You Better Check This Especially If You Slide

By | on February 27, 2014 | 26 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

26 Responses to “You Better Check This Especially If You Slide”

  1. February 28, 2014


    Thanks Paul. You may have just hit the nail on the head for me. All of a sudden my swing and ball contact has seemed to have gone out the window. This sounds so simple. It is just one of those “human nature” events that can sneak in and cause swing issues. Tomorrow I will concentrate back on the left foot turned out. I have over the past week had more than my fair share of push and push fades. Especially on shots inside 100 yards. I often would rather have a 110 to 140 yard approach shot than a 50 to 80 yard shot. Today was my birthday, and I gave myself a present. I eagled a par 4 from 165 yards out. It was during a match play event. My partner and the pair we were playing against just picked their balls, awarded us the hole and moved on to the next hole.

    • Peter,

      I would think you are sliding if you are pushing. The push fade also has you tightening your wrists so make sure you are doing the roll over drill on a constant basis to get your wrists unlocked. Once unlocked and you have hit a few hooks then add body rotation to straighten it out.

      You gotta like eagles in match play. This totally deflates the other players.

  2. February 28, 2014


    Excellent reminder ,Paul:too Many Pro”s I see on TV have ,to my surprise ,their left foot perpendicular to the target Line .
    Finding the correct angle d

    • Raymond,

      This goes to show you that there are many Tour Players that have no clue on how the golf swing works. That is why people should not be listening to them when learning the swing. A lot of the time they are feel players so they are relating what it feels like to them to the average person. This feel they describe may have no bearing on what anyone else should be feeling.

      The ones who have their lead foot straight I would bet are drawers of the ball. This aids in starting the ball out to the right of the target which is necessary in a draw. If they don’t turn it over though they are in big trouble.

      I would not have your left foot outside your left shoulder. This stance width seems too wide and will not allow you to touch do my touch the legs position. If you are touching the legs with a stance this wide you are one in a million. I would narrow it a little especially if you are trying to get more power.


      Width of Stance:
      Easy Way to Check Width of Stance:

  3. February 28, 2014


    Paul, i have arthritis and have had both knees operated on for meniscus tears question is whether or not it would hurt to turn the right foot towards the target also, if only slightly, to help knee pressure in the swing ? As a side note i noticed the when my knees were hurting me i developed a arms only swing which caused an over the top path and golfers elbow soon after, in both arms,yikes ! I’m on the mend now and really enjoy my membership with your company.

    • Tom,

      Thank you for joining and your kind words. I truly appreciate it.

      Unfortunately, you cannot turn the other foot towards the target. If you do this severely restricts the shoulder turn and will not allow you to load the weight into the back leg. This back foot should be turned out about 5 degrees.

      If you have some physical issues I would be slowing way down and at least getting the positions. I would think you have seen videos of me generating some pretty good clubhead speed with an effortless swing. This means you need to really be working on the looseness of the wrists so your club whips way faster. This is where most of the speed is going to be coming from. Then you connect this loose arms with this whipping action to your rotating body.

      I hit one yesterday about 250 just with this arm action in a demonstration to someone. Think of the wrists as a hinge. They are not hands and wrists on a golf club. A hinge is loose. Very loose. This is what you need to be working towards. Grips is secure, wrists are loose.


      Secure Grip Loose Wrists:
      Limited Hip Turn? Power Is No Problem:


      Seniors Losing Distance:

      Effortless Golf Swing:

      Effortless Power: How To Increase Your Swing Speed:

      You should be constantly work on the lag drills too. You can find these through the red navigation bar at the top of the page.

  4. Avatar photo

    March 1, 2014


    During the setup I was putting my feet together and when I moved them into position was not turning out the left foot (right handed). I noticed my hip was a little sore but I thought it was just from the new hip turn and leg lock…not so…I was sliding slightly and pushing the ball. That has now been corrected by this simple out turn of the foot. Attention to detail is so important in golf!

    • Henry,

      Very good. Amazing how this simple foot position can dramatically effect the swing yet people do not stress it at all. Glad you got it and are not feeling that hip pain anymore.

