Get Addicted to Doing Practice Swings

By | on January 4, 2018 | 41 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

41 Responses to “Get Addicted to Doing Practice Swings”

  1. Paul, Ihave a newer IPad and have no problem viewing your Golf tips.

  2. Paul :

    Safari Version 6.0.4 works well for me. By the way, after practicing my swing with your method all winter long without a ball I’ve increased my distance by 2 clubs right down the line. Pretty remarkable if I don’t let the old “hit the ball” creep back in. Thanx!

    • Gary,

      I hope everyone is listening to this. As I keep saying you DO NOT need to hit balls to build a great swing. Focus on the positions and do practice swings. Look for the feedback to tell if you are doing them right. If you do them enough you will not know anyway to swing. Put the ball in front of this move then play great golf. Simple. Glad you did it.

  3. May 27, 2013



    The new player seems to work fine with Safari Version 6.0.4 as someone else indicated. Thanks for hanging in there to resolve the issue.

  4. May 27, 2013

    Steven D

    The player works for me in both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. I haven’t tried it in the middle of the night but at this hour (9:30 Eastern) it helps to pause it for a couple of minutes so that the video can fully load and then it plays smoothly. Picture quality is quite clear even in full-screen mode.

    Very good tip, by the way!

  5. I have not had any problems watching the videos using Safari, and I always use my Ipad to view lessons. I have been a member for about six months and find the majority of your tips very helpful. As you frequently say, these are simple moves and positions but difficult to master consistently. Almost daily practice, even for 15 or 20 minutes pays off over time. Thanks a lot for clear explanations on how to achieve the various movements that can add up to a consistent swing

    • David,

      Glad you like the tips. Thanks for the feedback.

      Glad you understand the importance of the practice swings too.

  6. Paul,
    No problems yet Paul, very smooth playback. I use Internet Explorer

  7. Hi Paul
    Thanks for the tip
    Liked the one about pointing the thumbs at the ear, first time I have heard that one. My main problem is skying the driver I think this because I’m not getting behind the ball. I am left eye dominant right hand player any tips please
    Btw use iphone 5 with iOS 6.1.4 -no problems
    Keep up the great work
    Kind Regards

  8. No problem with the player Safari no problem with Firefox
    Have a nice day

  9. May 27, 2013


    Hi Paul,
    My iPad works fine.Also have the newest version.

  10. May 27, 2013


    Please do not switch back to the other video viewer. This one is perfect. Easy to use the full screen & picture is very clear.

    Thanks for changing the viewer.

    Gary B

  11. Safari 6.0.4 works well for me. Thanks again for all of your excellent tips. Even beginning to understand the “powerless” arms and enjoy the practice swings. Still have a little problem with follow through using driver, but improving!

  12. Paul, I still hit the ball fat, but not as often. I do take my weight off the back leg in the swing, but occasionally still hit the ball fat and I figured out why. I was bracking my wrist way too soon in the swing thereby making it very steep. On the 18th hole yesterday, I had to hit my ball over a lake to get the ball on the green. I decided to just take it easy and brake my wrists as they were going up and boom, I ended up 3 ft. away from the hole. Even though one might take his weight off the back leg in the swing, he must also have a wide swing.

    • Kenneth,

      That’s great that you got rid of the fat shot but however you think you did it, I guarantee you had too much weight on the back foot it impact. This was due to the hands pulling the club down catching you on this foot as you hit the ball. Whatever you are doing is making you not use your arms as much. If you turn the arms off you will have to use the lower body thus getting you off the right side quicker.

  13. Paul,
    I am running Safari 10.0.4 and the video are great. It has been 8 weeks since I had total knee replacement. I started 3 weeks ago chipping and putting. I tried some easy full swings without thinking about a complete follow through and touching the legs. I was being protective of the new knee. My tempo was really good and the ball was flying straight. As the weeks have gone on I have been trying to swing faster. Yep, you guest it. The harder I tried the more inconsistent I got. I was losing the powerless arms swing. I need to go back to where I was 3 weeks ago. I am my own worst enemy. Thanks for the consistent reminders of “powerless arms” and” tempo”. Old habits are hard to break.

    • Peter,

      Yes, just gradually increase the rotational speed of the body for more power. Once you do increase again. Get used to that then do it again. If you go all out too fast they arms will come back in. Glad you see this and are willing to go back to the old effort level. Just swing at 50% for a while and you will get it back.

  14. May 28, 2013


    The new player runs very smoothly in my iPad! Great job.

