Trying Is Dying

By | on July 25, 2022 | 2 Comments | Array


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2 Responses to “Trying Is Dying”

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    March 27, 2019


    Hi David, Once again great advice, I can’t wait to test it on the range (rate trying vs. allowing) once all the snow is melted. Purchased your Forward Bounce and am looking forward (pardon the pun) to listening to it.

  2. Hi Dave

    I have been an Ignition Golf member for over ten
    years,visited Paul in Las Vegas three times for lessons and purchased your Wired to Win when it first came out.

    I started with an arm swing and got to the point where I was making a lower body swing but initiating with a move from the top. Now i am at the point where I can do a smooth effortless beautiful lower body swing on a practice swing but when
    I then address the ball and try to do the same powerless arm swing I revert to the start from the top downswing. I have spent months and countless hours on this. Can you provide a thought or move that can help?

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