Drill – 2 Chairs

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  1. RaymondCHASTEL, 2 months ago

    Paul ,You remind me of THE “TURN IN THE BARREL ” taught a long ,long Time ago,before World War 2,starting to teach in 1896 !!! by famous English Pro ,PERCY BOOMER .His book “ON LEARNING GOLF “is a marvel OF simplicity ,just Like THE way you teach:hé also wrote THE motto “:PASSIVE UPPER BODY ,ACTIVE LOWER BODY ” ‘THE séparation between THE two body parts is at hip level,just as you teach .
    His brother ,AUDREY BOOMER ,was a top player with an admirable looking swing .and nearly won THE BRITISH OPEN.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 2 months ago


      I don’t like turn in a barrel because the edges are curved. I like turn in cylinder. I hear there are similarities between us. Maybe I should look at his stuff one of these days.

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