Tension Rater Drill

By | on September 18, 2017 | 4 Comments | Array


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4 Responses to “Tension Rater Drill”

  1. David, the beauty of this tip is it can be used to monitor the tension of just about any physical activity. When I first started taking singing lessons, my teacher stressed the importance of thinking of the note and “allowing” it to happen with NO PHYSICAL facial, tongue, jaw, direction other than a proper breathing technique. It’s easier said than done, particularly when you’re a young operatic tenor asked to sing high notes. If he had asked me to merely forget about the notes and monitor my tension level and which vocal muscles were improperly involved, conquering the tension would have been easier.
    Operatic singers are often told to sense being “on top of the note” and not feel like you’re pushing from “beneath” the note. Like so many physical activities, I.e. the golf swing, you never understand the teacher’s sensory description UNTIL YOU EXPERIENCE THE PROPER SENSATION AND GREAT RESULTS.

    Anyway, I long for more “ringing high notes” on the golf course this summer!

    Thanks, Ron

    • Hi Ron,

      How true!

      Yes, interesting how many instructions we get and everyone hears something a little differently, don’t we?

      Hope you hit those “high notes” this season!


  2. I tried this out today and it was really remarkable how much it helped. First I tried it out at the range and I started hitting really well but my tension wasn’t in my hands it was mainly in my shoulders and when I relaxed my shoulders my whole body fell into place at setup. My setup felt way more natural. I decide I was wasting to many good shots at the range played nine holes and at first I was tense and didn’t score well at all but I stayed with it and gradually my score improved and I pared the last 5 holes and I hit this ball ridiculas long for for me anyway. I was going for a layup and used a hybrid iron that usually gets me 185 and it went into a occupied green for 225. There was a little tail wind but still it was amazing.

    The main thing today was how natural my setup stance felt when I relaxed my shoulders. It was literally a game changer. Thanks for the tip.

    • HI Michael,

      Wow!–isn’t it amazing the power of the mind/body connection?
      A simple settling in of your shoulders and the entire connection is back in sync and look at the overall impact.

      fabulous Michael.

      Great for you for giving it a try. I hope others are inspired to do the same.

      Follow the suggestions–you never know when it can change your game

      Kudos to you Michael.

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