Student Comparisons – Top of Backswing – Part 1

By | on January 16, 2022 | 13 Comments |


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

13 Responses to “Student Comparisons – Top of Backswing – Part 1”

  1. February 26, 2017


    Hi Paul. These “student comparisons” are just great. I find them really helpful – wonderful illustrations of the golf swing and how to do it and not do it. Many thanks. Brian Claffey.

  2. February 26, 2017


    Agreed, these are really useful. Please bring these more often on various topics!
    The only ‘downside’ is that it makes you realise that there is probably no way around filming yourself, at least if you work without a pro. So many subtle things can go wrong and what we feel is sometimes very different to reality. 🙂

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      February 27, 2017

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you like them too.

      You should be filming yourself all of the time. Seeing is different than feeling. Once you see it you can and will know if you are doing it right or wrong. No sense wondering.

  3. February 26, 2017


    Ditto. I love these student-pro swing comparison tips.

    This tip shows clearly the relationship between back leg stability, hip, and shoulder rotation, and club position at the top.

    Useful and illustrative.

  4. Quite some illustative and instructive comparisons ,PAUL ,between your “flat ” swingplane and coil and some of your students .It would have been interesting to see also a player with an “upright ” swingplane (TIGER WOODS ,JACK NICKLAUS,BUBBA WATSON ),although these upright swing planes seem to have come out of favor today.
    But the backswing is only a small part of the equation of the swing: DAVID FROST asked one day to BEN HOGAN to give him advice on the backswing .HOGAN answered “Sonny ,you don’t hit the ball with your backswing ”
    JIM FURYK has an unorthodox backswing nobody wants to copy ,JACK NICKLAUS and FREDDY COUPlES have “flying elbows “,but their downswings and releases are very good .
    So I look eagerly to what you shall show us in the downswing/release sequences (You made already very good video lessons of the releases of top players some time ago !)

  5. June 14, 2021


    Is your swing in the V1APP? so we can do a side by side?…thanks

  6. January 17, 2022


    These are very helpful. And can check on via a mirror. It just makes it more clear those little differences that make such a huge difference in where the ball lands. I like these types of videos!

  7. Hi Paul

    Thanks so much for your great tips and your “effortless swing” is something I’m aspiring to achieve . I took a few lessons with a Pro and he has identified that my back swing is too long – way past parallel. I said I know but I can’t stop the club. To me it feels like its parallel- it’s not. He said I should try do a half swing which would actually be a full swing . This seems to work but I would really like to know how to prevent this without tricking myself into doing it. Any suggestions on what could be causing it.

    Thanks again for your amazing work.

    • Avatar photo

      April 28, 2022

      Paul Wilson

      That would be correct, you want to feel like a half swing for a short while until the backswing is corrected.

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