Things That Cause Over The Top

By | on February 28, 2019 | 16 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

16 Responses to “Things That Cause Over The Top”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Great video. I was about to send a query as to why I still have a slight pull despite working hard on hips first.
    It is now clear that I still have a problem with moving to the front foot too quickly .It is uncanny how often your videos are exactly what I need at the time.

    • Ian,

      Glad you liked it. There are cures in the Dashbaord too. Just check there if you every have problems in the future.

  2. This is an excellent lesson ,Paul.There’s everything one should know to pull off a good shot .As for THE head ,yes it does move ,but I endeavor to minimize THE move and stay THE More ” centered ” I CAN .THE champions I Watch in THE major Tour Opens don’t move That much .Maybe PHIL MICKELSON moves More his head than HENRIK STENSON ,RORY Mc ILROY or DUSTIN JOHNSON ,but I don’t Like That much is Driver swing ,I am OF opinion hé moves too much!

    • Raymond,

      Tour average is 3.6 inches of head movement. Jim Mclean did an article in July 2001 where he measured their heads. I still have it. Tiger at his best moved it 5″.

  3. Pail my problem is my hip turn is too quick and I either get stuck with a big push or I come over the top with a flip to catch up. This is a pull hook.
    Doesn’t happen all the times but when it doesn’t in the trees.
    I’m trying to get club more in front on downswing but sometimes powerless arms has the dragging behind my hip turn. I find it tough slowing down my hip turn. Any ideas really appreciated. Thanks

  4. Coach my problem is too much hands.
    You are saying let it flow but that really brings too much variables into swing.
    I spent a while on range today and basically pulled my left hand to release at my left thigh.
    Worked great on irons as ball flight more piercing and better distance which was straight.
    Went to driver and couldn’t get that same sensation.

    Turning my hands over to duplicate what your saying doesn’t it cause a crap shoot?

    Trying to understand. I know what it is like to get stuck but rolling my hands confuses it.

    Sorry Paul. My problem.

  5. December 1, 2017



    I have found this issue of coming over the top a very difficult one to fix. I hit a lot of pulls and pull slices and as a result, I’m a bogey golfer. I know if I fixed this issue my game would improve dramatically. So, you made a comment in the video about hanging your upper body back on an angle so that the club can move down the line through the swing plane. This makes perfect sense but when I implement this on the range, I am chunking it more often. So my question is, is that part of the normal learning process and it will go away with more practice, or is there something you’d suggest I also work on? I know it’s difficult without seeing my swing but your help is much appreciated!



    • Avatar photo

      December 1, 2017

      Paul Wilson


      Yes, that is part of learning it. You are trying to change the path not hit perfect shots. Too many people would hit a few fat shots and stop working on it. This is the person trying to hit perfect shots. Like I said, you are not trying to hit perfect shots. You are working on fixing the path which is a piece of the swing not the whole swing. So keep doing it. Tee up your ball just do easy swings. At home every night just do tons of practice swings. In a week or so this should be fixed. Now, as you do this fat shots aren’t the only problem. You will hit pushes and push fades as well. These would be good flaws too telling you that you are attacking from the inside. To get the ball online you just go back to the touch the legs position. This creates more rotation which stops you from hanging back too much getting to much tilt.

      This tip applies:

      Stop Fat Shots When Working On Moving Your Head:

  6. Paul (excuse the different topic)
    Problem – hitting fat shots (esp driver, but all clubs), and ‘drop-kick’ on shots. Exclude lifting back foot as solution (that is done). Cause appears to be hands behind ball at impact. Should I move hands forward of ball at set-up, or just try to get shoulders moving forward a bit earlier? Or move ball back in stance? I’m definitely getting the back heel well up. Straightening/stiffening my arms/elbows has reduced, but not eliminated problem.
    Many thanks, Brian

    • Brian,

      Your body is too tilted behind the ball at impact. The lifting of the heel stops you from hanging back too much. You need to turn more in the downswing. If you are turning you reduce the tilt. You can also be coming of the back heel with too much weight on the toe. If so, you would still have too much weight on the back foot at impact. With driver you will drop kick if you overtilt because the club swings flatter. This is the telltale sign you are too tilted behind it as you hit the ball. I would think you are sliding and don’t get to my touch the legs position. You need to turn and touch the legs at the follow through.


      Exactly How to Start the Downswing:

      Here you go:

      Drop Kick:

  7. Hey Paul, when you were explaining the plane, your plane goes through your belt buckle or a little above. My arms are very long for my body size so my plane goes through below my belt buckle by quite a bit. Do I need to make an adjustment for that? This is something I’ve always wondered about. Thanks Brad

    • Brad,

      No, you need to do the setup for your body structure. This will change for all golfers. Just make sure you are doing my setup though.

  8. March 2, 2019


    Great summary lesson for this over the top problem but I think you said the divot should be slightly to the left (right handed golfer) but how does that tie to swinging in to out? I would think the divot should be slightly to the right.

  9. I would like to commend you on emphasizing doing practice swings above the ground. I think it takes a certain type of dedication and discipline to improve ones swing to do this since hitting balls is much more enjoyable. Even if many of the shots are not great, a few outstanding shots are exciting and uplifting (the psyc. people call this intermittent reinforcement). I totally agree you can’t learn anything about how you are swinging or how to improve your swing by just hitting balls. Once I started to make above ground swings and evaluate what was happening I was able to make dramatic improvements in my swing in a relatively short period. I too like many of the golfers who write comments had a lot of trouble mimicking my practice swings when doing my actual swing. This has improved a lot also since I started the above ground practice swings. There are also obvious rewards from engaging in a process that actually leads to learning how to swing the golf club better. Thee end result of this process will even be more enjoyable when one is hitting 8 out 10 good shots versus the previous 2 or 3 out of ten.

    • Avatar photo

      March 11, 2019

      Paul Wilson


      Thank you and I will keep saying it. It is all about consecutive repetitions. You need to do more of the new more than the old. As soon as you switch the numbers you can change things very quickly.

      Glad you are making the switch. I hear this all the time but if someone keeps doing the same thing they will get the same result. Got to at least try something different. You may not be good at it right away but you need to keep doing it. Too many people go right back to their old swing which does not work because they try something new and don’t get immediate results. Got to keep doing it.

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