Different Golf Grips

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

9 Responses to “Different Golf Grips”

  1. July 18, 2014



    I am a lefty who plays right handed. I used to use a interlocking grip. Currently I am using a ten finger grip. What grip do your recommend.?

  2. I use the overlap grip, but with one variation. I overlap not only my pinky finger of my right hand but also my third finger. I do this because I am so right hand centric and I assume this will further weaken my right hand. I would appreciate your thoughts as to this variation of the overlap. Thank you. Rounsey

    • August 12, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      I find this grip very weak and the club tends to move around in this hand. If you don’t find this and need to do this to position your hand properly on the club I could be okay with it.

      When I do the neutral right grip with the “V” of the right hand on top of the rubber grip I have minimal power in the right hand. Not sure if you just don’t have the right hand fully on top or not. I think Furyk does this grip. Not sure though so as I said check the “V” of the right hand. If it is in position and you are holding it in the fingers of this hand and you still feel like you have too much power in it the still do your grip. Otherwise, add the other finger.


      Right Hand: https://ignitiongolf.com/right-hand-grip

  3. August 17, 2014


    hi Paul,

    I am new in your website, i am a high handicap golfer, i want to start with a new swing, i followed your grip instructions but i feel like doing it your way i can’t hinge my wrist, they feel stuck. maybe cause i have been holding the club the wrong way for a long time? or maybe flexibility?

    thanks rodrigo

    • August 19, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      Glad to have you on board. Work on grip, setup and Follow Through positions first. This is how I teach everyone. These tips can be found in the red navigation bar under SWING TIPS > FULL SWING.

      The new grip is going to feel very weird and will take a while to get used to it. Until now, if you have been holding it in the fingers of the top hand my grip will feel more restrictive. By holding it this way you will not overcup it at the top which could open the face. My grip is pretty standard neutral grip found in Hogan 5 fundamentals as well as many other teachers. So keep doing the grip as I show then keep it on as you set the top:

      3 Ways to Set The Top of the Backswing: https://ignitiongolf.com/backswing-top-3-ways

      And do this drill:

      Drill – Grip Down To Feel The Release: https://ignitiongolf.com/grip-down-feel-release/

  4. October 28, 2015

    Gary Duet

    Payl, what are the advantages of the overlap grip?

    • October 28, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      The advantage is you have all fingers of your weaker hand on the club. You are taking 1 finger of your strong hand off the club. This means you are balancing them out so one hand is not dominating. The overlapping grip take 2 fingers off and 10 finger puts them all on. This is why I recommend it.

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