DRILL – How To Get Your Hips Moving

By | on February 20, 2015 | 10 Comments |


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Author Description

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

10 Responses to “DRILL – How To Get Your Hips Moving”

  1. August 17, 2013


    Paul, my ams want to fall when I start this drill is that ok. THe only way I can stop my arms falling is y feeling by initiating it with my butt (lol) sorry for the crudeness. Is this a issue?

    • August 18, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Your arms may come down a little when doing this. Just understand the concept. I want you starting the hips first. If your arms are all tight and locked up you will be hitting so they will both move together. Just turn them off and feel the belt buckle back to the ball. As you getting better at it you should be able to do it. Also, I am okay with the butt turn if it works. You just need this first 45 degrees.

  2. February 21, 2015


    I think I am coiling correctly and uncoiling my hips at the target properly. But I realize I may be fooling myself too my sawing speed with a driver has decreased from 86mph to 67mph in the past two-three years when I was stiff armed and flat footed. My distance has drooped from 240 to 190-200yds with the driver and from 175 to 135 with a seven iron. I’m 75 years old, 5′ 7″; 165 lbs but I have lost most of my muscle due to recent surgeries. Still, I think if I was rotating correctly I would not lose so much swing speed.

    • February 22, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      I could do nothing and get it to 67 mph. I could also do nothing and get it to 86 mph. So if I can do this I am doing it a different way. I am really using my legs and wrists are very loose. I would think you are not turning fast enough so you are not developing the whipping action of the club. If you were hitting it 240 you can do it again. It just take more effort in the legs. One of IG members at 81 was hitting it 256 and he was all of 5’5″ so it can be done. Just need to do it the right way.

      I would get Pete to check your swing for you. Then he can get you on track. We are going to do a $20 analysis shortly. If you are interested just contact us. Then you won’t be guessing. Thanks.

  3. February 22, 2015


    Paul,You showed us this drill a long Time ago ,and called it one of YOUR favorite drills ( There are other ones also ,such as lflipping the club from ear to ear with the wrists very loose ).This testimony is to vouch it really works :I practise it as you say when waiting for the party ahead to move on ,So when I go in the swing mode ,it’s automatic .

  4. February 22, 2015


    Hi Paul,

    What would you think About this drill being part of a workout with the UST. Getting into position 1 (stretch) and from there initiating the hips as you are doing in this drill?

    Thanks, Craig

  5. February 23, 2015


    Paul ,
    How far back in the backswing should you go ?
    You did numerous videos on the subject and said it was not that important not to go to the 90° angle going back ,and you said you didn’t do it either .
    Should I work hard on my spine flexibility doing specific drills (Those of JEREMY KLINKHAMER)to get to the 90° postion or should I not care so much ?
    It seems to me the more torque you build in the backswing ,the fastest you get in the throughswing

    • February 24, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      You go back until you feel tightly coiled. This is not how far back I go it is how far back you go. Everyone is different.

      I do not care if you can go back farther or not. I care about the ratio between the shoulders, hips, knees and feet. You need torque. Go back as far as you can to get it. If you want to get more flexible and turn better then feel free to do so. I just do know if it will make you hit it any farther.

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