Stop Flipping with the Hula Hands Drill

By | on March 22, 2023 | 15 Comments |


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15 Responses to “Stop Flipping with the Hula Hands Drill”

  1. April 24, 2013


    Thanks Jeremy, a really great drill to correct a big problem of mine. The explanation of trailing hand dominating and trying to hit the ball explains the “flip” in a way that hit home with me. Nice and timely with Paul’s previous tip.

  2. April 24, 2013


    what a great drill!

  3. April 24, 2013


    G’day Jeremy,
    I have the problem, I’ll practice the cure.

  4. April 25, 2013


    Excellent drill Jeremy, so eay to practice and a great feeling.
    Thank you

  5. Thanks for the great feedback guys.

  6. May 2, 2013


    I need some good exercises for my legs. Ive had ACL repair and both meniscus torn in left knee

    • Sorry to hear about your knee issues. Go to the ‘FLEXIBILITY’ tab above and check out all the Glute, Balance, and Lower Body exercises we’ve done so far. We’ve done some great low-impact exercises that would be great for you to put into your leg program. The ACL is a stabilizing ligament – concentrate on balance and stabilization exercises for this. The meniscus will tend to respond to low-impact leg strengthening. Stay away from high-impact exercises like jumping and deep knee bends. Stay tuned for more!
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  7. February 19, 2015


    Thanks, Jeremy. Flipping has been a problem particularly when chipping. This exercise is an effective way to create the right habits.

    Ron Calabrese

  8. February 19, 2015


    Great, great tip!!

  9. March 3, 2017


    Hi Jeremy:
    I’ve been following your tips for about 6 months now and this is a great visual and sensual tip for me while looking in a mirror. I tried this “feeling” on the course yesterday and it definitely was beneficial to my swing.

  10. This works so well with powerless arms dragging hula hands BY the wrists!

  11. Nice actual visualization of what we should feel. That’s really helpful.

  12. Hi Jeremy,
    Worked this during the round and after the round hitting just a couple of balls. Some nice shift in the shape of my ball flight/ the release of the club. I’d like to understand more about why this is happening…is it partly turning off small muscles in the hands going back so you are coiling rather than pulling (?) and not sure what to think about the follow thru. Probably should not think! but do the feeling. Thanks for the tip. I remember it from the posting a few years ago but had not tried it.

  13. August 31, 2021


    Definitely a helpful tip as I have noticed a lot of “coming up short” when flipping goes high but not long.

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