Single Leg Dead Lift

By | on February 15, 2023 | 8 Comments | Array


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8 Responses to “Single Leg Dead Lift”

  1. Jeremy ,
    I usually perform this drill holding a light weight (2 or 2,5 kgs ) in each hand .When flexed forward I wait to a count of 5 :should the movement be continuous as you show or not ?

    • Hey Raymond,
      As long as your body placement is good you can certainly add weight to either the hand that is touching the step or both hands as you mention. Pausing at the bottom is a nice way to work on balance and endurance.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  2. Thanks Jeremy. I’ll try that. What do you think about roller-blading as an exercise for golf. Does it employ the same muscles as this exercise?

    • Hi David,
      Go for it. Cross-training is always good and It does work very similar muscle groups to the exercise in the video.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  3. Jeremy ,
    Fantastical exercise ,as I said two years ago .
    Can you do the symetrical exercise for the quadriceps :crouching on one leg (Knee flexed ) ,the other one extends ?
    What is most important for the good posture in the golf swing : Quads or Gluteus Maximus “?
    Seems to me it’s better to work on the Quads !

    • Hi Raymond,
      Certainly, you can do single leg squats if your knees are ok with it. Sometimes I’ll start someone leaning back on a physioball between them and a wall to do single leg squats. As for the golf posture, the glutes are more important. The hip hinge action of a proper golf posture calls for posterior leg strength (as opposed to anterior or quad strength). The quads would be used more in a person that bends their knees aggressively in the golf posture which is typically not recommended.
      Remember: Deadlift (knees stay over ankles) = glutes and hamstrings
      Squat (knees move in front of the ankles) = quads
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  4. I am slowly rehabbing from total knee replacement. The orthopedic surgeon says I can start playing golf. I know I am not in great shape yet. The exercise looks like it would help my balance and swing strength. I will be careful and I will show it to my physical therapist. I have 15 times left on my insurance coverage.
    Thank you and keeping the exercises coming. The demonstrations are good.
    Tim Kelly

    • Hi Tim,
      Hope all is well with rehab. Good idea to run this by your PT. This one typically takes some time to progress to after a knee replacement: Bridges, Single leg bridges, hip hinge, deadlift, then finally single leg deadlift.

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