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14 Responses to “Visualize”

  1. May 20, 2014


    Greetings David Once you have put the image in your mental computer and are now addressing the ball, do you think of it no more?

    • Hi John,

      Yes—nothing else to do with it…visualize and leave it alone. It’s like mailing a letter. Once you put it “in the slot” of the mailbox—you’re done!
      You don’t need to mail a letter twice:)

  2. Hi David,
    It’s just that simple! However, I’m still chatching myself falling back into the old trap – not as often but from time to time! Good thing is I’m getting out much easier and a lot quicker than before by focusing on the right things!
    Thanks David, you changed a lot for me on and off the golf course.
    PS: When do we see you and Paul together on the golf course again?

    • Hey Reiner!

      How are you my friend?
      In fact, just spoke to Paul yesterday about that!
      we will be filming very soon and look forward to an exciting new product featuring both of us!

      • Can’t wait to see that! Hope you’re doing great as weel! I’ll get back to you shortly! Take care ! Reiner

  3. May 20, 2014


    Thanks Coach One other thing can you visualize the next shot on the way to the next shop in the cart or walking to it or does it need to be done behind the ball just before address ?

    • Hi John,

      Well…you could as long as it works for you. As long as the image doesn’t get “stale” by doing it too early…if you know what I mean. Golfers tell me the visualization tends to “work” best when it is crystal clear and “fresh” in their minds.

      However, like everything else…there is no hard and fast rule…experiment and see what feels best TO YOU. That’s all that matters isn’t it?

      Let us know!

  4. May 20, 2014


    Thanks Coach You are up working mighty early I thought thats what you would say but i wanted to hear it from you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon

    • Hi John,

      Yes…early! Somebody is playing golf somewhere around the world all day long!:)
      Keep us posted on how your doing…this is why i love hearing from folks like you.
      Thank you John!

  5. May 20, 2014


    Dave, How do I stop getting nervous over the ball? I can make prefect swings in the air, but when I get a ball in front of me & get nervous. Any ideas?


    • Hi Lous,

      Great question.
      A common issue for folks.

      Here’s the “short” answer.
      There’s only ONE reason nervousness kicks in…it’s because your mind changed thoughts. Nervousness occurs after thoughts change. Many golfers have this backwards. They get nervous—then try to figure out how NOT to get nervous. Emotions are always triggered by thought FIRST..

      If you really want to move beyond this…consider the Wired to Win Course. Not only will your “nerves” be highly reduced or even go away…but your entire game can be impacted too!

      Check it out here—plus a discount for Ignition Golf followers and Paul Wilson followers:)
      No obligation to check it out…

  6. May 20, 2014


    Thanks Coach I think it will be best if i do it the way you suggest.

  7. October 31, 2016


    Hi Dave,

    I really liked this lesson…here’s something that happened to me yesterday on the course. I ended up 25 feet from the hole after my approach shot to the 12th green. I read the putt and was certain the putt was going to break about six inches from right-to-left. I addressed the putt and pulled it. I was dismayed as the putt started left of the hole. However, here’s the thing: as it slowed down, it broke 6 inches to the RIGHT and tumbled into the cup. Now the question is was it DUMB LUCK or did my subconscious somehow know which way the putt would break and “took over” control of my putting stroke? I’d like to know your thoughts on this phenomenon.

    thanks much!!

    • Avatar photo

      November 3, 2016

      Paul Wilson


      Here is the answer from David:

      Very good question and my answer is: no way to know for sure! I’ve had the same experience and chalked it up to “hmmmm–something bigger than me taking over here?”. It could be dumb luck but I’m a big believer that our intuition is much wiser than we are–which is why I teach what I teach–in a very practical way. But once we get into “trust/let go” mode it wouldn’t surprise me at all that “wisdom” takes over. Dumb luck– Intuition? Well–if i were you, I’d practice getting into that “allowing/letting go/trusting” state anyway. Won’t hurt your game–that’s for sure!

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