Lead Arm Rides Up Example

By | on June 19, 2018 | 14 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

14 Responses to “Lead Arm Rides Up Example”

  1. Thanks for this Tip Paul….

    I can safely say that I too have been hitting like this gentleman in the Blue…Good to know that it is o.k. to lift or ride up my lead arm. One of my kids told me that I was swinging flat…I didn’t believe him until I looked in a mirror. I can hardly wait to get out and try to tomorrow at the club….

    • James,

      Very good. Glad you found this. This is going to be a big change for you but well worth it.

  2. All of your tips are very good, and I appreciate how in tune you are to difficulties students have in following your advise. I don’t have the problem of tucking my arms in as the gentleman you show, but when I tried in practice swings, even with a weighted club, to get my lead arm as at the positions you show, I found my lack of flexibility was a big problem. It is very hard for me to position my lead arm above my left shoulder. I tried to force it into this positon by grabbing my lead arm (left) at the wrist with my right hand and trying to raise it to level you suggest in the backswing. I could do this, but it was very difficult (although not painful) but probably if I tried this in my backswing I would lift upward. I am 80 years old and reasonably flexible. Would you suggest doing more stretching exercises to overcome this lack of ability to get my lead arm to the position you suggest? Again, thanks for all of your insights. In the short period, I have renewed my contact with your methods (I tried these a few years back but gave up prematurely) my swing has improved immeasurably.

    • Paul,

      If you can’t get it up as high as me then you go up as high as you go. I just doin’t want you to what this gentleman was doing. From a swing that flat he has no chance.

      I am super tight and this position takes me a lot of work and effort but it is well worth it.

  3. I watched my video and saw that indeed my club was not above my head at the top of the back swing. I am hoping this new thought for me of lifting the lead arm will help me stop bending my lead arm elbow so much and that setting the club above my head will help me learn to cock my wrists better. I will practice in my living room as the heat index is in the hundreds now where I live in SC.

    • Kimberly,

      This is because you are collapsing the lead arm too much. You need to extend with the hinge coming at the wrists not the elbow. A good thought is to keep the club away from you. Collapse the arm and it will come close to you.

  4. Thanks Paul, saw your reply to my post in the first “lead arm rides up” tip- I’ll take your advice and cut down on the ball hitting and do more practice swings- I’m committed to perfecting the positions. I did work on this tip at the range last night though, but don’t worry I didn’t just beat balls…took me an hour and a half to hit 1 bucket, taking several practice swings between each ball hit (using the head cover under the arm pit for about half the hits).

    raising my lead arm felt very strange to me at first because I’ve had such a flat swing for so long, but my consistency and ball striking with just that 1 bucket showed noticeable improvement. Besides the core positions in your body swing lesson package, I’d say this one tip has helped me the most, thanks!

    • Kevin,

      Very timing on the bucket of balls. Now you are doing it right.

      How Long To Hit A Bucket of Balls: https://ignitiongolf.com/how-long-to-hit-bucket/

      Glad you were seeing improvement. I hate the flat backswing. Drives me crazy that so many people do this yet zero long drivers do this swing. Not that people are going to be long drivers but they know how to get distance so we should be looking at what they are doing. Keep at it.

  5. June 20, 2018


    When you begin to elevate your lead arm does the shoulder turn continue or the rise happens after your full shoulder turn. Great tip never. I never realized the importance of this or how to get my hands higher on the back swing.thanks


    • Roy,

      Glad you liked it. Thanks.

      The shoulders are coiling as you are lifting. Once coiled the arms would be at the top.

  6. June 22, 2018


    I am a fan of yours. Thank for the vast improvements in my game. I think there is another teachable moment on this vid. Notice your shadow! Club is right down the line while students is ? Over the top!?

    Again thank your for sharing your knowledge as I know I appreciate it.

    • Curt,

      Glad you are doing well. I love hearing it.

      I wasn’t watching for that but yes, he shadow can tell you a lot and you can certainly use it to see what you are doing in your swing. I have a few tips on this.

  7. Would you say that your right arm from your shoulder to your elbow is parallel to the ground at the top of your swing? appears to be here, on some of your other videos, maybe not quite to parallel, elbow pointing down a bit.

    • Marcus,

      Here is have been working a little on the top of the my backswing trying to get it a little wider and keeping the club more away from me. Just trying it. Not sure yet if this is where I want to be. Up in this area is good. For you, go up to where you can go without straining it. I am very tight so for me going up is a bit of a stretch so I am unsure of it at this point. Like I said in the previous post just go to the point you can drop a grapefruit from this armpit. This should get you in the position.

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