  5. March 4, 2014


    Wow ! I’m impressed with your response, thank you ! I’m getting to work on your recommendations right away and speaking of recommendations i routinely recommend you to all my golfing friends and family.

    • Tom,

      Good stuff. Stay focused and you will get it.

      Thank you for the promo. I truly appreciate it.

  6. March 11, 2014


    Due to travel and other things this summer, I didn’t play very much. I even got behind on watching your tips. I renewed my subscription with you two months ago and I am now catching up. I believe that, at some time this summer, it will all come together. I cannot remember ANY other expenditure that has been so beneficial. Your no nonsense approach and to the point tips could not be presented better. The golf swing is simple, yet extremely complicated. If one does the things you say to do, they cannot help but improve. Thank you.


  7. Paul,
    Coul having the front foot too square cause a near shank? A sever push with a strong slice.

    • Andrew,

      I will definitely cause pushes because you cannot turn to my touch the legs position because if you did you would hurt your forward knee. This foot straight could be stopping you from using your body so your arms take over and you shank it so it could be causing it.

      This foot should be turned out 25-30 degrees.

  8. October 28, 2015


    Hi Paul,
    What an idiot i am. I have almost never been able to really get my knees to touch and when they have i have been off balance. i thought it was just me and old body not being able to cut it. i can’t wait to try this. Two axis, turn don’t slide, left foot angled out, got it. i will report the results.

  9. October 30, 2015


    Hi Paul,
    i used to be a pitcher, so i know that turning your hips is part of the process, but in that act there is also driving the front foot (left foot) forward and thus sliding. That is the part that needs work. Two days ago i hit a large bucket of balls (about 100) and did not have any back pain, which usually accompanies that amount of practice. i totally attribute that to the positioning of my feet. i also hit almost the entire bucket either straight or with a draw. ( i think i hit about 10 with a fade, or push.) So yesterday i went and played 9 at a course we usually play and i had a 41 (par 35) that was my best score ever and i only had 1 miss hit. ( i topped it because the ball was in a hole.) My distance isn’t great, 150 with a 6 iron and driver 200, but it is staight, so will continue as i am doing until it becomes ingrained, then i’ll try to increase my distance.
    thanks for all your help,

  10. December 26, 2017


    As usual you nailed it….. pretty unbelievable.

    Please disregard the comment I posted on the other section – it is my lead foot!!!!

    • Avatar photo

      December 26, 2017

      Paul Wilson


      Sorry, I didn’t see this. Got you some more tips in the precious comment you should watch.

  11. Hi. I have a slight bend in my forward knee towards the target. By the end of the swing its locked but approaching impact it is slightly bent. I am switching my trigger now to straighten the left leg and working on getting used to the new feeling. Need to get it straight back and not forward then back and locked 🙂

    • Avatar photo

      March 22, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      Keep in mind it is still slightly bent at impact. It is not locked until around the 3/4 point in the through swing.

      Lock the Lead Leg at Three Quarters Through:

      • Seems like «turning and missing the wall» as you suggest also helps with keeping the head behind the ball? Would you agree? Did some practice swings and it felt that way 🙂

        • Avatar photo

          March 23, 2018

          Paul Wilson


          It could. Firing the lower is like hitting the accelerator on a car. You fire quick and the mass of the upper hangs back. If it works keep doing it. Most don’t fire fast enough to get the backwards tilt.

  12. I am definitely a slider who usually hits pushes/push fades or hooks. My left foot is angled out but maybe not enough. If you’re a slider with your foot angled out, is there anything else I should check?

    • Eric,

      Yes, you definitely need this foot turned out. Every slider I have ever seen has this foot straight. Check out the other links I sent in my other comment.

  13. Paul, what’s the consequence of having your left foot angled too much? is that better than not enough?

    • Eric,

      It can cause you to come over the top because if the foot is out too much it creates a lot of resistance going back. If you aren’t properly coiled you may reverse pivot. Just try varying degrees until you find what works. You should feel such a better turn with the foot out.

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