Mental Game – Denial

By | on May 12, 2014 | 10 Comments | Array


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10 Responses to “Mental Game – Denial”

  1. May 13, 2014


    Greetings David I think that the mental part of golf is as important if not more important than the fundamentals so thanks

    • Hi John,

      I agree!
      The way I teach it…it IS your game and can prove it!:)
      You cannot escape it.

      Since it is all connected (mind, body, emotion) there is no getting around it—the body (physical part of game) is constantly affected by mind and emotion.
      As I teach the ‘mental game” those are the 3 components that make it up (the mind, body and emotion) and they are ALWAYS in play. Every time you put your hands on the golf club–ALL 3 ARE IN PLAY. You cannot separate them so it influences you and your game 100% of the time.

      This is why I find it “funny” that many golfers try to separate their “mental” game from their actual game. Impossible!

  2. Dave ,This was a gain a very good lecture .Those things you do not want to do and not want to see ,you run away from .
    I know them ,but I don’t like to confront them :it takes a serious effort to do so and honesty also.
    As for the so called “mental side of golf “,it is as you say an artificial break-down :the while game is One ,and governed by the Brains .Of course ,YOUR physical form counts ,if YOUR are stiff or weak you can’t Play good golf .
    For myself ,as for MATHEMATICS or PHYSICS ,I exp

    • Raymond!

      Thank you for your kind words—again!

      I can say that “confronting” them is not difficult. In fact—You may know in my program I do NOT teach tips, theories, affirmations or anything like that. I teach simple LAWS by which your mind, body and emotions produce outcomes on and off the golf course and the PRE-LAW is:

      “The more honest you are with yourself—the quicker you get what you want”

      Meaning what you are willing to see—you can change—and it won’t get in your way anymore! Nothing to “confront”—JUST ADMIT IT!

      Many golfers continue to see their mental game as something separate from their game AND IT IS NOT!
      Mind, body and emotion (the 3 elements of the mental game as I teach it) are connected and inseparable!
      Those who see the mental game as separate tend to fall prey to tip after tip and inconsistent results.

  3. May 13, 2014


    Dave, I get nervous over the ball. By that I mean I can make perfect practice swings then when I address the ball I tighten up & go into a HIT instinct instead of a swing instinct.
    Any ideas how I can be more relaxed over the ball?


    • Hi Louis!

      Thank you for your comment:

      When you truly understand the mind/body relationship in terms of performance it is simple

      Here is the performance “formula”

      5 core triggers (one of them is Thought) precede emotion which precede action which precede outcome/experience

      That’s it! Simple. This means you cannot have an outcome, action or feeling WITHOUT FIRST HAVING ONE OF THE 5 CORE TRIGGERS! Impossible!

      So….your nervousness is simply a result of improper thinking. Your thoughts create the nervousness…not the situation!

      Do you get that?

      You could gather a lot of tips and yet if you do not address the poor thoughts that precede it. Look at those FIRST and save yourself a lot of time:)

  4. May 13, 2014


    Greetings David Are the 5 triggers Thought emotion action outcome and What? Or what are the other 4

    • Hi John!

      No. mind/body/emotion are the 3 components that makeup the “Mental Game” as I teach i–so everyone has them and the same ability to use them at a higher level

      They produce outcomes BY LAW and these Laws are precise, predictable in their affect and provable!

      The 5 core triggers I mentioned are detailed in the Wired to Win program (link on this page under video) and are connected to the Laws. They make perfect sense in that connection so mentioning them here is a bit “out of sync” and won’t do you the justice they would in the proper place. Nothing to hide…just doesn’t make as much sens in this forum.

      For now, know that there are 5 triggers that are completely responsible for what you feel, what you physically do (tense up, speed up, slow down swing, etc. and the results you get. You’re in more control than you think! That’s very good news!

  5. May 14, 2014


    Thanks david i understand

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