How To Cure A Chicken Wing – Part 4

By | on May 27, 2021 | 11 Comments |


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

11 Responses to “How To Cure A Chicken Wing – Part 4”

  1. Hi Paul
    Another timely tip, as I will be playing a round tomorrow. The full extention of the arms will be a area of focus for sure. I believe my arms are loose and extended because I’m taking a divot now. After many years of chicken-winging as I swung hard, the extention is a strange feeling however the result of the shot let’s me know I’m on the right track. Will keep you posted on the results.
    Thanks, Mike

    • That’s great that you are taking a divot. This is the tell-tale sign that you are extending the arms. It’s true to that it is a weird feeling to let the arms stretch out. Until people realize this they will never get it. The feeling is one of being out or control. Once people accept this feeling it’s not long before it feels in control. It’s a backwards game that’s for sure. Just do the opposite of everything you think and you will be a great golfer.

      • Hi Paul, Another helpful tip. All of your insights and tips have been helpful. Just wondered if you have an opinion on the school that teaches setting up in the impact position (as Bryson does). This approach is a much less extreme set up than Moe Norman used but seems to be effective in that you only have a single plane instead of having to start and finish in different positions.


  2. September 18, 2012


    From time to time I have someone film my swing and I can see that I have this problem in my swing. I have been watching these tips and maybe, just maybe I have starting to cure this. I haven

    • September 18, 2012

      Paul Wilson

      Lotta, That’s great that you are seeing more distance. This means the arms are starting to stretch out and your wrists are loosening. Keeping working on the drills until it is natural. Yes, film your swing if you can. This position is not easy to see when live.

  3. Hi Paul,

    Your chicken wing tips brought to mind a lesson I had years ago when I was having problems with long irons. The pro had me take practice swings behind a golf cart with an iron and rather aggressively hit the tire at the release point. When you hit the tire, it immediately gives you feed back. I still use this drill on the course, which is a good reminder of that good arm position and reducing the chicken wing. I really enjoy your site and tips. Thanks…George

    • George,

      Glad you like the site and tips. I truly appreciate the support and feedback.

      I’m not big on hitting the tire or an impact bag. I just shot a tip on this. In doing so you are thinking impact which is not the widest point of the arc.

      I would prefer you moving the tire more forward and practicing that point ahead of the ball. This is the only other point where both arms are back to straight again.


      How to Release the Golf Club:

      • Paul,

        Thanks for the feed back. I wasn’t clear in my comment, in that when I hit the tire, the tire is moved forward to the point that is 2 feet or so ahead (as you emphasize) or when the arms are at stretched to the max. I knew it helped my golf swing but didn’t understand what I was correcting or how it all fit into the golf swing puzzle of understanding.

        Your approach to the golf swing is the best I have ever heard and have quit listening to anyone else or reading tips from golf magazines. I have been playing golf for many years but never really understood the mechanics. My bad shots are becoming less and less and when they creep in, I now know what I have done wrong. I have recommended your site to a number of parents with kids who think they have potential and looking for some instructional help. Anyone who wants to improve their game could benefit from being a member.

        Thanks again..I really look forward to your daily tips.

        • George,

          Glad you like my teaching. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you very much for the promo to others. I appreciate all the help I can get. It is hard spreading the word. When others do, people listen.

          Very good if the tire is where the arms are stretched out. This is exactly what I want you to do. This will get them stretching out fully and maximize the arc.

  4. Heh Paul…..

    I ‘ve used your tips and improved a LOT…..but all of these chicken wing drills are not working……I have tried……believe me.

    What else can I do to correct this?

    Suffering in Redondo Beach

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