Stand Tall with Short Clubs

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Author Description

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

27 Responses to “Stand Tall with Short Clubs”

  1. MichelAuger

    May 25, 2014


    I like this “standing tall technique” never heard of this before, I will try it this week … Thanks Paul !


    • Michel,

      This is very important. You may hit it thin for a few minutes but just stick with it and you will hit it solidly with the taller setup in no time.

  2. Hi Paul. I just returned from a session at the range and struck more good shots,in balance, than I could remember. Considering it’s only the 2nd time I’ve hit balls this year, the results were rather surprising. The simple thought of rotating and touching the knees removes a lot of anxiety at the top of the backswing. It has also forced me to narrow my stance since you can’t touch the knees from too wide a stance. I would have thought the narrower stance would negatively effect balance, but the opposite is true. I’ve always gone sort of blank at the top of the backswing and allowed anxiety to take over, wondering why a poor shot frequently followed a good one. It’s very comforting to have something simple to think about, I.e.relax the arms and bring the right knee around to the left and touch the club shaft parallel to the back of the head. It works!

    Thanks, Ron

    • Ron,

      Good stuff. The golf swing is very simple. You just have to know why you need to be doing certain things then check for the feedback I provide so you know you are doing it exactly right. Then you constantly look for the feedback every day every shot for ever. If you do it never falls apart.

      Even if you can’t play just do the practice swings looking for the feedback. As you said, it works. It will keep working if you keep checking.

  3. It’s interesting to see that you have the same postere ( standing tall ) with all the clubs and only changing the wrist angel. That means you have only one/ the same swing plane with all clubs??
    I am playing single length clubs ( 1 iron clubs) and they force you to have the same tall set up with all clubs, having the same swing plane. So actually I only have to bring one iron to the range as they are all the same length – the same length as my old Taylor Made PW. That means I play all the irons with the Ball in the middle of my stance.
    Of course with the Woods and hybrids I have to change the wrist angel and move the ball sligtly to the left to keep the same tall posture.

    And aftner more than a year working with ” powerless arms” I finaly get realy great shots longer and straighter and more consistently than ever before. THANK you so much Paul, you are fare most the best teacher I have ever met.


    • Niels,

      No, you have a different swing plane with each club if your clubs are different lengths. In your case you have the same length clubs. I love this idea. Just don’t know if they work as I have never tried them.

      Something that is longer will naturally swing flatter than something that is shorter. Image a 10 foot long driver. It would have to swing around versus up and down. This plane should be changing on its own though not because you are changing it. So, you do have one swing for all clubs. The game would be a lot harder if you had 13 swings plus your putting stroke.

      I’m so glad you are getting it. I am going to have to try 1 length clubs. Not their though. I need to get the lofts they are using for each club and cut off or extend some Taylor Made to fit those specs. I really like this idea. The more consistent and more simple we can make it the better.

      Thanks you for your support. I truly appreciate it.

      • Hi Paul.
        You cant just Cut off or extend ordinary clubs as the lie angel are different. All my irons have the same lie angel same swing weight, MOI etc. Try the website

        • Niels,

          Right, this is why I need an old set. I would think they could bend them that much to create a demo set. It would be interesting. The clubs on their site are offset. You know where a better player hits offset clubs? Left. I can’t use clubs that are offset.

  4. Hi Paul. There is something in your great video that might be the answer to a question I have-please tell me if it is. You are showing that when you are bent over, instead of coiling, you are forced to move the shoulders backwards. My question is about the consequences of doing it. If this is true, then instead of coiling, you would be forced to move the shoulders back and over to the other side, which would generate a pull.

    This is something I find myself doing, once in a while, since becoming and adept of your approach, and the question is whether it is because of being bent over. It never happens with the driver or fairway woods, but it does when hitting with a 5 and and shorter.

    Thanks for this great reminder.


    • David,

      This will happen due to having no torque. No torque = no spring-like effect. No spring-like effect means you will be hitting with your arms. Hit with your arms you will lean left in the downswing and the mass will be moving before the axis. If so, you will create a path to the left.

      So yes, stay tall. Coil from the top uncoil from the bottom. Say this to yourself as you are doing it. How do you know you are coiling on the right angle?

      1. You should not clearly see your toes at setup or the top of the backswing.

      2. You should be feeling a stretch in the left lat area.

      3. You cannot see a gap in the shoulders at 3/4 back: How to Check Your Angle of Rotation at the 3/4 Through Point:

      4. Your head has move back as you go back: Move Head:

      So you are most likely too bent over when you hit these shorter clubs.

  5. May 26, 2014


    Greetings Paul whats your tip for right eye left eye dominate

  6. May 27, 2014


    Thanks Paul One other thing I played this afternoon tee shots ,fairway shots started to go left/ something i almost never do. I didnt feel like i did something way wrong Help me with some tips please

  7. May 27, 2014


    Ok i think im ok with this I put on a cap went to the back swing and the brim was level and i felt the weight on the right leg.SO I feel like most of the time i am making my swing the same as yours but there has to be a flaw somewhere..I want to get this right so i gotta bombard you with qusetions

    • John,

      Yes, you should be feeling the weight in the instep of the right if the head moves so this is a good thing. I used to work on this all the time. It is tricky and takes lots of practice swings.

      If you are in doubt about your swing just have my assistant do a video golf lesson. He will tell you exactly what you need to be working on. Does it cost money … yes because it takes time and effort for him to do it but it stops you from guessing on what to work on. Find out more here:

      The choice is certainly yours.

  8. May 27, 2014


    Thanks for your last reply I want this Im a believer

  9. Great video Paul. I played a round today and I was wondering why I was so low whilst using my SW and PW do you bend the legs more, more of a squat what holding the club further down the shaft for pitch shots.

    Thanks. Going round in less shots. Your techniques are helping a lot

    • Jose,

      Glad you liked it. Thanks. Glad you are improving. I love hearing it.

      Just lift the grip of the club up higher with these shorter clubs. If you do, the club gets longer which accommodates the taller set up. Problem is the feeling in the left wrist when you do this. People don’t like this so they go right back to their old low setup. This uncomfortable, different feeling goes away after 3 practice sessions.

  10. Paul,

    I am hitting my driver and fairway woods pretty good with a nice fade. However, with all of my short irons I am pulling them left of my target. Could this be caused by not setting up tall with these clubs?

  11. May 27, 2014


    Paul, Thanks for this video. Do I need t have the lie of my clubs set so I can keep a tall setup?
    Seems I always want to bend down too far & this could be the problem.


  12. Paul, This is incredibly timely for me. I’ve been hitting everything fairly well but I can’t hit a full pitching wedge through lob wedge to save my life. I’ve been hitting them fat, ridiculously fat, with a few shanks thrown in for good measure. I think its because I am stooped over with a huge angle between my arms and the club. I’m looking forward to getting out and trying to keep a tall set up. Thanks!

    • Tristan,

      Fat shots are too much weight on the back foot at contact but being too bent over could be hampering your lower body action thus trapping you on that back foot at impact. The shank is the tell-tale sign you are over-hanging and trying to hit it with your arms. Definitely get taller with these shorter clubs. Then you will be in balance and be able to coil and uncoil better.

  13. September 10, 2014



    I am getting closer to understanding this swing. I have watched many of your videos. In one of them you mention that the leading edge of the club should match the angle of your spine (halfway back) I think. If you are in the same Spine angle position standing tall, This would mean that the Toe of the club and leading edge would always be the same on take away with all of your clubs. Is that correct. Sorry I don’t mean to confuse anyone.

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