Rhymes To Remember – Strong Is Wrong

By | on July 5, 2015 | 15 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

15 Responses to “Rhymes To Remember – Strong Is Wrong”

  1. All good reminders and all make perfect sense – tks for these I know they will help! Debra

  2. Pretty cute reminders ,Paul,OF your teaching philosophy ,easy to memorize and to révèrt to when the swiing goes wrong .
    I must admit also ,Paul,That I’m a user OF the Weighted clubs ( MOMENTUS POWER HITTER amongst others ) but I also train with light cllubs ( MOMENTUS SWING WHOOSH and MIKE NAPOLEON’s SPEED TRAINING STICKS ).
    M’y swing Speed has benefitted from this training .I’ve managed to up m’y swing Speed slightly over 100 MPH ( 102 MPH to be exact ) ,i was previously swinging in the mid 80’s .Not to Bad for a 81 year old Man.
    I train extensively with the POWER FAN ,and the POWER BLADE ,those devicess which use fins to slow down the club ,and oblige you to work YOUR hips .
    Do you ‘” hâte ” these Fans also?

    • Raymond,

      I have already posted this video before:


      If you want to lose clubhead speed go ahead.

      I am ok with the fan because this is resistance not weight.

      • Paul ,The ORANGE WHIP TRAINER weighs 778 g , nearly three times the weight of my driver (280 g).I see in most top Pro’s bags .
        I find it wonderful to give the feeling of the full golf swing .
        Do you proscribe it also ,as being too heavy ?

        • Raymond,

          You saw the video so you know how I feel. Plus the Orange Whip was the Whippy TempoMaster 20 years ago. Did that every fix anyone’s swing? If it did everyone would have one and I would be promoting it.

          • July 8, 2015


            Paul ,What’s YOUR opinion on the underspeed/ OVERSPEED training : one club is lighter than normal ,one is slightly heavier than normal ,the Third one is THE same Weight as YOUR own club .
            I have the MIKE NAPOLEON set OF three sticks with which I practise, 5 swings right to left ,5 swings left to right with each in succession .MIKE NAPOLEON tells yo ttintain also with YOUR knees on a mat : I don’ t do That ,as you said it was useless due to the legs powering the swing .
            Any comments ?

          • July 9, 2015

            Paul Wilson


            I don’t like people to swing heavy clubs. I don’t know how many times I have to say this. Doing right and left swings is good.

  3. For the rhyme right is tight I have a question. At impact, with a closed club face for irons I assume the handle is ahead of the club? So using the visual of a door hinge, the hands if they are ahead of the ball at impact how does the club face close in time. For the driver I assume the handle is behind the ball at impact? I know your roll over drill and find it difficult to rollover the hands early with irons and keep the hands ahead. Hope I was clear…help

  4. Paul, You probably know what the MIKE AUSTIN swing is .It has been popularized by DAN SHAUGER and MIKE DUNAWAY .Most OF the basics are yours ,with two major différences :
    – in the backswing ,the right leg gets straight ,allowing for more Turn .
    – the shoulders tilt going back ,it’ s a bit like a seesaw movement ,.This gives more POWER .
    The leg thrust is the same as yours ,very powerful .
    I tried to adapt m’y swing ,the one you taught Me ,to this méthod .
    It seems I get marginally more Clubhead Speed ,but m’y opinion is this swing does not feel NATURAL : I prefer turning m’y shoulders on an horizontal plane going back and going forward .
    What do you think OF this ” MIKE AUSTIN ” swing ?

    • Raymond,

      I watch the Mike Austin videos a long time ago. Can’t remember it. If you want to follow his technique … do so. If you want to follow mine … do so. If you want to follow both … don’t. Pick one and do it.

      I want the back knee flexed to create torque as well as a more level shoulder turn. This is what creates consistency and distance.

      • Paul ,There’s not such a big difference between the MIKE AUSTIN swing and yours .As I said both swings are based on an efficient coil and a strong torque,combined with a powerful leg thrust .The différences are in the the position of the rear leg (Your’s :flexed -MIKE AUSTIN :straight ),the tilting or not tilting of the shoulders going back ,the rolling (Your technique ) or non Rolling (MIKE AUSTIN ) of the wrists in the through swing .I don’t myself (normally ) roll the wrists in the throughswing ,the right forearm stays under the left forearm ,and nevertheless the flight of the ball is straight.I roll the wrists only when i want to draw the ball .
        To conclude your swing is more natural and more consistent-VERY IMPORTANT_ in the course of a game ( You don’t have to think of how you swing with your technique).So I’ll stick with it.

  5. July 16, 2015


    Thanks Paul
    Your a great teacher.
    Talk to me about bowed or flat rist in the back swing. When I consentrate on doing flat or more I strike the ball better? If I don’t, I seem to have cupped rist and I can’t get back to square ! What is my cure in this situation?

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