Build Your Lower Body Strength For More Power… that exercise is excellent for the specific movement that you’re trying to create in your golf swing concerning straightening your lead knee and pushing off with your trail leg.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

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