Your Downswing Transition Speed

By | on August 27, 2019 | 13 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

13 Responses to “Your Downswing Transition Speed”

  1. August 27, 2019


    Hi Paul, clearly explained, particularly like the idea of lots of practice, its certainly helped me,Regarding the trigger to use ,I used belt buckle and then, left leg straightening, but ultimately came up with a mental picture of my right buttock/hip rotating forward so knees met together,I.m not sure what physical trigger is but its probably a combination of pushing off right instep, belt buckle and left leg straightening.Regarding your left/right handedness, I,m left handed playing right, but although profoundly left handed[mirror wrote as child until remedial lessons!!] I kick a football right handed[Aussie Rules],reviewing my kicking I found there’s a little pelvic rotation coming into kick ‘probably why my mental picture of transition is the way it is,I hope this gives some insight to others

  2. August 27, 2019


    greetingsu coach great you know ip
    have been with you for i dont know how many years but never get tired of watching and learning.i did not know that my knees were not in the right position until i watched yesterdays lession. you may have touched on it in the past but i needed the reminder thanks.

    • Avatar photo

      September 1, 2019

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you saw that one. I see people doing this wrong all the time. Once they get this it makes like so much easier.

      Glad you are still with me. I appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. This left/right thing is interesting. I do same as Phil Mickelson i.e. play left handed but do everything else right handed.
    Not sure if it’s a disadvantage or if it really affects my game. Just interesting that’s all.
    Excellent reminder of the triggers.

    • Avatar photo

      September 1, 2019

      Paul Wilson


      It’s an advantage with the arms but a disadvantage with the body. If you are right playing left you will not have the desire to pull it back way inside going back. Problem is you will want to keep y0our head overtop of the ball causing a reverse pivot. If you are able to move your head and fire the lower you are the unicorn. If you feel you can use the body properly left handed that’s huge. Most can’t get it unless they do serious work on it.

  4. August 28, 2019


    Does the trigger aspect apply to the medium and shot pitch shots?

  5. August 28, 2019


    paul I find that in a proper transition the club face shallows and opens quite a bit from the full back position. Is this appropriate? The club seems to square anyway. Just wondering what you think>

    • Avatar photo

      September 1, 2019

      Paul Wilson


      It would appear to be opening slightly as the plane is flatter coming down. I am not doing this it just happens. So be careful you aren’t manipulating the club as you come down. I do like the fact that is it squaring so I think you’re okay.

  6. August 30, 2019


    Hi Paul, I have found a new trigger (new for me that is) that works well for me and it came out of another tip where you said most amateurs are flat footed during the swing but you said that the right heel should be lifting at the moment the ball is struck and that rang a bell for me.
    So now I’m concentrating on doing just that: Was my heel raised and rotated at the moment I struck the ball? if its “yes”, the touch the legs should follow naturally as the swing goes through. The point is the trigger unites two actions to one point in time. Whereas touch the legs is fine but I often find i’m doing it too late in the swing i.e. the body follows the arms. Now keeping the two actions synchronised I feel its helping.

  7. September 6, 2019


    Hi Paul,
    Great tip. My game has become mental. If I don’t THINK about my trigger I don’t use it. it results in a bad shot. Thanks for emphasizing this. Very helpful.


  8. October 28, 2020


    I like the last two left sided triggers for a righty because I can’t fire the lower as fast you as you can and thus shallow the club (for me your first three suggested triggers would be an over-the-move). Once one gets to the thumbs pointed to the ear position, you’ve already begun to activate your trigger. I can’t, otherwise I will never finish my backswing in anticipation of starting down just as I get to the top. (I actually “have to manually get the top” (unlike your club momentum backswing after decades of doing it), and then I start the downswing trigger. When I do a left-sided trigger, I can start down a second sooner without being massively over the top.

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