Think Rhythm And Roll When Putting

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One Response to “Think Rhythm And Roll When Putting”

  1. Dave ,You couldn’t be more right and more on the proper subject . It’s not only putting (As you correctly say in your excellent video ) which is “RYTHM AND ROLL “,it’s also the full swing which is “RYTHM AND ROLL ”
    JOHN NOVOSEL in TOUR TEMPO 1 demonstrated that the full swing rythm was a a 3/1 beat (3 for the backswing ,1 for the through swing) ,but also that the PUTTING SWING (And the Sand Save swing )was a 1/1 beat (1 for the backswing ,1 for the throughswing )(See TOUR TEMPO 2)
    For putting ,it’s easier to remember that you should emulate the big GRANDMA’S clock (I don’t quite know if you Americans ,who were born yesterday, know exactly what a “Grandma”s clock “was:a big piece of furniture ,with a large clock at the top ,and a big pendulum swinging slowly beneath and in rythm below )
    When I put ,I say to myself ,silently and under my breath ,”HOT POTATOES”(Going Back ,TWO (Going forwards ) :that’s what is called the “GRAVITY PUTTING STROKE “,you let the gravity force do the job like it is so in a pendulum

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