The Fake Draw

By | on March 8, 2024 | 12 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

12 Responses to “The Fake Draw”

  1. July 22, 2016


    GREETINGS COACH I have been using the FAKE DRAW even before I joined IGNITION GOLF. There is a sharp dog leg ,par 5, on the course,i hood my 3 fairway metal,aim straight or a little right of straight and hit away and the ball hooks around the dog leg. Sometimes though the ball will go straight and will end up off the fairway,what happened,what did I do wrong?

    • John,

      If you are set up for this shot and it doesn’t draw you are locking your wrists through impact. This could be from hitting too hard but most likely it is you looking up early coming out of the shot to see if it is drawing. So stay focused and delay your reaction to see the result until you’ve hit it.

  2. So for a fade, the club head is still square, but you aim a bit left and swing along along your tow line. But for a draw, the club head is slightly closed and you aim right and swing along your toe line? Just want to confirm that the club head is square on a fade vs slightly closed on a draw

    • Randy,

      No. The face is where you want the ball to end up on both a fade and draw. You align your body right or left depending on the shot you want to hit. Once aligned swing down the line of your body.

  3. Hey Paul … cool tips

    1a- why is there no real fade with two flaws and a fake fade like the real draw with two flaws and a fake draw?

    1b – is it because of the body rotation is in the same direction..?

    2- so the set up for a right handed golfer to do the fake draw is the mirror opposite of the real fade as far as the club face closed (draw) or open(fade) to the obstacle (tree or dog leg) and the body alignment determines the club swing path around the obstruction wit the face creating the ball spin left or right… .?!

    I think I got it right… yes / no ?

    I tried the fade on the weekend around some tree branches from the right rough with a 5 iron ( had to keep the ball low – based on the fake draw tip I saw … I had not seen the fade tip so logic told me it was just the opposite of the fake draw tip and it worked… I was able to work the ball around the low tree branches without hitting it straight out onto the fairway… a little punch out about a 70 yard shot …

    first time i had done this so just committed to the shot which felt strange because hadn’t had a chance to practice it at the range which I plan to as draw and fade shots definitely will come in handy in certain situations …

    kind regards,


    • Brian,

      1a – Because a real fade would be an over the top swing which would be a slice.

      1b – answered.

      2 – Yes, mirror opposite.

      Glad you tried it and it paid off. These shots are easy so there is no reason to get worried if you find yourself in these situations anymore. Do a little practice so you know for a fact that they ball will move the way I said it will based on these changes. Then you will be confident long into the future that you can do it.

  4. November 16, 2017



    Trying to reconcile that the fade has better probability for success over the fake draw (meaning that given a choice perhaps on which way I could go around something that has equal room to either side). Is there still more forgiveness in the fade vs the fake draw?

    Thanks. -Kim

    • Avatar photo

      November 17, 2017

      Paul Wilson


      Yes, as I said in the tip you only want to hit this shot if you half to. This is not a consistent shot and zero pros hit this shot as a daily shot.

  5. November 17, 2017


    Paul,I’m quite an old timer ,seasoned senior golfer .I tried the technique you demonstrate hundreds of times :I’ve never been able to draw the ball :with this closed stance and clubface aimed towards the target ,my shot is a push right.
    And yes ,my wrists are kept very loose .
    So I’ve given up trying the “fake draw ” ,I hit the ball full straight every time and that’s fine for me .The posture I prefer is a slightly closed stance ,the shoulders slightly open and with this posture and stance I hit the “controlled fade” favored by BEN HOGAN .If my stance is just square ,the shoulders in line with the stance ,my shot is dead straight and long and the ball rolls a long time …
    I’m happy with that …

    • Avatar photo

      November 17, 2017

      Paul Wilson


      The only way you are not getting the spin is if you are holding onto it. So the face is just square to the path. It need to be closed. So to get the spin purposely roll it. Get used to this feeling of releasing it then let it happen.

      Like I said in the tip this is a shot if you need to hit it. Not sure what you do if you have to hit this shot. There are times when you cannot fade it. I would keep working on it.

  6. March 31, 2021



    When growing up I was taught this same method. Mantra was aim the face where you wanted the ball to end up, and the stance in the direction you wanted the ball to start. Then swing along the stance line. I recall that Nicklaus said 40+ years ago that he used this method to move the ball either way when he needed to.

    Subsequently I have read that high speed cameras and modern technology show that the ball starts in the direction the face is aiming. Obviously, if this is true then the ball is going to start at the big tree, and either hook left of it, or nail the tree.

    I have noticed difficulty getting the ball to start in the direction of my swing; it seems to favor the direction the face is pointing. Are there one or two things I need to look for that I might be doing wrong, or not doing right, to get the ball to start on my stance/swing line and curve to my aim point?


    • You want to make sure that your swing path is correct. If for instance you have an over the top move then this can cause problems with direction and spin when trying to hit specialty shots. Or vice versa if you had too inside out swing then this can also cause problems. Start slowly with the specialty shots and then increase the swing speed. Make sure that you swing path is pretty straight and changing some things n the set up will produce the correct shots. Check out this tip:

      How To Perfect Drawing and Fading:

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