    Now, I need to go to practice my swings…


  15. Hi Paul:

    I am at a plateau. I find it so difficult to take the practice swing to the ball. I can apply a good swing when the ball is present perhaps 50% of the time. The others are in two neat stacks – one 30 degrees right of the target when I hang back and hit off the right leg. The other stack is left 30 degrees of the target from pulled and fat shots caused by hitting down as I initiate the downswing with my arms.

    I also find that just because I end one range session well does not mean the next will pick up where the last one left off. To call this discouraging is an understatement at best!

    I would appreciate your input on my strategy for getting past this plateau:

    1. Practice Swing Only sessions with emphasis on the feedback points.
    2. Range session ratio of 5 to 1 practice swings to hitting ball.
    3. Start every range session with slow partial swings before building speed.
    4. Arm chair swing practice mentally processing a good swing visualizing a ball and a good hit. (I found I couldn’t do this until I instituted practice swing only sessions. That told me a lot.)
    5. Run this mental picture when actually addressing the ball – feeling the good swing rather than trying to think it through. (I can’t do this yet – perhaps that is the problem.)

    P.S. Your tip about initiating the downswing with digging in your right big toe revealed my tendency to initiate with my shoulder.

    I continue to be thoroughly impressed with the breadth of you teaching techniques. Your tips have anticipated so many of the common stumbling blocks. Outstanding!


    • Bruce,

      You should not be doing practice swings to the ball. When you do your practice swings there is no ball there. You are not trying to hit a blade of grass, broken tee etc. You are not trying to hit anything. You are trying to do the positions and you are looking for the feedback in each position to tell if you are doing it right or not.

      Once you feel this feedback you can then repeat this exact move on every shot regardless as to whether the ball is in front of you or not.

      The above answers question 1. Yes, you are focused on the feedback and doing the positions exactly I I show them.

      2. You can do this ratio if you would like. This is great. Most people seem to want to do a 3:1. 5:1 is even better but you have to do the positions right.

      3. Yes, always start slow. Generate more speed ONLY by turning your lower body faster.

      4. Yes, you can imagine good shots. You could also imaging you doing a perfect swing. Imaging you having a great looking swing.

      5. When you address the ball you should be having a clear thought in mind on what you are going to be doing in your swing. Forget the visualization for now. Right now you need the swing. You can visualize later.

      Glad you understood the digging in of the back foot. This works great for me.

      Glad you like the rest of the tips and technique too. I appreciate the feedback.

      Keep at it with a clear picture of what you are trying to do. Also, do practice swings in a mirror so you can see if you are doing the positions right or not. This is great feedback too. Just make your swing look like the swing of a great player. Great players have the right fundamentals. You look like them and you will have them too.

  16. Hi Paul,
    Your Lesson on Practice Swings was fantastic.
    It actully sumerized Your teaching Method.

    You brought in all the little features that You have been teaching during Your previous Lessons.

    I have said it before, but, Your System is so clear, I finally get it after all these years.


    Earl G

    • Earl,

      Glad you liked it. I did realize I was re-capping as I went into the tip. It’s pretty simple really.

  17. There ‘s been a lot of talk about visualizing what your ball Will do :this was generated by JACK NICKLAUS and GREG NORMAN .
    I don ‘t feel it helps at all .too many thoughts in your mind at the same Time !
    I just LOok at where I want the ball to go ,in the distance ,take an intermediate target two or three feet in front of the ball ,and off I go ,thinking to nothing at all ,except my tempo .
    It works for me .
    Keep it simple stupid !(KISS )

  18. July 4, 2013


    I can vouch for this addicted to practice swings lesson. Before work this morning, I was going to do my 100 ish swings a day and I ended up doing about 20 or so more. Plus, I’m slowly feeling the difference between powerless arms, and the few times I mess up and …. POWER the arms. I was actually thinking, “Something didn’t feel right here. Did I use my arms?” Then on my next swing, I focused solely on my hips firing and felt the difference. I’m looking forward to the day when my swing is just muscle memory. But, I’m having fun trying to build it properly.

    • Lance,

      It sounds like you are really understanding what I want you do it and how to do it. I love when people get it. I have no doubt that if you keep working on it this way you will build a great swing and will be playing great golf in not time. Keep at it.

  19. March 13, 2016


    I have been studying your videos, and taking practice swings all winter. Last week, due to some early spring weather, finally got out to play. In short order, the other people in my foursome were starting to refer to me as “steady Eddie,” a nickname I never before was given as a golfer. My closest golf buddy was asking me, “Did you put a driving range in your basement over the winter?” In short, I had one of the best, and most enjoyable rounds of my life. Your method works, no doubt about it!

