Coiling With Instability


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Jeremy Klinkhamer

4 Responses to “Coiling With Instability”

  1. Dear Jeremy ,Wouldn’t be Better to start with to develop your feel of balance before doing this rather difficult exercise : balance on one foot ,eyes closed for example ,the “a

    • Agreed. I have a 4 part series on balance in the “Flexibility” tab above that should help but there are countless exercises to work on balance that just depend on the individual. I try to have each video show something beneficial for everyone but it’s just not possible. Do your best with the exercise… just remember that every balance exercise should be on the cusp of success and failure. Too difficult and they don’t help; too easy and they don’t help. The best balance exercise is safe but frustrating. Once you’re on level ground you’ll feel like the swing is easy!
      Good luck,
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  2. Appreciate your advice, presented very well, thanks.

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