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Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT, GPS, & Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Certified Medical Professional is the Program Director for Body Balance for Performance of San Diego.

Jeremy is one of the country’s premiere Golf Fitness Experts. He holds a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Indiana University. He is a Level 2 Certified Medical Professional by the Titleist Performance Institute and has spent the last seven years working with hundreds of golfers in San Diego County.

Jeremy has dedicated his career to helping golfers of all ages and abilities perform golf at a higher and safer level, based on the body principles Body Balance for Performance gained by spending over ten years on the PGA Tour. He has trained extensively with the founder of Body Balance for Performance, Paul Callaway, PhD, PT and the first Physical Therapist on the PGA Tour.

“With my knowledge of the human body and my love for the game of golf, I’ve been able to help golfers of all levels reach new heights of performance. I’m fortunate to utilize my skills as a physical therapist and apply them to such a great sport. More golfers are now realizing golf actually is a sport and we must train appropriately for it. There are many physical demands put on the body with the golf swing, and exercise may not be the only answer to these demands.

Too many golfers are training inappropriately and may stop because they aren’t seeing the benefits. I’m seeing the biggest benefits when I can utilize my manual therapy techniques in addition to the correct golf-specific exercises. This is the key to all the successes I’ve seen in the golfers that commit to our program.

What we know is that all PGA Tour golfers look like they are swinging the club differently, but they all move their body through the golf ball a certain way and in a certain sequence. We teach the body to move the correct way, as the professionals do, which eliminates your common swing flaws, and adds distance and consistency to your game. “

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  1. JimMarlow, 1 year ago

    I am 70 years old and in reasonably good health and in very good shape cardio and strength wise. My physical problems that effect my golf are arthritis in my lower back and right knee.
    I work out almost daily at my gym and would like some golf specific exercises and stretches to incorporate into my routine.
    Thank you

  2. Jeremy Klinkhamer

    Jeremy Klinkhamer, 1 year ago

    Hi Jim,
    Great question! It sounds like you’ve been diagnosed by an MD concerning your knee and low back. If not, please do so in order to get the proper care for those injuries. Assuming you have, I think the best thing for you could be improving your hip mobility.

    Here’s the reason: Improved hip mobility will take pressure of your arthritic low back and knee. Also, we need our hips to move freely in many directions in the golf swing. If the hips are tight the body will tend to ask for movement out of the segments above (low back) and/or below (knees) this tightness. The bad thing about that scenario is the low back and knees aren’t meant to give you this mobility (there main job is stability) and will therefore either cause stress or pain in those areas. This is a classic case where one body part may be responsible for irritating another area. We end up spending all our time and money treating the symptoms instead of the root issue.

    Having said that… be ready for a couple new videos from me explaining how to improve hip and thoracic spine mobility. They were practically made just for your question!
    Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  3. RaymondCHASTEL, 9 months ago

    Jeremy ,I follow you on your IGNITION GOLF VIDEOS .
    Have you a book with your exercises .
    I ‘m looking for exercises to strengthen m’y core for more distance off THE TEE(Speed up,hip rotation !)

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