Say Coil And Uncoil

By | on June 8, 2014 | 15 Comments |


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Author Description

Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

15 Responses to “Say Coil And Uncoil”

  1. June 8, 2014


    Greetings Paul I am making progress I played in my usual group friday and although not a lot of my shots were great but those that were were really good and the other three in mygroup remarked how smooth and controled my swing was. I have to admit making this all work is harder than i thought it would be but it is working thanks coach .

    • Hi Paul…as a longtime member I find myself always coming back to the coil and uncoil….I used to be a hands player and those habits of hitting from the top always want to come back..I have a note in my car as a reminder to coil and uncoil and this keeps me from the nasty hitting impulse…it is amazing how I can fix it in just a few swings…thank you again for a wonderful program…best Rocco

      • Rocco,

        That is a great thought and the ultimate goal. To get to this goal you have to master the hinge and rehinge. I have this mastered through many years of doing it. So I too am thinking coil uncoil. This is simple and once you focus on it and it alone you become incredibly consistent.

        Keep up the good work.

  2. Paul
    Do these drill require a full driving range
    To observe ball flight ? Would a practice net
    In my yard suffice? Very hard to get to the
    Range on daily basis , much raiser to work
    These drill s in the morning before work
    Or in evening after work. . Thanks for tips

    • Louis,

      No. I am big on you doing practice swings looking for the feedback in the positions I teach. This one was for those who are out there at the range with no clear thought in mind. You can and should be doing this at home as well. This will allow you to feel what the body is doing throughout the swing and how, if you connected your arms to your body, the would move because of this connection.

  3. Paul, I think of the one piece takaway. My arms don’t move. My upper body (shoulders) coils back and my right wrist hinges.
    The uncoiling of the hips takes care of the downswing. I hope I got this right.

    • Kenneth,

      I like you coiling back with no hands. Both wrists should be hinging of course. Eventually, if you have hinge them enough you shouldn’t even be thinking of them hinging. They would be hinging on their own.

      Uncoiling with the lower body allows your arms to come down to hit it. Loose wrists generates the whipping action of the club.

      Good job. Keep at it.

  4. Hi Paul; thanks for this. When it works, it’s amazing and even my local Pro comments on the level of lag I achieve, however, on the bad shots, people comment that I have too much leg action and look like “Elvis”! Any idea what’s causing me to dip /collapse my left leg?

    • Paul,

      If you have Elvis legs you are not rotating properly. You are moving laterally too much. The lead leg should be locking the back leg should be coming around to perfectly touch it. So you need to be doing a little more practice on the Touch the Legs position making sure you are checking the feedback of the legs touching on every swing you make. Just do this at home every night. Without hitting anything you can clearly feel what you are supposed to be doing.


      Legs Touching:


      • June 10, 2014


        Wow; thanks for taking the time to provide all of these links; I’ll work on this daily to achieve the consistency that I’m lacking; thanks again.

  5. Hey paul
    Another great tip loving them
    I was wondering do tour players use your style of swing (powerless arms) or do they use there arms a lot more?
    I’m never going back to hitting with my arms after seeing some of the results I get from your swing but I’ve always been curious
    Many thanks

    • David,

      Glad you like the tips. Thanks.

      There are Tour Players who are using their arms. They are the ones with fast swings. This is why they are hot and cold. I don’t think they are even thinking of powerless arms because I thought of it and relate it to Iron Byron. A great example would be Jordan Spieth and Louis Oosthuizen. Phil Mickelson woul not be using powerless arms. This is why he hits it everywhere with driver plus he slides. Not good. Image how good he would be if he didn’t do these things.

  6. As I told you ,I say the “COIL/UNCOIL “motto on each of my swings,even on the golf course,when I play for real .This enables me to rythm my swing .Sometimes(Mostly with the irons where hinging is most important )I replace it by “HINGE/UNHINGE “.
    In between I say “STACK” so as to remember to put my weight on my back leg ,keeping the right knee flexed and pointing towards the target (So not to sway ).
    Then I saw a video by Golf pro and Champion STEVE ELKINGTON( “SECRET IN THE DIRT -The most powerful movement in golf a rather lengthy and tedious video with Pro MARTIN AYERS ) where, when he coils ,his right leg straigthens and he keeps his weight on the lead leg .
    Keeping the back leg straight enables him to rotate back more .Of course he rotates (UNCOILS )forward very fast and sends the ball miles,285/315yards.He’s a very powerful fellow !
    From the top of his backswing, he says (But doesn’t really do )he goes straight to the ball
    He don’t do this (Straight back leg )
    What do you think of these moves ?

    • Raymond,

      If you want a bad back do a reverse pivot like he is doing. Sure you can hit a ball from here if your head moves behind the ball in the downswing. If you turned from this position you will hit it 50 yards left. So if your head is moving behind the ball in downswing why not moving back there to start? They are basing the swing on lateral. This is not consistent. Elkington never swung like this. He should know better.

      I hit one 370+ last year not hitting it with my arms and about an 80 degree shoulder rotation.

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