Coiling With Instability

By | on December 14, 2022 | 11 Comments |


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11 Responses to “Coiling With Instability”

  1. Dear Jeremy ,Wouldn’t be Better to start with to develop your feel of balance before doing this rather difficult exercise : balance on one foot ,eyes closed for example ,the “a

    • Agreed. I have a 4 part series on balance in the “Flexibility” tab above that should help but there are countless exercises to work on balance that just depend on the individual. I try to have each video show something beneficial for everyone but it’s just not possible. Do your best with the exercise… just remember that every balance exercise should be on the cusp of success and failure. Too difficult and they don’t help; too easy and they don’t help. The best balance exercise is safe but frustrating. Once you’re on level ground you’ll feel like the swing is easy!
      Good luck,
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  2. Appreciate your advice, presented very well, thanks.

  3. March 29, 2018


    Thanks, these are very helpful.

  4. April 9, 2018


    Great tip, I have managed to work through the exercise, but get a little lost when I have a club and work the way to the top of the swing with a full backswing. Do you have any videos that do this exercise with a club and talk through how to tell you are at the top, how the arms move, what muscles are being used and how to feel when to stop?

  5. Hi Jeremy. I have been laid up for about three months. I am very weak and have lost a fair amount of balance. In addition my quadriceps (on the top of my thigh) occasional will lock up sometimes causing me to lose or come close to losing my balance. What is a good set of exercises to use to build up my body to be able to play golf again?

    Thanks in advance for your timely response.
    Clark Fowler

    • Hi Clark,
      When you can, I would speak with your physician and get prescribed an exercise regimen by a local medical professional. Until then, be safe first and foremost. Walking would be your first priority and take an assistive device if needed to help prevent falling. If you’re wearing a mask make sure it allows you to see downward… surgical masks will allow that because they conform to the bridge of your nose giving you better sight downward for steps and other obstacles. Another great exercise would be to go from sitting to standing. This requires a squat-like motion to help increase the strength in your quadriceps. Try a set of 10 then increase it as tolerated. Do that a few times per day for strength gain. Having said all that, please revert to my first sentence… that’s your priority.
      Best of luck and be safe,
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

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    July 7, 2020


    Hi Jeremy, Love this one, I can really feel my core muscles, adding this to my pregame warm-up routine. I do have one other question for you though, I am still working, so during the week I may get a couple of nine hole rounds in, typically I try to play at least one round of 18 holes on the weekend. I always walk, but I find I start to get tired around the 15th/16th hole and have to really focus the final 3 or 4 holes. I do extra sets of Paul’s swing tips to stay loose, my question for you is aside from water, which I carry and drink plenty of to stay hydrated, are there specific snacks you can suggest to keep my energy levels up? Carbs, protein, combo, other? Your suggestions are welcome! Thanks for all the great exercises.

    • Hi Sue,
      From what I understand, and I’m no nutritionist, proteins and fats are good in small doses on the course. Nuts and certain bars are good for this as long as they are low/zero sugar. If it has high fat in it you should consider packing only as much as you need. Too much can cause a poor effect. If you want to do a lower fat version, jerky seems to be a good way to go. One more thing, I’ve had a number of clients pack just a small amount of something like Gatorade to help beyond just water. Hope that helps.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  7. Hi Jeremy,
    Great tip with the ‘2×4’. Would you consider doing this exercise with the 2×4 and a rubber cable tied to a door in place of the rubber ball. Turning back from both sides, same as with the ball.


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