How Much Should You Hinge Your Wrists?

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In this tip I am talking about your wrists and how they hinge into the backswing. I see so many golfers that are way too tight into the backswing and they do not fully hinge their wrists, if this is you then you want to start checking your wrists at the top of the backswing and make sure they go to their maximum.


How to Release the Golf Club

Manually Square the Clubface

Release Progression

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One Response to “How Much Should You Hinge Your Wrists?”

  1. December 13, 2022


    Hi Paul, Your advice about pitching and getting out of bunkers to “hinge and turn” never worked for me until I realized that my wrists had to be TOTALLY LOOSE. Suddenly hinging and turning became, as you describe, a simple and successful (for the most part) procedure. It’s satisfying when things start to go right.


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