Testing Your Mobility

By | on August 24, 2022 | 6 Comments | Array


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6 Responses to “Testing Your Mobility”

  1. My left forearm (the flexor group of muscles ) are hurting big time? I am right handed. I’m i gripping the club too tight or what? I only play 2-3 times/ wk.

  2. Paul & Jerry,

    I’m looking for 4-6 stretches/warm-up drills I can do in about 5 minutes when I get to the range or 1st tee that will loosen up my body to start making full swings. I currently use Paul’s helicopter drill, some practice swings and then just some general stretches, which vary somewhat each time. I was thinking that it would be great to have a consistent “warm-up routine” that I can take to the range or course that I would use before hitting golf balls or playing a round. Do you have anything like this currently or could you make some suggestions? Love your stuff! Thanks!


  3. September 29, 2016


    Hi Jeremy.

    I always assumed my spine rotation was poor. It however is fine, getting past that 45 degree angle, I do work pretty consistently on it mind you.

    What I did find however, is that both my shoulder and hip mobility are quite restricted. Now I know what to work on.

    Another satisfied customer,
    Shane Jonas.

  4. April 7, 2021


    To MichaelForsyth:

    Paul offered through his website at one time a complete flexibility program by Roger Fredericks. I purchased and downloaded it and I currently do the White Tee (the most basic of the three) program every morning. It has really helped me be more flexible prior to my rounds, and that is after a 35 minute drive to the course. It’s no more than 15 minutes if you learn the program so you can move right through the exercises. I hit 12-15 balls and am ready to play. I hit the rest of the small bucket after the round, working on anything that gave me trouble during the round, or partial wedge shots if I had a good swing that day. BTW – I am 72, and am improving what has always been relatively inflexible.

    To Paul and Jeremy:

    Thanks for these. The Roger Fredericks flexibility program has a series of eight flexibility tests at the start to test oneself; these three slide right in to further assess one’s limitations.

    John F

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