Throw A Ball To Simulate Your Hips Moving

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In this tip I am talking about a very easy way for you to feel what the legs and hips are doing in the downswing. I always ask students that are struggling getting their legs moving into the downswing and say; have you ever thrown a ball before? Of course everyone has and get them to throw a few and you will will also find out that using your legs into the downswing is exactly like throwing a ball overhanded. Try this a few times then you will get the correct feeling.


Where Are Your Arms Tightening?

Legs in Downswing




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2 Responses to “Throw A Ball To Simulate Your Hips Moving”

  1. February 3, 2021


    Hi Paul,

    As I am a left handed person ,who plays right handed golf, I don’t think this tip is suitable for me ! So is there a tip similar to this to allow for lefties playing right handed golf. Understand completely if there isn’t !

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