Student Comparisons – Top of Backswing – Part 2

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

6 Responses to “Student Comparisons – Top of Backswing – Part 2”

  1. Paul ,There seems to be a glitch in this video :I can’t activate the video neither on IGNITION GOLF nor on the DASHBPARD

    • Raynmond,

      There is no glitch in the video. You are the only person saying this. If it is not working please email our admin email address. Just go to contact us at the top of any page.

  2. Another very instructive set of the “What not to do ” in your backswing and “What to do ” when looking at yours,Paul!
    Very helpful indeed!
    I looked closely at your right foot ,which is well planted in the ground at the top of the backswing .I don’t know what sensation you have at that point.I found that “feeling ” my weight on the right heel and not only on the right instep ,and the back completely opposite the target helps me a lot and gives me much more power in the throughwing .
    Did you Watch RICKY FOWLER at the PALM SPRING GARDENS Open :he starts his downswing with his arms only ,there’s no push nor rotation from the hips (JACK NiCKLAUS as a TV commentator saw that also) .
    And what to say about the shorter Driver shafts of JIMMY WALKER and RICKY FOWLER ,both students of BURCH HARMON – (43,5 inches ,one inch shorter )-Is this to be advocated :more precision perhaps but less clubhead speed ,though RICKY FOWLER shot a drive of 305 yards while I was watching .

    • Raymond,

      I feel the weight load into my back instep as I hit the top. This is crystal clear to me. I need this weight loaded so I can use it to hit my shots.

      These players are not purely using arms. If so, they would not hit it anywhere near where they do. You can see their hips way open at impact. If it was just arms their hips would be facing the ball as the hit the ball (which no tour player does).

      There are plenty of tour players using their arms. Any fast swing you see is body and arms. The are tour players who it it long and have an amazing short game so they can get the ball in the hole. I want my students to hit it long and straight. This requires you to turn the arms off.

    • I have admired Paul and his teaching now for more than a decade. I am a scratch golfer and just curious about your opinion since you made some good observations on this post about “arms only” downswing.

      I have increased my Ball Speed greatly by making use of “ground pressure” studies and stats on how pros – most pros – move the hands/arms from the top of the swing. In most cases, almost all pros max out their hand speed at 18-22 mph from the top to just before left arm parallel! That is not just keeping. your hands up in the backswing and powering with lower body! The faster I turn my hips, like LPGA gals, the slower I swing. The faster I move my hands EARLY from the top, the faster I swing. Why don’t LPGA ladies hit the ball farther than PGA golfers if their hip speed is faster and more open than PGA pros????? The facts are there for you.

      I try to swing down FAST with my hands. I turn my lower body/hips fast and too much – and so do LPGA gals. The problem with this type of instruction is that you can easily get out of “sync” if you are a better golfer. My solution was to transfer weight early to the right and then back to the left and then post off the left foot. It’s now proven by “ground pressure” studies that pros DO NOT push off the right foot from the top. That puts the weight more on the right side and slows you down. The hips fire much later in the downswing. To me it feels -since I have fast hips – that I swing down FAST with my hands and arms right away and my feet are in cement. It’s a “sequence” issue. So it all depends on how fast and early you do these movements. The pros do all the moves much earlier than the amateurs. Hips fire much later on pro swings, at just the right time. The hands move much faster from the top than the shoulders or chest and especially the hips.

      Try what Nicklaus and Snead and Jones all did. They got their weight back to 50/50 by top of the swing and then “leaned” into the ball, pushing down on left foot ,not right. And as far as the right heel pressure, DO NOT GET TOO DEEP WITH WEIGHT. You will NOT be able to get it back to the left side early enough to benefit you at all. Keep. your weight centered on right foot in backswing but get the pivot of the right side deep and tilted. You need more hip tilt to then speed up the hand speed which produces more club head speed and ball speed.

      it’s all in the latest stats. I wish Paul Wilson had access to “ground pressure” studies and taught us using latest technology. I am a senior and swing a 7 iron over 90 mph with this pivot and ground pressure change.

      Thanks for listening.

  3. Paul,
    Just curious why you are not teaching how to generate power with a bigger pivot (more like Nicklaus and Snead), with more depth in the backswing with the arms, and a deeper pivot, and greater use of “ground pressure”? My fundamentals are still from you and I never hit the ball straighter than when I signed on with your lessons! Kudos for that. But distance is another matter.

    I now shift my weight early into the right foot on the takeaway (like you) but then I shift my weight back to the left side at about the time my left arm reaches parallel to ground on backswing. I have only 50/50 weight distribution at top of backswing, not 80/20 anymore. By the time I am at left arm parallel on downswing, I have almost 85% weight on my left side. I then push hard (post up) off the left foot (not the right foot like you) to generate my power. As I go UP, the club-head goes down even faster. Opposite forces working. Thus, more club-head speed. Just physics.

    Just wondering if you are going to teach “ground forces.” I have more torque from moving two different directions at once. My speed for 7 iron went from 75-80 mph range to 90 mph. Almost over night! The speed did not come from turning hips faster but using the ground better. I can whip my hips fast and not get any additional speed. Golf is a fascinating game, isn’t it.

    Thanks for all your fine instruction!

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