Vertical To Vertical – Part 2

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In this tip I am talking about the next part to my Vertical to Vertical drill. In that first drill we were hinging the wrists as soon as possible to make the golf club go straight up and down in the back swing and thru-swing. This is to help unlocking your wrists and curing any sort of chicken wing. I have been getting unbelievable results very fast using this drill. This next part we have to start turning this drill into a normal golf swing. Now I want you to add one more piece to this by touching your head. This way we are almost at a full golf swing. Keep doing this small sequence of events in your golf swing and you will start to see the same great results.

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7 Responses to “Vertical To Vertical – Part 2”

  1. I like this exercise although I was getting my club to vertical at being more straight up and down. I realize it has to be a slight angle like around 45° to vertical at another 45°.
    I also noticed that at the top of the backswing the club is horizontal and at the end of the swing it’s horizontal. (mostly)
    So the chanted my head is:
    ‘horizontal – vertical – vertical – horizontal’.
    I have kept doing this over and over this morning slowly then speeding it up and it starts to feel like a really good golf swing.

    • John,

      Very good. This angle will cure the chicken wing and get the hinge loosened up. Keep doing it.

  2. Paul, Thank you for great tip. Could you talk about the wrist to club angle as viewed down the line? If the hands return to the original distance from the body, then it seems that the wrist to club angle as viewed down the line (right wrist for right handers) should still exist through impact and then straighten through extension. This seems to fit with the concept of rotation. If not, does the club head pass underneath the hands? Would appreciate your comments. Thanks,


    • John,

      The clubshaft would be higher up than when you first started at setup. This is due to you having 2 axis in your swing. If you had your feet together or standing on one leg you would have 1 axis so you would have the same angle as you hit the ball. Because of the 2 axis your body tilts in the downswing. This creates the higher clubshaft angle through impact.

      2 Axis in Your Swing:

      I don’t actually have a tip on this as I don’t want people thinking about it. This higher angle of the club occurs due to having the right fundamentals. I know there are people trying to get people to have the same angle. This would be manipulation of the club. It should be higher than when you started.

  3. Paul, This is very helpful. Thank you

  4. Paul ,When practising these vertical to vertical drills ,I find that being aware of what my right elbow does is important .If it keeps close to the body ,the club head goes faster and there’s no tentation to come over the top

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