Student Comparisons – Starting Down – Part 2

By | on February 13, 2022 | 8 Comments |


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

8 Responses to “Student Comparisons – Starting Down – Part 2”

  1. Very interesting and instructive new lesson,on “WHAT TO DO ” and “WHAT NOT TO DO”and” WHAT TO AVOID” in the backswing and when “STARTING THE DOWNSWING ,Paul .
    You’ll be touching shortly on the RELEASE ” subject you have already covered in a previous video lesson.
    Have you looked up the new book by JIM HARDY ,the author of several books on the swing plane ,namely “THE PLANE TRUTH FOR GOLFERS “and an updated one .The new book is called “THe RELEASE: GOLF’S MOMENT OF TRUTH ” .He says there are two types of releases ,one is the “LAP”(Left-Arm Outward Pull) ,the other one the “RIT ”
    (Right-Arm Inward Throw ) .I haven’t found out yet which release is mine ,I guees it’s more the LOP ,as I feel my left arm is pulling when I swing ,while my right arm is quite “POWERLESS ”
    In reality ,until now ,I didn’t bother much about these considerations ,as I concentrated on the push of my back leg from the ground and the rotation of my hips.
    JIM HARDY is a “ONE PLANE SWING “man as far as I understand …

    • Raymond,

      I haven’t heard he is out with a new book. Sounds confusing.

      Left-Arm Outward Pull – This sounds like no release at all.
      Right-Arm Inward Throw – Sounds like he wants you hitting with your right hand.

      Maybe I’ll pick it up. I find it interesting to see what’s out there.

      Iron Byron only has one release.

    • Paul, I fin d JIM HARDY ‘s NEW book interesting ,but not That easy to implément what he says .Hé claims BEN HOGAN is a RIT releaser ,meaning his release is mainly controlled by his right hand .There are a number OF drills to ingrain his teaching .Apparently ,if yo are someone who swings More around THE body ,you are a RIT releaser .I feel More comfortable myself with a LOP release ,I find using m’y left arm corresponds more to THE IRON BYRON concept ,andI try to minimise the rôle OF the right hand .
      Hé says also That with THE RIT release you should not ” rollover ” THE right hand over THE left in THE throughswing and you should keep THE left arm down and close to THE body in THE throughswing .I do THE opposite : I extend my left arm as much as I CAN .
      All this is pretty much confusing !

  2. Hi Paul

    We spoke on the the phone recently. I was trying to update my credit card info and I had mentioned knowing John “Jumbo” Elliot. I hope all is well with you. As I mentioned to you during our conversation, I study your technique religiously. I love your most recent tips on student swing comparison. Your technique just makes so much more sense when you can actually see the flaws in the higher handicap players. I’ve learned through videoing my own swing that I make 2 classic errors. I’ve been over rotating my hips which has led to my weight shifting slightly to the outside of my foot and also my club is crossing the line at the top. I can see that my first move coming down is with my hands. I’ve learned that even the slightest initiation of the downswing with your hands send the club over the top and off plane. I’m really looking forward to spring time here in New England to start fixing this. I’m hoping that restricting my hip rotation in the back swing will put me in a better position to start the downswing with my legs and hips. I’m extremely confident that it will. Sorry about the long introduction. My question is about lag. Are you in any way with your “lose” wrists physically restricting them until the point when you have no choice but to release them with the whipping action you so often describe or does the lag just happen naturally as a by product of powerless arms. It seems most players lose so much of this angle early on in the down swing. Should I in any way focus on holding that angle as long as possible? I can’t imagine this is the case because if I were to subconsciously hold that angle I would not have these lose wrists that you so often refer to. Did I just answer my own question? Anyway Paul, thanks for listening. I love your site and one of these days I look forward to taking an actual lesson with you in person. Take care. Bye for now.

    • Paul,

      Great to hear from you. You can never go wrong working on the loading onto the instep of the back foot. When you go to stabilize the lower body just be careful that you don’t be too stable. The upper body coil need to pull the hips into position. The hips need to pull the knees into position. I have seen some people lock the lower so much they never get coiled at the top properly.


      Left Knee Behind Ball:

      I no way am I trying to lag the club. My wrists are loose and I worked on this many years ago. At that point I was purposely lagging and releasing the club. Once I got it I stopped thinking about it. How did I know I go lag? I watched myself on video. Once I saw I was doing it I never thought about it ever again.

      Keep in mind from the top to impact is 1/ of a second. If you are holding the angle it will be really easy to hold it too long. This is all part of learning it though. Sometimes you will hold it too long. Sometimes you will release it too soon. The question is … did you lag the club? This is the whole point of doing this lag and release drill. The more you do it, the more you master it.

      Make sure your swing positions are good enough to start working on this. Nothing work then seeing someone who is no where near looking like a good golfer trying to work on lag. Time would be better spent getting a great looking swing then working on lag as a more advanced position.

      Keep at it.

  3. March 7, 2017


    Really like both of the ‘Startig Down’ videos. A slight over the top move is something that I fight with more than I would like to admit. It seems to occur most often in shots where I feel like I’m under pressure. I’m really not, but sometimes the mind plays some strange tricks. Seeing your swing in stop action and/or slow motion gives me what I want to visualize as I start down. For me, these two videos help to clarify what you mean about ‘powerless arms’. I’m getting closer, but need to make it happen all the time.

    • Gary,

      Over the top is so common. This is hitting. Once I turn the person’s arms off and get the body moving first in the downswing they swing on plane. So just try to turn the arms off even more. If you are not hitting with the arms you will have to use a different power source. That power source is your body. You can do it.

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