Clarifying the Follow Through … Again

By | on June 26, 2013 | 26 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

26 Responses to “Clarifying the Follow Through … Again”

  1. June 26, 2013



    What a timely tip!

    I went to the range at lunch and was working on my swing. It wasn

    • Jay,

      Glad you got it back. This is why we need to be constantly setting the follow through as well as all other positions at home, at the range and when playing so your swing never falls apart. It’s is about constant and consistent repetition. If you keep repeating the positions eventually you will not know any other way to do it.

  2. Just love it – same old same old. My previous instructor would say “well, try this” or “try that” – here I know what I am supposed to be doing not trying different things. My swing just keeps getting better and better. Thank you.

    • Allan,

      Exactly, there is no trying anything. I hate guess work. You need to know exactly what you are doing and should be doing. And you need to know exactly how to fix it if you lose it. This way you can fix your own swing instead of just spinning your wheels. Glad you liked the tip. Keep at it.

  3. June 27, 2013


    Great tip, I’m trying to change 40 years of no swing so it is taking me a while to change my thinking and swing. It is woking but your tip of constant feedback will help.

    tom meyer

  4. Hi Paul I know the reason why you posted this tip today !!! Many thanks. It is the mos important tip I needed. Obviously I want to repeat this positions at home at the range at the course every day till perfection… I like the way you explain and clarify things. I promise you to let you know when the good result is there!!!


    • Michele,

      You were part of the reason. Glad you are on board. Just be careful to not let the ball make you do things you shouldn’t be doing. Focus on the movement. Great movement hits great shots.

  5. I’m fighting you tooth and nail. Or iron and driver. Rather my body is. I can’t tell you how valuable your teachings are!!
    I’m so arm-centric from a life of baseball and related arm movements, like chopping wood. . My hips are slow to master this! Though I realize the throw motion is almost exactly the same motion. Your videos and lessons with Pete are slowly getting through. I’m often asked about my swing now at the range. As I transition from range to course I’m finding exciting glimmers of mastery. All thanks to you!!
    I’m grateful and will keep “unlearning” as fast as I can. Also, It’s surprising how awful most golfers I’ve been paired up with are!! I tell them, go to

    • Howard,

      Just understand that what you were doing was not working (if it was you would be a great player). As soon as you tell yourself this you should immediately be thinking “well what is the right way to do it then?” Now you are in a frame of mind to change and are seeking the answer. This makes learning a lot easier. If you are trying to hold onto something it will be tough to let it go. I think you get this but fully let go. You are so close to getting it.

  6. June 27, 2013


    Paul, thank youo for your good instruction. Any comments on rotating your wrists thru the downswing

  7. June 27, 2013


    Hi Paul,

    I will keep working on this but under pressure I have trouble staying smooth. This leads to
    smother hooks off the tee. I will keep working on positions and see where this leads..
    I really believe what you are saying but I need to put more time in on the positions.


    • Brien,

      There is no pressure because you DO NOT care where your ball is going. You only care about the movement until you master the movement. I find it interesting how people think. The next time you play swing at 50%. Forget all about the ball and where it is going. Focus on the movement you are going to do. Do 2 practice swings getting this movement clearly in your mind before you are about to do it. Then hit your shot. Hold it. Check it. Watch your ball and it will tell you exactly what you just did right or wrong. For your next shot remember if you did the movement wrong and fix it before you hit your next shot. Do the practice swings. Get the thought crystal clear. Hit it at 50%. Hold it. Check it. etc. etc.

      At thee end of your round pat yourself on the back for actually playing 1 round of golf actually thinking of the movement, not caring about the ball and swinging at 50% of your ability. Now do it for your next round and the next and the next and so on until you do not know any other way to swing. ONLY at this point should you turn up ONLY the rotational speed of your body to 70%. Do all of this all over again at this pace. Then finally go up to 80% and you are now swinging at top speed.

  8. As a Paul Wilson disciple I love the fact that you emphasize getting from point A to point B. I no longer tell myself that I am going to practice my “swing”. I say I am going to practice my “positions”!

    • Joseph,

      This is exactly the thought process I want everyone to have. Keep at it. Then the ball means nothing.

  9. June 29, 2013


    so Paul
    are you saying DON”T Visualize the Shot DO Visualize the Positions?

    • Tim,

      I am saying do the positions until you have them mastered. Once you have them mastered you can then think of the visualization. No sense visualizing something with a golf swing that does not and is not working. If the swing does not work no amount of visualization will help.

  10. Hi Paul.
    First time I have seen you agitated even slightly cheesed off !

    Keep up the great work

  11. Hi Paul,

    I totally agree. I have totally transformed my swing with YOU. People should listen and NOT have their main focus on the ball!
    If they thought about it logically the ball just simply gets in the way of their swing.
    I now look at my target and swing the club back and through to my target.
    I use your 1MPH swing everyday now, I think its fantastic. I wasn’t hinging my wrists enough and I wasn’t whipping my wrists through impact enough and you can see this with the 1MPH swing.
    Great tip. I think some people on this website are reading/looking at other websites and getting too much information.
    Cheers Paul————– Again!

    • Paul,

      People are always looking for the quick fix. Building a great swing takes a little work and understanding. Eventually enough people will know that what I am teaching works so they will stop experimenting. I would just like this to happen sooner rather than later. Glad you are getting it.

  12. This is probably your best Video .There’s everything you nead to know and perform in it !
    As you say ,do,it over and over again ,If you want to be proficient .
    I keep looking at it over and over again .
    Never tired to replay it !

    • Raymond,

      This is a vital position and I will keep telling people that until they get it and start working on it. I have taught this position for 22 years. In getting people to only get this position plus the grip and setup it allows them to hit it better than they have ever hit it in their lives. I just hope everyone sees it and starts working on it.

  13. Paul ,I learned more than a couple of great things from you ,though I consider myself at 79 a pretty seasoned and proficient golfer :your tips “From Point A to Point B ” and “Touch your legs ,Touch your head “work wonders for me .
    Now I am still puzzled as to what my through swing should be :I am an adept of the rotation of the club after impact ,I read that BEN HOGAN kept the inside of his left elbow looking to the sky when rotating through and keeping his left arm close to the torso to keep the connection Lead Arm /Torso :you and others are recommending the “LONG ARM ” method where the lead left arm disconnects from the torso and follows the target line ,the right arm fully extended along that “power line “.
    What should I strive for ?
    What will give me more dstance ?
    My swing is more rotational than simply “back and through “.

    • Raymond,

      You are not Hogan. Hogan was trying to fight off a big hook so anything he teaches or has taught should be thought of with that in mind. Could he be conveying things he was using to stop his hook? Not sure but a lot of things I have seen would cause me to think he was. Inside of left elbow to the sky would be a perfect example of this. This would fight off a hook. Should you do this? No. You should be trying to keep the arms turned off allowing the wrists to hinge and re-hinge freely. The looser this hinge the more clubhead speed. Couple this with faster body rotation and you get more lag which gives you more power. So you should be constantly working on the release and constantly working on turning way faster. At 79 is this possible? I’m not sure but I do have a student in his 80’s that hits it over 250.

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