Losing It? Start Slowing Down

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In this tip I am talking about what you need to do when you start to lose it. What does this mean? I see a lot of golfers that they might be working on something in their swing or are just having a general practice session and then they start hitting bad shots. These shots can be anything; slices, topped shots, general miss hits, etc.. What I want you to do is to recognize that you are struggling with your shots and immediately start to low down to about 50% effort level. You are probably swinging way too hard and going at top speed. Some golfers get a little excited when they start hitting good shots and they don’t realize it. If this is you, then recognize it and start slowing down to a manageable speed.

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16 Responses to “Losing It? Start Slowing Down”

  1. Great tip Paul. I’m glad you didnt mention my name.

    • Randy,

      Going to post that other one we did. Then the veil will be lifted. No hiding from that one.

      • There were smiley faces after my first comment. I just laughed when i seen the tip. How true though. Been working on all we discussed at our lesson and when i hit a bad shot, i know right away i went to fast. Drop another ball and slow down and its amazing how nice the shot is. Have to just concentrate on slowing down on every shot, to eliminate the bad ones. My buddy wont let me play two shots. :).
        If anyone is in the Vegas area. I highly recommend taking a lesson with Paul. Did half day lesson and it was great. Would have loved to have two more days to really pick his brain. Will definitely book another lesson when in Vegas again. Thanks again Paul.

        • Randy,

          Knowing what you are doing wrong is a bug part of it. I don’t want people scratching their head wondering why they hit that bad shot and how to fix it. It needs to be instant so you get back on track immediately.

          Thanks for the kind words and promo. Be great to work with you again. Just let me know when you are coming back to town.

  2. May 7, 2019


    Just what I needed to hear. I just went through that at the driving Range. All my drives started going low with sharp hooks. Next time 50% it is. Thanks

  3. Paul,

    tks.great tip. Experienced it this morning. I was so excited because I am hitting so much better and longer after my lesson with you in Las Vegas. Tks!!!
    But I became a little arrogant and hit too hard with bad results. Next holes I slowed down to 50% and hit it perfect. And like you said the best part is I am not significantly shorter. Nothing hurts, it looks great and I am having the time of my life.
    All the best from Germany

    • Micheal,

      Glad you made it back safely and are working on it.

      Yes, you it can be very exciting. Build it up over time. Remember … confidence breeds distance. Just keep hitting fairways and greens doing the swing positions. Once you can do this you will naturally increase it and get another 30-50 yards. Keep up the good work.

  4. Guilty in the first degree – three balls off first tee yesterday all left with draw – I seldom fade or slice – good. I worked on slowing down- but forgot about 50%. Now looking back one first hole took extra club out of cabbage and put it nicely on green for par with smooth stoke as knew had sufficient club. Wish I had done that on remaining holes. My drive is problematic as trying to reach out there with longer hitters. Must back off from that. On bright side – your tip on chipping from tight lie is brilliant – saving me soo many stokes in short game as I use it repeatedly. Other issue is on iron shot on first hole I’m 75% fat shot! Arms and no weight shift. Ugh! Thinking I need to keep handle pointing above ball as hips rotating back target. Work in progress.

  5. GREAT tip! Getting geeked out by the ball and going too hard after getting on a roll is my primary screw up now days. This definitely fixes a lot. Thanks.

  6. Hi Paul, I have been working hard on my swing, but i seem to have a direction problem with my driver
    and some iron shots, using a clock face if i set up to 12 o’clock i hit my driver shots , some straight and most straight at 10.30 -11.00 no slice or draw? it just looks like great shot going the wrong direction and even when i slow this problem still exists, but some draws
    I think i,m coming over the top sometimes or not relaxing the arms all the time, can you please suggest a few of tips to watch.

    kind regards mal (AUS)

  7. Paul, I would like to describe a problem that I discovered I sometimes fell into, and how I realized it by swinging super slow. The problem was that I sometimes got into a rut where I was “thumping” the mat with the club, usually behind the ball. It was vexing and I don’t know how many things I tried to figure out why. So I started taking some super slow swings, and I suddenly noticed, while “thumping”, that I was allowing my right hand to come partially off the club, keeping just the finger on, as I entered the impact area! This evidently was causing the club to drop down. I doubt if you have a tip on this, but just wanted to let you know that one never knows what he might discover when swinging slow!

    • Mike,

      Interesting. Yes, slowing down gives you time to think and feel the swing. Now make sure you secure that right hand.

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