    • March 13, 2016

      Paul Wilson


      That’s great news!!! I love hearing it. I hope everyone is seeing this. I keep telling everyone they do not need to hit golf balls. The ball is the problem. Take out the ball and you are not hitting. This allows you to think positions and develop a great swing. A great swing hits great shots.

  20. November 27, 2016


    Would you list the 16 check points that you refer to in your videos? I would like to use them in my practice session

  21. July 9, 2018


    Thanks again, Paul, for the excellent opportunity to improve! I played a round last week after a good two-three weeks of practicing your body swing and my drives and woods were amazingly consistent – effortless and straight and long! My playing buddies couldn’t stop expressing their amazement as shot after shot went “right down the middle”.without fade or draw. My iron play, on the other hand, was an embarrassment to the game of golf….every bad shot imaginable with an occasional good one thrown in..

    Is there anything I need to do differently to get the same results with my irons? I’ve been doing the same exercises / positions / loose wrists, etc. with my irons but even at the range they’re very so-so. Is it all mental or is there some typical mistake the amateur golfer makes that I need to undo? I took a video but didn’t see a big difference in the relaxed swing of driver / wood vs iron.

    Thanks again – I’ll be joining Ignition Golf soon, why, I’ve already benefited by more than a year’s membership would cost!


    • Dirk,

      Sounds like you are close. The only change with irons is narrower stance and ball position moves back. You need to keep the around feeling with irons. Because they are short people want to bend over too much and/or they want to hit down. Stand tall not clearly seeing your toes at setup. Coil more level and uncoil with the arms turned off.


      Good Woods Bad Irons:

  22. July 11, 2018


    Thanks, Paul, I invested a couple of hours practicing the things you recommended and found extreme variation in results – some the nicest shots I’ve seen from my 5 and 7 irons, perhaps 20% bad shots and I realized they were because I still have a habit of swinging my irons at 110%, even though I’ve relaxed my arms and have loose wrists with driver and woods. The solution turned out in part to rethink back to 25-50% effort for my irons.

    I’m also beginning to get an entirely new psychological perspective on the golf swing. Up until now in my life, virtually all golf shots included a distinct uncertainty about where each shot might end up. I’m beginning to find a level of relaxation in my swing due to the enhanced consistency, which further enhances my confidence and so forth…. I find myself no longer trying to control the ball and its flight. This is a first in my life, and I’m really enjoying stepping up to the ball after a few practice swings and almost “knowing” where it’s going. That alone has amped up my enthusiasm for continuing to improve and play this game even at the age of 70. I don’t see how your method hasn’t taken the world by storm yet!


    • Dirk,

      Make sure you are doing the practice swings at home too.

      Glad you are seeing it and realizing that hitting hard is not working. Just got to get used to not hitting. Definitely think swing easy. A te range I would be teeing it up and hitting real easy shots with a full swing. This way you will have a little room for error. Keep seeing good shots this way and you will never want to swing hard.

      I love the consistency part. This makes the game way easier.

      Keep at it.

  23. August 13, 2018


    When to end a practice session on the range? I am 74 years old, I practice at the range 3 to 4 times a week, for 45minutes to an hour each time. The first 20-25 balls are one going farther and straighter than I’ve hit before. But after 50 to 60 balls, I start hitting slices and shorter shots. I notice that my form has deteriorated.. Should I quit the practice rounds when my performance drops off, or persevere, trying to regain my earlier form? Note: I play nine holes once a week without keeping score, but my partners say that my ball striking has improved, and one of my partners, who was tracking my performance without telling me, said that last week I had four pars out of nine holes.

  24. Paul,

    Thanks for sharing this one from the archives – one of the many classics that I have not seen as a relatively new subscriber. I am finding this to be so true. Now that I am touching the legs and touching the head, it feels so good I want to do it all day. I’m driving my wife nuts going around the house doing air swings and loving the feeling of a proper finish.

    A reminder to all my fellow IG-ers – stay with it. I made a decision in Jan 2018 that I was going to take a year off and completely re-tool my swing the Wilson way. After finally getting it that I needed to slow down my backswing (using Paul’s Watch the Grooves tip) it just all came together. You’ll have days of doubt when you want to just take the easy route and go back to your old, familiar swing. But stay the course. I am so glad I did. Everything Paul has ever told us turns out to be true. The man is pure genius!

    Paul, thanks so much for all you do. I’m looking forward to re-instituting my handicap this season and I’m betting I’ll be in single digits very soon.

    Can’t wait for Ignition Golf 2019!


    • Avatar photo

      January 6, 2019

      Paul Wilson


      That’s great that you are doing the practice swings and see what I mean. Even now I still do them around the house when I am taking a break. It is all about repetition.

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