Squat to Finish

By | on September 28, 2022 | 4 Comments |


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4 Responses to “Squat to Finish”

  1. Jeremy ,Did you say it is a 10 pounds Weight ?Young RORY Mc ILROY has a beautiful finish where h

    • I did. Choose a weight you’d be capable of doing 3 sets of 8-12 reps each direction with perfect technique from start to finish. Enjoy!
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  2. March 1, 2018


    will try with 5 lbs….. thank you for your excerise

  3. September 29, 2022


    Nice exercise. I did a search for “muscle up” and got four pages of suggestions… it wasn’t there.
    Maybe another name? Thanks for the help. Best, Don

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