Play Meaningless Golf

By | on March 25, 2024 | 16 Comments | Array


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16 Responses to “Play Meaningless Golf”

  1. July 16, 2013


    Good morning Dave. Thanks for this tip and strategy of taking ‘meaningless’ shots in 3 hole chunks.

    I do have a question which is that ‘meaningless’ is not ‘nothing’ or the idea that having a meaningless golf shot is different than doing or thinking or being ‘nothing’…what would you say fills the void created by shifting to a ‘meaningless’ shot? Is it filled with ‘nothing?’


    Craig Smith

    • Good Morning to you Craig!

      Great and thoughtful question you pose.

      “Nothing” is the ultimate state of mind or as termed in the Martial Arts or Tai Chi or Meditation–“No Mind”–where the body simply “performs” without interruption of the thinking mind. This would be the ultimate state to be in..

      However, “short” of this ultimate state–“meaningless” can also include shifting to a mental state of focus where you focus only on what you have 100% control over IN THAT MOMENT–which helps take the focus off of the meaning so often assigned by golfers–which will usually be something you DON’T have 100% control over (i.e. outcomes, results, score, impressing others, etc.).

      Hopes this makes sense?

      Love your question:)


      • July 26, 2013


        Thank you Dave-I appreciate this information. Sorry not to have replied sooner!

        Best wishes,

        • Hi Craig,

          No problem. Glad to be of help.
          Hope you’re having a great golf time of year!


  2. July 16, 2013


    Hi Dave

    Thanks for the tip. I actually have one or two holes, on my golf course that I consider “nemesis holes”, the ones where over the years you end up in the hazzard 50% of the time. Not only do I freak out when I get to these holes, I even start thinking about these holes, when I am getting close to playing these holes….so to apply your meaningless golf theory….would you suggest that I actually do the opposite to what I have been doing, and apply meaningless golf to these two particular holes?


    • Hi,

      I’d suggest doing this on other holes FIRST,
      Get used t it and THEN on the tough holes.

      Make sense?

  3. Dear Dave ,I don’t think you CAN get to a ” meaningless “state of mind by just trying or wishing it happens.
    To get relaxed before a given shot ,I practise breathing techniques and I also ” tense up “which means every thing goes tense in my body ,my grip.etc then I let go ,just before I step in THE “Box “where I Will deliver THE swing .
    I am of opinion THE body is more powerful than THE mind when it Comes to be relaxed .

    • Raymond,

      I would disagree on this. Making something “meaningless” simply means you don’t assign the usua negative or pressur causing meaning to a shot BEFORE you hit it. This is simply a choice to be made–a choice.

      • Yes ,Dave ,I understand your comment and I’ll do it your way!

        • Hi Raymond!

          As always–the best proof is your own…however, keep an open mind–give it a real and honest attempt–and do it more than once–to not judge it quickly and dismiss it it even more quickly:)

          It is a mindset and as with all changes in mindset needs some traction…practice–repetition.

          The mind is a camcorder that requires repetition for a recording to “hold”–record something long enough–it gets imprinted on it…”Meaningless Golf” is a mindset in which you approach any golf shot without the old/worn out limitations of fear, expectation and doubt..Instead, they are replaced with in the moment clarity, positivity and a sense of freedom in the body.–automatically!

          Worth a try?

          I think so!

          Keep us posted Raymond!


  4. Dear Dave ,I see again this very common sense video lesson,and I see also I commented on it 3 years ago.
    Though putting on years (I ‘m turning 82 )my golf game is slowly but surely progressing satisfactorily :both the “technique “(PAUL WILSON ) and the mental side are doing better ,the long shots are getting longer ,the short game is more accurate ,the puts roll in ,the enjoyment of posting better scores is rising :when I play golf (3 times a week all year around ) I forget all the misery of the current world and I am at peace with myself .I hope it will last many years more .Your teaching is precious in order to achieve that.
    Keep going on!
    Thank you Dave !

  5. David, Raymond Chastel mentioned using some breathing techniques to get relaxed. I take a couple of deep breathes before I step up to the ball and then as I address the ball, I start my backswing as I exhale. Do you concur with this breathing routine?


  6. December 10, 2018


    David, just a comment. A lot of your tapes have loud background noise which it makes it hard to understand everything you are saying. I have noticed this on this tape and others when you are inside. Just FYI.

  7. December 10, 2018


    Thank you Dave for something to ponder over. Being a high handicapper I often find after a lesson that I play worse as I am trying so very hard to apply what I have been told and it often doesn’t go well. Perhaps I should let my mind go blank on 1/4 the holes and see how it goes. We all learned to walk at a very young age, but now it is done almost with a blank mind with regard to the act of walking. Its an unconsious brian/muscle memory. Perhaps that is what we should be attempting, Nudge the muscle memory in the right direction with lessons and then see how we go: 3/4 the time concentrating and remembering the lesson and the rest see how the body has remembered it. Does that make any kind of sense?

    • Avatar photo

      December 11, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      This is the reply from David.

      Hello Derek,

      Makes perfect sense !

      This happens quite often when golfers take a lesson. Too much information is now on the mind and the body and natural flow are completely interrupted.

      All great performances take place when this flow allowed to happen. This is true for high and low handicappers.

      All performance in sports and in life in fact, come from what I have been describing.

      Your suggestion is a good one. After learning something new– break your round down into three holes at a time.
      Every third hole–forget everything and simply play more naturally.
      Notice the difference when your mind stops over thinking and intellectualizing–and then go back to practicing what you learned.

      It is a great exercise for mental flexibility as well.

      Let us know how you did!

      David Breslow

  8. December 11, 2018



    I have meaningless activity in my golf game but it’s just in putting and little chips and pitches around the green. I guess I have “good hands” and rarely change how I play those shots. I can size up a shot and “feel” what I want to do and it’s like magic, it just seems to happen. I’m always chipping/pitching in or getting close. I don’t consider landing spots, my subconscious seems to handle that for me. Where I struggle is in my full swing which is what I’m working on with Paul’s website. Once I can get to a level where I can venture into more meaningless golf with my full swing I will be happy. One thing I do that is close is I always consider the bigger picture. I’ll start with a small move or change but I’ll work it into a larger movement or fuller swing so the focus isn’t on the small things too much which I think can change a swing too much if you’re not careful.


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