Test Series – Can You Hit Your Driver 150 Yards

By | on May 26, 2024 | 25 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

25 Responses to “Test Series – Can You Hit Your Driver 150 Yards”

  1. Hello Paul

    This is a great exercise. I have been told to use this with my irons also, to help with keeping my hands out of the swing. I believe I have watched a video of yours, were you are saying the same thing, while working on your swing at the range. One quick question Paul, I continue to make contact with the toe of my club at contact. just killing the toe of my club. Without seeing my swing it’s tough, but what are your thoughts. Coming down for your classes is still a pipe dream, so keep sending all you tests and tips, there awesome

    Tony in Bend, OR

    • Tony,

      Yes, you should be doing it with irons too. If you re toeing it you are lifting up or hitting it from your heels. If you start on one angle and stand up taller through impact the club will move closer to you. f you fall back the club will move back. So check your weight distribution. Also, hit the shot then look for it after you hit it. This will maintain your spine angle and you will make solid contact.


      How To Cure Toeing: https://ignitiongolf.com/cure-toeing/

      Spine Angle Follow Through: https://ignitiongolf.com/follow-through-eyes-tilted

      • Hey Paul,

        Thanks a lot for the two videos. It is exactly what I am doing by standing up straight at my finish, instead of the slight angle. I have been finishing like that for years. I got some work to do. Thanks again Paul. Love this site


        • Tony,

          Good stuff. Even better players do this when they are swinging too hard at it. I would do it in a mirror. This way you can check it. Also, don’t over do it. Just a slight angle is fine.

  2. Hi Paul. This is the second time in my life I’ve been told to hit my drives 100 to150 yards. The first time I was playing with a fellow who was about 80 years old and I was having a terrible round. He said Ron, “you’re trying to kill the ball.” Then he told me to hit the ball into the bunker that was about 150 yards from the tee.I almost whiffed, proving how messed up I was because of so much arm involvement. At least I finally know the reason for my problems. By the way, the old guy gave me and my sons quite a lesson that day. I didn’t keep his score, but I know he had nothing more than a bogey on any hole and probably shot his age or better.

    Best Regards, Ron

    • Ron,

      You should have kept doing it. Imagine … you would have powerless arms by now. Glad you know about it and will put this test in your back pocket so you can keep doing it regularly.

  3. Paul:
    Can I assume that every time I pull the ball with driver, it is because my hips are lagging behind the arms and hands?
    Thanks, Bill Morris

    • Bill,

      You can certainly assume this.

      You do know that in the DASHBOARD under CURES you will find the cure to every swing flaw? If your body start first you will hit it dead straight.

  4. Paul ,I agree this being a wonderful test and “moment of truth”for your driver swing .
    I feel it’s more useful to do with a Fairway wood (Number 3 wood rather than Number 5 wood ,because it’s more difficult to do it well with the 3)
    However ,if you really want to send the ball far ,there has to be some hand action:I try to “snap”the ball at impact using the right forearm ,but my entire endeavor is to stay as loose as “warm spaghetti ” with the entire body while swinging .
    When I was a very youg boy ,I was brought up in KENYA :the local Kikuyus and Masa├»s showed me how to use a “sling ” ,you know the one DAVID knocked out GOLIATH with.
    Well ,I try to have the same feeling with my swing as if I was”slinging” the ball away :it does take some hand action on top of swivelling the body and rotating the sling :this a personal opinion of course,and has nothing to do with your excellent teaching

    • Raymond,

      Yes, the snapping or whipping action is a great thought. I do explain it this way to some students and they get it after this description.

  5. May 18, 2015



    Great drill and everyone on the range thought I was some weirdo swinging so ‘slowly’. But, kept with it my whole practice session. It becomes very apparent as to what the problem is when the ball doesn’t fly correctly…chicken wing, sliding, hanging back, etc. By the end, was doing about 8/10 right down the line and ingraining that feeling. Never did hit one full speed, but will work back up to that next session. I also did the ‘hold the tee’ drill in my grip as well, which also helped (mostly to keep from pulling it as I tend to let go of the club and release too early).


    • Kimbo,

      Very good. You passed. Amazing how difficult this is for people. It gets you to stop hitting though. Once you stop hitting you can learn how to use the body as the power source.

  6. May 25, 2015


    Hi Paul working on this hitting 50% on course one question when get to top of back swing is it okay to still have the concept of starting downswing with lower body just at slow speed.

    • Barry,

      This would be a great thought. If you go to hard without hooking it first you will block it so yes go slower but think legs. Got to get use to using them.

  7. October 7, 2016


    Hey Paul, I notice in your driver set up (also in other videos) you line up the ball towards the toe. Is there a particular reason. Do you have a tip on this? Would like to know the advantage, if any. I typically line up my driver, and other clubs, in the middle of the club.


    • Avatar photo

      October 7, 2016

      Paul Wilson


      I followed George Knudson’s technique many years ago. He wanted you lining it off the toe. Doing it for many years I just can’t stop not that I want to. Knudson felt the arms stretch out through impact due to the forces acting on the mass. In doing so, he felt the arms would be pulled out so if you line it on the toe and they stretch out you would hit the center. I recently watched a Knudson video and his head actually moves forward in the downswing as does mine so do the arms actually get pulled away from the body due to forces. Logically yes. Reality not sure if they get pulled that much as I already start with them fully extended.

  8. October 7, 2016


    Thank Paul.

    That does make sense. I guess that is why I see some people keep the driver head raised at address at set up. In theory, if they dropped the club, the ball would be toward the toe. I’ve tried to hover the club, but it’s a funky feeling so I keep it on the group. I will try to practice with it closer to the toe. I do notice many of my drives seem to be more inside of center on the face.

    • Avatar photo

      October 9, 2016

      Paul Wilson


      Yes, give it a try. I don’t like hovering others do like it. I just find it gets you too tight. See if the toe placement works. If you are hitting close the heel though it is the sign of hitting it with arms.

  9. Hi Paul..i dont know why but when i’m trying to use my driver i m losing all my set up,control and swing.. i feel like driver swing is different than iron swing before…after watching and working on your tips i fixed alot but mostly i m hitting with an open club head that causes missing my ball to right..i saw my ball center to the club but i m opening my club head somehow..when i try to fix it with my wrists i couldnt get constintant hits because each time i need to arrange some moves in my wrist..or might be my lover body moves faster than arms..hope you can help me

  10. Hi Paul..Thanks for the comments and the related videos ..i m gonna work about them in this week..i feel great about finding my mistakes and now time to fix them.i m so happy to be in this community and getting clear answers in time..thanks for you and your team for all your affords..i hope we can work with you face to face soon

  11. September 20, 2019


    Paul ,The catch is to move the hips faster ,not slower .Anybody can move the hips slower , but very few manage to have the hips turn significantly faster .
    I’ve tried multiple exercises ,of which THE ULTIMTA SWING TRAINER you recommend .
    The result is mediocre at best .

  12. Paul,

    This is my favorite drill and is always my go-to whenever I getting going too fast and too hard, which is a constant battle for me. This drill epitomizes what you teach. Balance returns. Relaxation returns. Solid contact returns. Tempo returns. Rhythm returns. The positions are perfect. It is surprising how far the ball still goes no matter how easy one tries to swing. We have a 170 pole at our club driving range that is perfect for this drill.

    Thanks for all you do!
    Mike Barrett
    Pasco WA

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