What is Your Body Saying

By | on February 5, 2018 | 5 Comments | Array


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5 Responses to “What is Your Body Saying”

  1. September 8, 2015


    Hi David

    On the comment section following one of your tips some 10 days ago, I wrote with a question on how to deal with a problem. I wish you had replied!!! My problem is with better players teeing up immediately after my tee off time. During the round I get tense and don’t play well at all. Always looking behind me and if I see them waiting, my game gets only worst. I have your wired to win program and have little time to get through it. (maybe this winter). Your tips are great and many touch a little on my problem with tension, confidence and clarity and such, but not directly to my problem. It’s all in my head, I know. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Hoping to get a response this time. Gerry

  2. September 8, 2015


    Dear Gerry,I anticipate on DAVE’s response to YOUR query and problems .
    I’m and old timer and seasoned golfer(81) So I may give a piece of advice .
    Getting tense is part OF the game :overcoming tension is one reason we love golf ( The little tinge iin the bottom OF YOUR stomach.
    When good or very good players TEE just in YOUR WAKE ,there’s an easy way to solve YOUR problèm :wave them through

  3. Avatar photo

    September 8, 2015


    I will chime in here—while tension is natural–too much IS NOT. Gerry’s tension is not from the “normal” things related to golf–it’s from an preoccupation with who is behind him. I don’t know the whole story–is he really holding them up or is he just ruining his own round by THINKING he is bothering them?

    One of the biggest “mistakes” and commonly believed avenues to better golf–is to try and resolve issues AFTER they happen. Golfers have been taught to do that for a long time,

    The real message i have shared with Paul and try to get across to you folks–and he agrees–is that this way of dealing with things is TOO LATE but so many still want to try.

    Think of it this way–would you rather have more ways to put out the fires or FEWER FIRES TO PUT OUT?

    It is so much better for you and your game to have FEWER of these episodes rather than collecting a hundred ways to handle them AFTER they show up,

    I don’t know how to say it more simply.

    Those who get that–are enjoying better golf on many levels. Those who don’t want to get this idea–continue to look for more tips and theories with some–yet sporadic results.

    This is what my answer to Gerry referred to.

  4. September 9, 2015


    Thanks for your reply. I am a fast player and don’t like slow play. But if I can’t move forward because of the groups in front of me I cannot let people in back go through. It doesn’t help if I can’t move forward. I am then faced however by letting myself get intimated by the group in back of me especially of they are good players. I now have an audience to think about every time I tee off. It would be nice to have fewer of theses episodes if it were possible. On a day where the course is not busy and everyone is moving at a reasonable pace, I have a great day and play well. Simply put, I let other people bother me especially people behind me. I try to play when the course is not busy but that’s not always possible. This is something I have to work on, I guess. Maybe I should endorse the opportunity. Talking to the group in back helps a lot, but only if I get a chance to chit chat at a hole where a bunch of us are waiting to tee off. David, if you can add anything to this problem of my letting people bother me, it would be appreciated. Thanks again

    • September 11, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      Here is the reply from David,

      Hi Gerry,

      My apologies for not responding sooner. Some technical difficulties!
      You have Wired to Win? Your issue will be addressed if you listen to it!

      You know it’s all mental and you’re focused on the wrong thing which is why you get all stressed out. What is your preoccupation with golfers behind you? Your issue has NOTHING to do with them. You’ve made up a beautiful story about what you think THEY ARE THINKING–and now you are negatively affected. Do you want to give them that kind of power over you?

      A quick fix tip will help only slightly–so please listen to wired to win–that’s why i made it. The answer you’re looking for is in there. It will be really obvious to you too! You are reacting out of an old ineffective habit (LAW #1)—you are what i call asleep!

      My advice?

      Stop trying to “fix” what’s already not working (your current reaction to them) and “wake up” (LAW #1) and create something better so the players behind you are no longer an issue–and you realize–they never were.

      I ask you to take some time and listen to the audio–and help yourself go out and enjoy your round. Isn’t that worth it?

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