Watch Grooves Going Back

By | on April 7, 2017 | 27 Comments |


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Author Description

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

27 Responses to “Watch Grooves Going Back”

  1. December 25, 2013


    Great tip Paul! Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

  2. December 25, 2013


    Thanks for the great tips! Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. December 25, 2013

    Raoul Bintner

    Very clever ! And a good reminder for cleaning the clubs !
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. December 26, 2013


    Merry Christmas Paul,
    You will agree with me that one needs gauges,to measure speed and pressure.
    Now,this is the best way of determining speed. Thanks.
    Could you please come up with how to easily determine the pressure between the front of the armpits and the upper arms
    during the address.

    • December 26, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you liked it thanks.

      The pressure under the armpits at address is a slight pressure. If you are locking them against your chest too hard you will tighten your arms as you take the club back. So I would say it is about 3 out of 10.

  5. December 30, 2013


    This is a very clever way to rythm THE start of THE backswing,never seen this tip before !I understand you don’t have a single rythm in THE takeaway and backswing :you start slowly ,then increase speed progressively up to THE top .
    How do you find THE optimum speed in THE downswing,without “forcing “THE movement and keep a smooth swing ?

    • December 31, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      The rotational speed of your body should be telling your arms how fast to come down. If you body rotates slowly in life and they are telling your arms how fast to swing how could you not have a smooth swing?

  6. January 10, 2014


    Hi Paul,
    Whenever I want to slow things down, relax and have a smooth swing I think “Freddie Couples.” Maybe I should think “Freddie” more often.


    • January 10, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      You should think Freddie all the time. This is a great image. So is Ernie Els.

  7. January 17, 2015


    Hi Paul it’s working but I need to focus on keeping my head behind the ball. Do you have a tip on that?

  8. October 10, 2015


    Many instructors say the left wrist (right handed golfer) should be completely flat at the top of the back swing. In my natural back swing my left wrist has a slight cup at the top when I hinge the wrists. . If I concentrate on rolling the left forearm to get the left wrist totally flat, It seems to cause tension. What is your opinion? Is it necessary to have a completely flat left wrist? If so, are there practice exercises to achieve it?

  9. October 10, 2015


    Paul,I said it before ,I repeat it again ,a very astute way to avoid the “manipulaton” of the club face going back and staying in rythm.
    Now a question related to the downswing (I believe I touched on this before ).
    When I keep the club closer to my body in the downswing,the clubhead speed-measured on the SSR- is noticeably higher than when the downswing is “rounder”,with the arms a wee bit further from the body.
    This is probably due to a better connection between upper arms and body.
    But to do so ,I have to stand more erect in performing the swing ,which is unnatural for me .
    What do you advise to do?

  10. October 10, 2015


    Hi Paul,

    When you are swinging during a round, what are you looking at during the backswing and the first half of the downswing? Are you just focusing on the ball the whole time or do you look at something else? It seems like when I look at the ball the whole time, I have a hard time not using a hit the ball instinct vs swinging through the ball.


  11. October 11, 2015


    Thanks, Paul for clarifying the correct wrist position at the top. I guess I missed those videos. Makes me feel better because that is my natural position in the back swing.


    • October 12, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      So many people have probably wrecked their golf swings trying to keep this wrist flat. Amazing.

  12. Great tip. Thank you. But how do you also watch the back of the ball as per yr tip the other day at the same time Sue

    • Susan,

      You would work on these things are separate times. You do realize you don’t have to work on everything I post on the site all at once right? Every tip I do goes into the archive. You pick an area of your game and work on that. Then go to another area and so on. If you are working on everything you will most likely not master anything. So take it one step at a time.

  13. Great tip but too many “OK’s”!

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