How Far Around Should You Swing

By | on February 22, 2018 | 16 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

16 Responses to “How Far Around Should You Swing”

  1. Gosh Paul…what an incredibly practical tip. In fact many of the tips you do I’ve never seen anywhere else. I’m definately becoming a one teacher only proponent (at least for the physical swing). Every tip you do builds on or relates back to your full swing and/or short game series. I’m still saving my pennies for a trip to Vegas…hopefully in late fall. Keep it up!!

    • Bryan, you haven’t seen this anywhere else because no one cares about the Follow Through. They think that once the ball is hit the swing is over. Well … I am here to tell everyone that you need a precise Follow Through position and it matters more than the backswing. If you can hit my Follow Through positions your backswing will start to fix itself. Why? Because you cannot do my Follow Through positions without making a good swing.

      Glad you are starting to focus on one method. You can easily be confused in this game.

      Every tip goes into greater detail on all my swing positions. I never deviate from what I teach.

      Let me know if and when you can make it. It would be great to meet and work with you.

  2. Also…I can say this here but I think RG lost it’s way when they expanded their staff & sales pitches. I’ll give those teachers their due but people are so confused over there. This is my go to site now (unless you post a tip over there). We need to get some of those other regulars over here!! That’s just my 2 cents.

    • Yes, they did. This is one reason I did my own site. I don’t like the Golf Digest approach. This only confuses people. I am glad you are with me. Not sure how to get those people here. Maybe I just stop doing tips over there? They will come eventually. Just need the word to get out.

  3. Hi Paul,
    I agree with Bryan, another great tip. My question involves the left leg and driving the knee straight back. If the left foot is approximately at a 25-30 degree angle to the target line, then straight back is on that angle too? I am not trying to make this more difficult, but want to make sure that I ‘m going straight back correctly.
    Thanks, Mike

    • The knee will be turned on the angle of the foot. Don’t over think it. Just feel it go straight back and have the other leg come around to touch it.

  4. I tried the drill with the shaft touchinhgmy neck with the shaft at 90 degrees and cannot maintain balance. I am falling off the shot. What can I do to rotate fully, touch the shaft to my neck and stay in balance?
    John McKone

    • Do it slower. You are not going to master it in 5 mins. Go super slow and actually do the position. If you cannot do it super slow without falling over the problem is not in doing this position. The problem is you not being about to do the touch the legs position. So review those videos here:

      Uncoil 1:

      Uncoil 2:

      Legs Touching:

      So start doing this at home in a mirror. DO NOT hit balls. Just go slow and copy my position. In no time you should be able to do it. Once you can then tough your legs to make the club swing faster. Never hit harder with your arms.

  5. November 14, 2012


    Hello Paul,
    I come to you by-way-of recommendation from a friend who’s now a single handicap due to your technique. This season I’ve watched him play, and he’s light years from what he was last summer. His wife (my college roommate) bought him Swing Machine Golf for Christmas, and he’s never looked back.
    I’ve been watching your video’s on line for almost a month now, and having trouble with the timing. Yeah the belt buckle, yeah straightening of the left leg, and yeah the throwing of the right hip… My hips and shoulders wont sync up in the way you’ve explained. My hips go (are gone) and the shoulders and club stay behind. Performing this this herky-jerky execution, and it’s not pretty.
    I’ve borrowed the book, and want to invest in the money in the complete set complete with the your instructional videos. But if it isn’t working, I can’t justify the $165.00.
    Lastly, do you have many women adopting your methodology? This is my first time asking a question, so If you can get back with me I’d appreciate it.
    My goal is to practice all winter, and something to show for this coming spring.

    Kind regards,

    • November 15, 2012

      Paul Wilson

      Georgette, Thank you for joining and thanks for the update on your friend.

      First, it has been one month. Changes take time. More time for some and less time for others.

      Next, you are watching some videos and trying to figure it out. You need to know exactly what you should be doing and how to do it. I would think you are not doing it right or working on it exactly how I want you to. You need to be doing some practice swings in a mirror watching the exact move you are trying to do. Also, you need to be looking for the feedback I suggest which tells you that you are doing it right or not. When coiling back you are doing so with the shoulders until you feel the tightness in the left lat area. This is achieved by stabilizing the lower body and turning your shoulders. In doing this you also feel the weight load into the right instep heel at the top 80%. This move alone takes people weeks if not months to master if they are doing it right. So give it time and keep doing the practice swings. Without the ball you can work solely on the move until you are doing right.


      Uncoil 1:

      Uncoil 2:

      Shoulders in downswing:

      Over the years I have had tons of woman do my method with great success. There is no difference between men and women. If you look at female tour players they do the same positions.

      Make sure you watch the videos above and keep at it.

  6. February 22, 2018


    Paul awesome teaching techniques, I certainly will attempt at “72” to incorporate your teaching!
    A question, because of my age I studied various swings and settled on George Knudson’s swing techniques – very similar to yours however, I like your follow through technique! George taught similar balence and alignment techniques, however, he would finish with his hands comming back down in front of the body to ensure the desired result! Your finish, however, ensures a balanced finish and possibly greater club head speed! Is my assumption correct?

    • Avatar photo

      February 23, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      I was a big Knudson follower many years ago. Funny, I just posted my old recoil tip. This is what you are after and what you need to do.

  7. February 23, 2018


    Paul, thanks for another great observation. Only just started implementing your swing and I was out yesterday and realised afterwards that I wasn’t doing the ‘touch the head’ position properly and then this shows up in my inbox to reinforce it’s importance. I’m heading out to the course again shortly and will be concentrating on the PROCESS of the swing instead of the OUTCOME, which was my issue yesterday. Thanks again, loving your work.

    • Avatar photo

      February 23, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      This positions is vital. Everyone wants more distance. Everyone wants more consistency. This is the position that will achieve it yet this is the position everyone forgets to work on. Glad you are going to work on it. Make it precise and you will hit it amazingly well once you master it.

  8. July 24, 2018


    I continue to have my weight on my toes when I try to touch my legs. And I am off balance what can I do to overcome this.

    • Albert,

      When people can’t do something I they typically don’t know how to do it or they are doing it way to fast. The touch the legs position is like the move you would so when throwing a ball. You wouldn’t be on your toes or falling over making a throwing motion. So you need to do this first:

      It’s Like A Throwing Motion:

      You do this stuff slow at first until you are good at it. I get the feeling you are doing this way to hard wanting too much too fast. You need to get it first then speed it up. No sense doing it wrong at 100mph when you can do it right at 1mph.

      Lean On Club to Touch Legs:
      Exactly How To Do Touch The Legs Position:
      DRILL: Do It Right at 1MPH

      So stop hitting golf balls. Do practice swings at home in a mirror. Swing through. Hold it. Check it and make it perfect. Once you get used to it you go to the range. Tee up a 7 iron. Do some perfect practice swings then attempt it at a slow rate of speed. Hold it and check it. If you are falling over slow down even more. As I said, most people try to do this stuff at top speed and they are not good at it. Why not crawl before you can run?

      You can do it.

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