Ultimate Swing Trainer Review

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If you want to increase your lag angle, increase your shoulder turn and stop coming over the top then I highly recommend the Ultimate Swing Trainer.  This product was created by former PGA Pro/Teaching Pro and competitive long driver Mike Bauman.  Simply hang it over any door and you are ready to start working on the drills and exercises to help your swing.  Take a few minutes to watch the video above to see the Ultimate Swing Trainer in action.

The Ultimate Swing Trainer



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Actual Customer Testimonials.

KIM OGG (20 hcp golfer) “Mike all I can say is wow this thing is an excellent training aid I have used it two or three weeks on the drills and I have never been able to make my backswing so far. I played golf the first day after the winter and shot 15 shots lower than the year before! I haven’t hit a ball all winter either. I don’t care what it looks like, but I do care what does it do…and this is nothing short of incredible!”


JAMES PRICE (2 hcp golfer) “Before I started training I was all over the place…..over the top, inconsistent, peaking in the high 120’s. After a week I was in the low-mid 120’s BUT I was feeling out my swing. Now I’m mid-130’s and very consistent…with the occasional freak ball swing of 140+! Needless to say, IT’S WORKING!!!!”


KEN SANFORD (Former NHL player) “I’m sure by now you’ve got a ton of these, but let me add mine to the pile. Last year I averaged right around 270 yards. From using the UST and following your recommended workouts I missed driving the green on #2 at Evergreen CC by about 10 yards. The hole is 365 uphill… I wouldn’t believe this is possible if I wasn’t experiencing it myself. WOW!”


JAMIE BROTHERWOOD (13 hcp Golfer) “My brother Neil and both bought The Ultimate Swing Trainer mid January hoping to get better at golf and to get ready for our annual golf trip to Myrtle Beach. We were expecting to do a little better, but what happened was nothing short of mind boggling. We finished out 3 day golf Trip shooting a combined 67 shots better (33 for Neil and 34 for me) We won the longest drive, closest to the pin and took home the victory by 28 shots!!!! Every single person asked what we did and we just smiled and said,”The Ultimate Swing Trainer! If there is anyone who plays golf and would like a guaranteed, no brainier in life, this is it!.”


EDDIE WYATT (Golfer) “I wanted to let people know that I am significantly faster and straighter. I have improved my game so much some people can’t even recognize my swing or me. They are stunned at the difference. Thanks Mike and The Ultimate Swing Trainer.”


MIKE McMANN (Golfer) “My swing is so much faster and on plane it feels like I’m not even swinging, but the ball goes so far and straight. I love it.”


EDDIE COLON (Golfer) “This is the best swing trainer in the world! How do I know? because I have bought them all! I must have $2k worth of swing trainers, videos and literature on how to hit it farther. I started using The UST and my club head speed was around 110mph and now it’s 135!!!! I hit it so much purer, straighter and farther it’s effortless. I can’t hit it bad even when I try. Mike is The Authority on Golf, not just distance in my book. Amazing!”


CHAD KLEIN (Golfer) “Mike you have changed the game! I have increased my club head speed from 137 to 142mph and hitting over 400 yards in competition. If you are not using this, you will be left behind!”


ZAC CARVER (8hcp Golfer) “Such an amazing breakthrough. You always hear pros say you have to think your way around the course, think about this, think about that, when you put in the designated time (2weeks) I have NO more swing thoughts! I literally just waggle and fire now! I doubted it until I owned it, never again Mr. Bauman thank you for making my golf courses shorter and a hell of a lot wider!”


SHAWN ADAMS (18 hcp Golfer) “I bought The UST about 4 weeks ago and my ball striking is simply amazing the difference! I can feel everything in my swing, but what’s great is it literally does it by itself. My Distance is stupid now, I’m guessing 30-40 yards more, but I wanted to actually hit it straight and man did I get that! I LOVE THE ULTIMATE SWING TRAINER email me at …. and I’ll tell you more.”


AUSTIN KINCAID (Golfer) “I have used The Ultimate Swing Trainer for 6 weeks and I can say that after winning my first professional qualifier at 390 yards I can say without a doubt that everyone in golf should have one of these! Do you want to hit it farther and straighter? Improve your mechanics? Feel ya perfect golf swing for the first time? BUY THIS!!!! seriously, BUY IT! I have told all of my friends!”



IMPORTANT: Your Order With Be Shipped via FedEx By The Manufacturer





Author Description

Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

13 Responses to “Ultimate Swing Trainer Review”

  1. January 31, 2013


    Is there a product code discount for the Ultimate Swing Trainer?

    • January 31, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      I spoke to the owner. Unfortunately this is no discount at this time for the Ultimate Swing Trainer.


  2. Can you use the UST to work on the follow thru? Thanks!

    • Wade,

      Not that I can think of. There is a drill you can do with it for the hips that I will be shooting shortly.

  3. How do we use the UST and use the “touch for leg” starting motion of straightening the left leg (for right handed players)? I don’t want to start training with this aid and mess up any of your methods for loose arms and turning the hips first.

    • Jim,

      You are not going to touch the legs with the UST. If you are using it properly (as the included DVD suggests) you are using it for the initial downswing. It will then create so much resistance there is no way you would get all the way through to the follow through. So do the drills he shows which will increase your lag angle, stop and over the top swing, and increase your initial hip drive.

      I did a tip on how to use it for increasing the speed of you hips here:

      DRILL: Faster Hip Rotation (UST): https://ignitiongolf.com/drill-faster-hip-rotation/

  4. Hi Paul – it seems to me that working with the UST doesn’t promote powerless arms at all. It looks like you’re working all arms and core. Powerless arms don’t happen at all. Let me know what your thoughts are on this.

  5. Paul,

    I agree with Dean!innell. This looks like mostly all arms. he starts the downswing with arms not the body. Is that what we should be doing in the body swing method. I am new and don’t want train the wrong way. I bought this based on your recommendation. Please advise as to which is the correct way to use the UST with your swing method.

  6. August 26, 2018


    Paul love the body swing i bought but i seam to have problem with my bottom hand coming up of the left hand when i get to almost top of back swing also does your to p half of your arms stay connected to side of your chest in swing

  7. December 8, 2018

    Steve Weber

    This is a great tool, thanks Paul for recommending. The video instruction is well done as is the manual. Mike the owner even took the time to answer some questions on proper use. Would highly recommend to all IG golfers, great compliment to Paul’s teaching.

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